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Chapter 125 : You Say He's Dead


In the end, the one-eyed pirate decided to throw Chu Changge into the sea and gave him a log to fend for himself.

Soon, Chu Changge was swallowed by the sea and disappeared.


"Captain, why don't you just kill him and then dump the body"


"I feel guilty about killing him."


"But will this give you peace of mind"


"It won't." The one-eyed pirate sighed heavily as he looked at the place where Chu Changge had disappeared.

He knew that from the moment he threw him into the sea, his good days had come to an end.

He would have his heart and gallbladder constantly hung up from that moment on.

He feared both Chu Changge's death and for him to be still alive.


If Chu Changge died, he would be condemned by his own conscience.

If Chu Changge did not die, he would continue having his heart and gallbladder hung up as he knew Chu Changge would come back to take his revenge on him.


These feelings of his were a contradiction, indeed a contradiction.


"Ai――" The one-eyed pirate let out a long sigh, "Why am I so unlucky!"






The tsunami lasted for a day and a night before the sea finally returned to calm.

The fishing boat that Murong Yunshu and her party were on had long been blown to pieces.

Luckily, before the boat was destroyed, they had tied to each other with cables so that they were not separated as they currently floated on the sea while holding onto a huge plank of wood.


"Madam, sit on the plank." East Guardian suggested.


"Yes, Miss, you are pregnant.

You should go up...achoo..." Lu-er sneezed and shuddered.


Murong Yunshu did not object.

She was almost frozen stiff.

Climbing onto the plank, she said to Lu-er, "The plank is big." She implied that there was room for two people on it.


Lu-er was moved to tears by her words.

She knew that no matter what, Miss would never abandon her.

She knew it!


Just like that, the four men, South, East, North and West, crouched at each corner to balance the plank, while Murong Yunshu and Lu-er sat cross-legged on top of the plank while looking around, trying to find help.


"Grrrrr." Lu-er hurriedly covered her stomach, feeling incredibly embarrassed.








At that time, loud gurgling sounds rose and fell as if someone was playing music with them.


Murong Yunshu shook her head in amusement.

She had only learnt today that stomach growling could also be contagious.


"I vomited until I emptied my stomach before." North Guardian explained the reason why his stomach growled in incomparable aggrievedness.


The other three, South, East and West, sighed sullenly.

For the first time in their life, they were caught in a storm immediately after they set out to sea, and for the first time in their life, they got seasick from being on a boat.

Heavens didn’t want to give them any face, did they How disgracing they were!


At that moment, Murong Yunshu suddenly noticed something in the distance that seemed to be approaching them.

She quickly pointed there and asked, "What is that thing"


The crowd followed her gaze and, after a moment, they exclaimed in unison, "It's a boat, it's a boat!"


Murong Yunshu also saw the thing clearly at this moment and let out a big sigh of relief.

Sure enough, heavens never sealed off all the exits.


Lu-er was thrilled that she stood up and waved desperately to the boat, "Help, help......"


The people on board seemed to see them and changed their course as they came straight towards them.


They got closer and closer.

Closer and closer.


Suddenly, Murong Yunshu caught sight of the flag hanging from the top of the tall mast, and her heart immediately sank as she asked, "Do you guys recognise that mark"


South Guardian replied, "It's a pirate flag." His voice was a little solemn.


As expected, it was just as she thought.

Murong Yunshu's expression also became grave.

She had seen many bandits on land, but this was the first time she had encountered pirates at sea.

She had heard that the pirates were all cruel and vicious, and the quadruplets, who usually could stand up for themselves, were like frosted eggplant――wilted.

If the other party was difficult to talk to, she was afraid that it would be just like out of the tiger's mouth, only to enter the wolf's den.


When Lu-er heard that the other party was a pirate, she was so frightened that half of her soul was gone.

She didn't dare to beckon again and weakly hid behind Murong Yunshu, asking, "Miss, do you think they will save us"


Without waiting for Murong Yunshu's answer, North Guardian spoke up first, "If they refuse to save us, we'll rob this ship and become pirates ourselves instead!"


"Hmm, that's a good idea." South Guardian began to assess the feasibility of this path in his mind.


East Guardian also nodded slowly and quite approvingly said, "If we are going to rob it, we have to take it by surprise and strive to be quick, accurate and ruthless, in just one step."


"Lil North, it is rare to find you so thoughtful.

Thus, we will entrust this glorious and difficult task to you." West Guardian said. [ ]


North Guardian slapped his chest and said with extra bravado, "No problem.

I'll take care of this matter.

You guys can just wait to be pirates!"


Listening to the four men's conversation, Murong Yunshu did not know whether to laugh or cry.

She was wrong.

She should not have forgotten the fact that these four people were the guardians of the Mojiao Sect.

No matter how much of a straw bag they were, they were still people of the Mojiao Sect and highly skilled martial arts guardians.

Robbing a pirate ship was just a matter of striking it out with their pinkies.






Onboard the ship, the one-eyed pirate looked at the people floating in the sea with a torn face, struggling between saving or not saving them.


Don't save them. His conscience would condemn him.


Save them. What if they got another white-eyed wolf


This problem put him in a dilemma.

Really a dilemma.


A man as kind and conflicted as him should not have become a pirate!


"Captain, are we going to save them or not If we don't, we'll just turn around.

It would be cruel to give people hope and then let them down." A pirate minion said.


"I'm still thinking about it, aren't I!" The one-eyed pirate kicked up the side of the ship in extreme depression and cursed rudely, "Darn it, why are there so many people at sea! And they're all going out without boats.

What a drift!"


The pirate minion suddenly had black lines on his face.

"Captain, it's obvious that their ship was too fragile to stand the test of the storm and was swallowed up by the sea!"


The one-eyed pirate asked, "Then why didn't they build their ship firmly They should know that the sea is full of wind and waves."


The corners of the pirate minion's mouth twitched slightly.

"Just tell us whether to save them or not, Captain."


The one-eyed pirate said, "Save, of course.

However, once they are rescued, we will tie them up to save ourselves from trouble."


"Aye." The pirate minion immediately sprang into action, ready to release the cable to save those people.

But before he could lower the rope, a cluster of water violently splashed up from the sea and splashed all over him.

"What the......" Before he could finish speaking, a rope seemed to grow legs and coil around him.

Then it extended its clutches to the other pirates gathered around him.

Soon, a dozen pirates were tied together.


"I was worried that the rope wasn't long enough." North Guardian chuckled and picked up the rope that the pirate minion had dropped.

Before the crowd could react, he finished wrapped everyone with it, neatly and quickly, leaving only the one-eyed pirate untied.


When Murong Yunshu, who arrived afterwards, looked at the pirates tied up in a pile in front of her, she suddenly realised that these 'people' called Guardians did not need to be smart.

They were only required to have good limbs.

She really shouldn't have doubted their ability to be a guardian before, just because they were not good at using their brains.


"Who are you people" The one-eyed pirate asked the North Guardian with a wary look on his face.


North Guardian thought for a moment before answering, "Pirates.

Pirates who specialise in robbing pirate ships."


The one-eyed pirate laughed at this and wondered, "Could it be that my fate has offended the God of Tai Sui this year How come every one of them wants to rob my ship......"



"Who else robbed your boat"


The one-eyed pirate turned around and looked at the person asking, only to see a young girl of 18 or 19 years old standing facing him, followed by three messy men in black clothes and a little maid wet from head to toe.

Of course, the girl's condition was not much better, but she did not give the appearance of being down and out.

She was cool and collected, making people feel very comfortable looking at her.

"How come you've become a pirate when you're still too young to learn" The one-eyed pirate asked with a smile.

This girl had such a pleasing aura about her that one couldn't bear to give her even a scowl.


Murong Yunshu seemed not to have heard him and repeated in an aggravated tone, "Who else robbed your boat"


When the one-eyed pirate saw that the other party completely ignored his words, he threw out these three words with his nose pointed to the sky, "Not, gonna, say."


"How about now" North Guardian asked, holding the one-eyed pirate by the neck with one of his hands.


The one-eyed pirate's face was full of shock.

"Who the hell are you people" This man was a martial arts expert, so quick to strike.

The woman who looked like his master was still in great splendour, even when reduced to such a level.

She was obviously rich, well-bred, and had good self-cultivation.

She must have come from a wealthy family.


"You answer our Madam's question first." North Guardian coldly said as he increased the force in his hands a few notches. [ ]


The one-eyed pirate, unable to breathe from the chokehold, said in a rush, "I'll tell, I'll tell you.

Just let go of me first."


North Guardian let go of his hand.



The one-eyed pirate moved his neck a few times and said, "Chu Changge, the Sect Leader of the Mojiao Sect."


Murong Yunshu was overjoyed at his words and hurriedly asked after him, "Where is he now Was he injured when you saw him"


The one-eyed pirate looked wary.

It took him a few seconds before asking back, "Who are you to care about him so much"


"His wife." Murong Yunshu replied.


The one-eyed pirate's heart skipped a beat when he heard the word 'wife', and his breathing almost came to a standstill.

Luckily, he had asked her about her relationship with Chu Changge first and not directly told her about his whereabouts.

Otherwise, if she knew that he had thrown her husband into the sea and fed him to the sharks, he would be reporting to King Yan right now.


Seeing the one-eyed pirate hesitate to speak, the most impatient Lu-er urged, "Speak up, tell us where my Guye has gone to!"


"Uh......your Guye......Chu Changge......he......" The one-eyed pirate stammered for a long time, then suddenly slapped both hands onto his thighs and let out a loud cry, "Nephew Chu......Nephew Chu, he died so tragically......so tragically......"


At these words, everyone's faces lost their colour.


Murong Yunshu stumbled backwards a few steps and almost fell when she suddenly stopped.


"Be careful, Madam!" The East and South Guardian supported her from the left and right sides, respectively.


Murong Yunshu took several deep breaths to steady his emotions, stood upright and asked the one-eyed pirate in a trembling voice, "You say he's dead"


Seeing her miserable face, the one-eyed pirate suddenly felt a little uncomfortable and hesitated for a few moments before finally nodding, "Yes.

When the tsunami hit last night, he was swept away by the sea." After saying that, he pointed to the rest of the pirates who were being tied and said, "Ask them if you don't believe me.

They all can testify."


The pirates nodded their heads like how a pestle pounded the garlic, "Yes, yes, yes, he was swept away by the sea."


Murong Yunshu only felt that the sky and the earth were spinning in an instant.

Just when the feeling of loneliness suddenly swept her, and she had no stronghold to hold on to, she collapsed with a crash.






The Four Great Guardians and Lu-er were desperately shouting in Murong Yunshu's ears, but she could hear nothing.

In front of her eyes, what emerged was a wickedly beautiful face, looking at her with a gentle smile.



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