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Chapter 126 : Extorting A Confession By Torture


When Murong Yunshu opened her eyes again, it was already the following day.


"Miss, you finally woke up!" Lu-er's teary eyes were red.


Murong Yunshu looked at her in a daze, then abruptly got up and got out of bed as she staggered onto the deck outside with floating steps.


"What are you doing, Miss......" Lu-er asked as she chased after Murong Yunshu.


Murong Yunshu stared blankly at the empty pirate ship for a long time.

Then, she suddenly tilted her head as she looked coldly at the crowd of pirates still being tied up and said, "Throw them all into the sea."


"Yes." South, East, North and West began to follow her instructions at once.


The pirates were horrified.

"Please spare our lives! We didn't do anything.

It’s none of our business."


"Since he fell into the sea from here, it has something to do with you." Murong Yunshu said coldly.


"It's none of our business.

It's really none of our business.

He, himself, was the one who jumped......."


Murong Yunshu's eyes flashed a brilliant light at their words.

She narrowed her eyes at the one-eyed pirate as she pointed out, "I remember you said yesterday that he was swept away by the sea."


"This......he was swept away by the sea and jumped himself......he jumped first and then was swept away by the sea......



"Why did he jump into the sea when he was perfectly all right" Murong Yunshu asked.


"Uh......this......" The one-eyed pirate scratched the back of his head and said, "How would I know He certainly didn't tell me the reason he was seeking death......but from the time I rescued him, he had been hollow-eyed and lifeless while on board, with absolutely no courage to live at all.

So when I saw him jump overboard, I wasn't surprised at all."


Murong Yunshu looked at him indifferently.

Her face was expressionless as she asked, "Do you mean that there was something wrong with his brain"


The one-eyed pirate thought for a moment, then nodded heavily and said, "You can say that."


Murong Yunshu clenched her fist secretly, but her face remained unruffled.

"East Guardian." She spoke indifferently.


East Guardian answered, "Present."


"Do you know what it means to live worse than death" Murong Yunshu's voice was calm and quiet, with a few hard to detect sounds of her gnashing her teeth.


East Guardian replied, "I haven't experienced it myself, but I often let others experience it."


Murong Yunshu said, "I guess this pirate captain hasn't experienced it either.

You should help him out."


As soon as the one-eyed pirate heard this, his face immediately turned pale.

He took a few steps back and said with a dry smile, "Even without your help, I know what it's like to live worse than death.

I don't need you to show me......"


An extremely cruel sneer spilt from the corner of the East Guardian's mouth as he said, "If you knew that, you wouldn't have done such an audacious thing." How dare you tease them You truly have eaten a bear heart and a leopard gall!


The one-eyed pirate continued to retreat.

He spoke as he withdrew, "As the saying goes, a gentleman moves his mouth and not his hands.

I see that your distinguished self is a man of striking appearance, definitely a gentleman.

Let's......let's not do this.

Let's talk.

Let's talk about it properly...…."


"For the sake of only having one eye, I'll forgive you for your clumsiness this time." Step by step, East Guardian approached him.

The cruel look on his face faded and was replaced with a harmlessly bright smile.

"Listen carefully.

I am not a gentleman.

You are not a gentleman.

They are not gentlemen.

No one here is a gentleman.

I have no other choice but to do it."


By then, the one-eyed pirate had retreated to the side of the ship and was unable to retreat anymore.

"You, you, you......what do you want!" The words were directed at Murong Yunshu.


Murong Yunshu spoke indifferently, "To watch your expression when you live worse than death."


"You......you......" The one-eyed pirate's face was full of horror.

This time, he was totally screwed.

He was also a martial arts practitioner before he went to sea as a pirate.

But in front of the real martial arts experts, his martial arts skills could not even make him be considered as a three-legged cat.

The man in front of him was definitely the best of the best.

Just the name of the head of the Four Great Guardians of the Mojiao Sect alone was enough to scare the living daylights out of someone.


East Guardian broke three of the one-eyed pirate's ribs with a kick, then snapped his lute bone with a backhand and shattered it with the wind of his palm. [T/N]


"Ah――" As East Guardian's hand rose and fell, a heart-retching scream rang out in the sky.

The one-eyed pirate's entire body slumped to the ground.

His face twisted beyond recognition, and cold sweat poured from his forehead.


"Now, can you tell me Chu Changge's whereabouts" Murong Yunshu asked as she coldly looked down at him.


The one-eyed pirate grimaced in pain.

When he heard that she only wanted to inquire about Chu Changge's whereabouts, he was enraged as he said hatefully, "You're torturing me to such an extent just because you want to know his whereabouts If you want to know, you can just ask.

It's not like I won't tell you!" If she had told him the truth earlier, he would have been able to save himself from the pain of having his lute shattered.

He was even willing to tell her everything.


"I asked yesterday, and you didn't tell me the truth.

I thought it would be easier to talk if one of us was standing and one was lying down." Murong Yunshu said. [ ]


One-eyed pirate heart regretted it! If he had known this, if he had known this......he would not have mentioned even a word about Chu Changge in the first place.

Why did as soon as he threw off the Sect Leader of the Mojiao Sect, the next one to come was Madam of Mojiao Sect came with her guardians, carrying out the vendetta against him The sea was vast.

As if he were not unfortunate enough, they even ended up on his boat!


Bad luck.

This was absolutely freaking bad luck!


I'll never be a pirate in my next life!


"Are you willing to say it or not" North Guardian retorted, "If you don't tell us, I'll slap you to death!"


The one-eyed pirate was furious when he heard that.

Although he was not a great martial artist, he had a lot of backbone.

How could he tolerate such a threat! "Go ahead, slash me to death with your one slap.

You'll be buried with me when I die anyway.

At least I won't be lonely on the road to the Yellow Springs."


North Guardian was furious.

He gnashed his teeth severely as he said, "Fine.

I will do as you wish!" With that, he raised his palm and aimed it towards the crown of the one-eyed pirate's head.


"Stop it." East Guardian intercepted the wind from North Guardian's palm and pushed him away while saying, "Don't be impulsive.

The Leader’s whereabouts are unknown.

For that, he's still useful to us."


North Guardian reluctantly withdrew his hand and stood aside, staring hatefully at the one-eyed pirate.

He wished he could kill him with his eyes.

Suddenly, the North Guardian was in a trance.

He felt like he had seen the one-eyed pirate somewhere......


Murong Yunshu asked once more, "I'm asking for the last time.

Where the hell is he"


The one-eyed pirate tilted his head and refused to answer.

He would never change his mind.

If he said that Chu Changge was not dead, they would ask him how he had fallen into the sea.

If he told the truth, he would actually be dead.

As long as he didn't tell the truth, she would keep him alive.


"Guye is not…...is not dead" Lu-er whispered.


How stupid.

West Guardian gave her a blank look as he said, "The Leader didn't die.

They were lying." At one moment, they said that the Leader was swept away by the sea, and at another moment, they said that he jumped off by himself.

It was true that the Leader's mind was a bit different from that of ordinary people, but jumping into the sea to commit suicide What a joke.

Only this one-eyed monster in front of him could come up with such a lame lie.

Did he think that everyone in the world was as stupid as he was


"Since Guye is not dead, where is he Did they lock him up" Lu-er asked.


"No." South Guardian said, "We searched the whole ship yesterday and did not find him."


"If he wasn't on the ship, it couldn't be......" said Lu-er before snapping her mouth shut.

Don't be a crow's beak.

You absolutely can't be a crow's beak.


"What couldn't it be" Murong Yunshu tried very hard to calm herself down, but her brain felt stuck, unable to turn when she thought of Chu Changge.

She was eager to hear anything about Chu Changge's situation, whether it was true or false.


Lu-er did not dare to speak nonsense, but she did not know how to lie to Murong Yunshu.

So she could only stare at her with a helpless face.


Murong Yunshu only said one word, "Say."


Her tone was not heavy, but it almost scared Lu-er out of her wits.

Miss' expression right now was so scary, like, like she might kill someone at any moment......


The more Lu-er thought about it, the more afraid she became.

She quickly said, "Could Guye be thrown into the sea by them" [T/N]


Her words snapped Murong Yunshu out of her dazed state!


The pirates' confessions varied, but there was one thing in common, and that was――Chu Changge had been on this ship, but now, he was gone.


Given Chu Changge's character, after finding this pirate ship in the rough sea, he would have made the same decision――to take possession of the ship for himself.

Without knowing whether the other side was friend or foe, it would have been wisest to get the upper hand first.


After thinking about it, Murong Yunshu could no longer calm down.

She clenched her fist with all her strength and approached the one-eyed pirates step by step.

She was furious.

"How dare you…...how dare you...…."


"I......" The one-eyed pirate suddenly felt an invisible power in the seemingly soft woman in front of him.

A force that was pressing him so hard that he could not utter a single sophomoric word, and he even had some difficulty in breathing.


Murong Yunshu looked down on the one-eyed pirates for a long time and finally unclenched her.

She said word by word, "Throw them all into the sea!"


"It's none of my business! It was him.

He was the one who insisted on throwing Chu Changge into the sea! I advised him not to take advantage of other people in their difficulties.

I did advise him! Really." The one who opened his mouth was the pirate minion who often advised the one-eyed pirate. [ ]


"Is someone finally willing to talk" Murong Yunshu turned to look at him coldly and asked, "Do you have a family"


The pirate minion nodded.

"I have a younger brother and a sick mother at home."


"Tell me what happened, and I will give them compensation."


Compensation......the pirate minion stared at her in disbelief, and then he shook his head uncontrollably.

"I don't want to die.

I don't want to die......"


"There are a lot of people who don't want to die.

If everyone can stay alive just because they don't want to die, how are those who run coffin shops going to live" Murong Yunshu answered indifferently.


"I......I......it has nothing to do with me, really, nothing to do with me.

Please, please spare me.

I honestly don't want to die.

I just want to earn a fortune so that I can go back and cure my mother." The pirate minion cried and begged for mercy.


Murong Yunshu raised his eyes slightly and said to all the pirates present, "No matter what the outcome is, I will not spare you all.

However, if anyone is willing to help me actively search for Chu Changge, I will give his family compensation after we dock if he has a family.

And if he does not have family, I will make his death more comfortable.

It is up to you to decide which one you want to choose."



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