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Chapter 124: To Kill Or Not To Kill


Everyone was on their backs when they suddenly choked on water.

As soon as Murong Yunshu left for the sea, she encountered a once in a few hundred years tsunami.

The boat kept on being knocked out by the waves that holes of all sizes started to appear.

The cabin was already filled with water.

Those, who weren’t swept away by the seawater, all came onto the deck.


Heavens really 'cared' for her, huh! Murong Yunshu held onto the iron stake on the deck and mocked herself in her heart.


"Ah——Miss help, help!" Lu-er screamed as she hugged the mast.


The wind and waves were just too strong, making the fishing boat terribly bumpy.

Murong Yunshu had difficulty fending for herself.

Even to stand firm was already hard, let alone walk a few meters over to save her.


"Ah!" Lu-er screamed again.

Both of her arms clinging desperately to the mast.

She was in imminent danger of being blown away by the gale at any moment.


Murong Yunshu's heart was shocked, and she hurriedly asked for help, but the four South, East, North and West were even worse off than she was, as they were swooning because of seasickness.

When Murong Yunshu saw that Lu-er could not hold on, she hurriedly called out, "Hold on to the mast and don't let go." After saying this, she knelt and used her hands to brace herself on the deck to steady her body.

Then, she slowly moved forward.


"Grab my hand." Murong Yunshu held out her hand to Lu-er.


Lu-er tried hard to grab Murong Yunshu's hand but couldn't.

Their two hands always missed each other, and she was so anxious that tears came out of her eyes.


Murong Yunshu was also burned with anxiety and withdrew her hand, intending to move forward some more.


Lu-er, however, thought Murong Yunshu had given up on her and desperately stretched her arms forward, crying and screaming like a child afraid of being abandoned, "Miss, don't leave me, don't leave me......"


As Murong Yunshu struggled to move forward, she warned with a black face, "If you cry out once more, I will really leave you behind."


Lu-er immediately went silent, with her round eyes looking at Murong Yunshu pitifully.


In the end, Murong Yunshu managed to pull Lu-er from danger.


Lu-er wiped her tears.

"Boo hoo, almost eaten by sharks, boo hoo…."


"Let's see if you dare to climb up the pole again in the future!" Murong Yunshu said in a semi-threatening manner.


No more, not any more.

Lu-er shook her head like a pellet drum, then said with righteous indignation filled her chest, "I blame those four crows' beaks, useless crows' beaks!"


Murong Yunshu was stunned when she saw Lu-er actually dared to complain about those four straw sack men.

Could it be that after a trip to hell, she had become more daring


The four men who were vomiting in the stern of the boat, foaming at the mouth, turned back with innocent faces and sorrowful eyes: What do we care


Lu-er wanted to complain, but when she saw how the four men looked like they had lost half their lives, she lost all her anger.

Her temper dropped an octave, and she weakly said, "Before we left, you said we'd run into a storm, and then we did.

What else is it if it's not a crow's beaks"


Suddenly, three evenly distributed black dots appeared over the heads of four pale-looking men. That is not called crow's beaks.

It's called foresight. If Madam didn't go out to sea after listening to their advice, nothing like this would have happened.

They were miserable too, okay! They had been wronged but didn't even have a chance to argue as they opened their mouths and continued vomiting.


Murong Yunshu frowned and said with disgust, "Can I trouble you guys with one thing"


The four men nodded their heads weakly.

In fact, in their hearts, they wanted to say that there was nothing they could do to help except telling them just to drop dead.


"Turn around when you want to throw up." Murong Yunshu said.


"......" They could still help with this favour.

The four people turned around and fell to the ship's rail to continue to vomit into the sea.


"Miss, when will this wind stop" Lu-er followed Murong Yunshu's example by plopping down onto the ground, hugging the iron stake.


"I don't know." Murong Yunshu was also curious to know when this storm would pass.

The cabin was already full of water, and the fishing boat had already started to sink.

If this continued, even if the waves did not capsize the boat, they would still sink to the bottom of the sea.


Murong Yunshu looked at the four people who were vomiting furiously and sighed.

Had she known they were this seasick, she should have brought Sou Ming and Soul Chaser.

They were good-looking and capable.

Those two people were worth more than these four.


She wondered how things were going with the things she asked them to look into......






Murong Yunshu entrusted Soul Chaser and Sou Ming to come to Shaping Town to assist Mister Shi Er in finding out the truth about the destruction of Shaolin Temple and uncovering the culprit behind it.

They were said to be helping him, but they were actually rescuing Mister Shi Er from Li Wunai's hands. [ ]


In the beginning, when Mister Shi Er left the Jianghu Inn unnoticed, he took Murong Yunshu’s personal letter to borrow soldiers from King Sheng to escape from the tiger's mouth, which made Li Wunai take the matter to his heart.

So when Li Wunai learned that Mister Shi Er had not left Shaping Town with Murong Yunshu but stayed behind alone to inquire about the truth, he had him arrested.


Inside an airtight secret room, Mister Shi Er sat on his knees as he closed his eyes to meditate and chant Buddhist scripture.

Suddenly, with a rumble, the stone door opened, and Li Wunai walked in expressionlessly with a meal in his hands, saying, "Mister Shi Er is truly an expert in mechanisms, to be able to recognise a certain Li's secret passage."


Mister Shi Er opened his eyes and asked something totally unrelated like wind, horse and ox, "How long has it been since you've recited the scriptures"


Li Wunai snorted coldly and said, "It's none of your business."


"From the moment you put me in here, everything about you has something to do with me, including your life and death." Mister Shi Er spoke without going too fast or too slow.


"I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint you then.

I won't die so soon."


"I'll be disappointed if you're dead." Mister Shi Er responded with a smile, "Only you and I know about me being locked up here by you.

If you die, who will bring me food in the future I don't want to be buried alive with you yet, so you might as well live well."


Li Wunai coldly placed the meal on the stone table and wondered, "Mister Shi Er is clearly a man of decency.

Why does he want to be in the company of that murderous devil Chu Changge"


"Hahahaha......" Mister Shi Er laughed freely, then said, "A straightforward person does not resort to insinuations.

You and I both know in our hearts that what happened at Shaolin Temple was not his doing, and words like a murderous devil, you'd better say them to others who will listen to you."


Li Wunai looked gloomy at his words and inquired, "What else do you know"


Mister Shi Er smiled without saying anything.


Li Wunai's face suddenly showed horror as he asked, "Did you find out......" Suddenly, his face changed as he said, "Even if you found out something, it doesn't matter.

You will never be able to walk out of this room anyway."


"In that case, can you satisfy my curiosity" Mister Shi Er said, "I have found out many things and figured out many things, but there is only one thing that I have not been able to figure out.

I think you should know what I am referring to."


"I don't know!" Li Wunai's speaking manner was like chopping the nail and slicing the iron.


"You know." Mister Shi Er said unflinchingly, "What exactly is that man's relationship with you You would rather create a deep-seated hatred caused by blood-debt because of the Shaolin Temple and falsely accuse Chu Changge of Mojiao Sect as an enemy, protecting him from exposure"


Li Wunai turned around.

After turning his back on Mister Shi Er, he said, "You talk too much." After he had finished speaking, he quickly walked out of the secret room.


The stone door slammed shut with a loud bang, and Li Wunai was instantly drained of his strength as he crumpled against the stone door.

He tilted his head back, and his face filled with pain.


That man......was his younger brother!


Li Wunai was not a fool.

After so long of searching, although he did not find out Chu Changge's whereabouts, he figured out something.

Chu Changge had never been afraid of being known to have done something terrible and would never abandon Murong Yunshu to her fate.

The fact that Chu Changge disappeared mysteriously after the incident at Shaolin Temple could only mean one thing: someone else was responsible for the bloodshed at Shaolin, and Chu Changge's disappearance must also have a great deal to do with that person.


However, he never thought that the person turned out to be his younger brother, who shared the same parent with him!


On one side was Shaolin Temple, whom he had a debt of gratitude as weighty as a mountain and a brother whom he had kowtowed to heaven and earth as a sworn brother, while on the other was his younger brother from the same mother. [ ]


Which was insignificant, which was more important [T/N]






Chu Changge was in trouble.


When the tsunami struck, although the pirate ship could withstand the blows of the wind and waves, so far, there were no other problems except the violent shaking.

But he personally encountered a problem.

A huge problem——seasickness.

This had taken Chu Changge by surprise. [T/N]


He had spent so many days on the boat unscathed.

He didn't want to lose his guard in a storm.

His stomach continued to feel like overturning seas and rivers (), and it was highly unbearable.


Chu Changge vomited down the ship, and the one-eyed pirate screamed from above.

"Retribution, this is retribution!" The one-eyed pirate was still hanging in mid-air, swaying with the wind, similar to a swing.


"Shut up——blargh——" Chu Changge started throwing up again as soon as he opened her mouth until he could feel his internal organs almost coming out.


"Hahahaha......" The one-eyed pirate had been hanging for three days, depressed for three days, and was finally happy at the moment.

"Brothers, put me down, put me down quickly."


Chu Changge was the only one on the whole boat who felt dizzy.

Soon, the one-eyed pirate was finally released.


The one-eyed pirate took a few proud steps in front of Chu Changge with his hands behind his back and then said, "From this moment on, I am back in charge of this ship!"


"Aren't you unable to beat him, Captain" A pirate minion weakly asked.


The one-eyed pirate smiled very gently and uncharacteristically and said, "That was before, you know, before.

Now he can't even stand, and you still think I can't beat him" Then he didn't need to get along with Chu Changge anymore.


"Captain, you aren't an upright person if you take advantage of other people in their difficulty.

That's what you said."


"That's what I said before, but it doesn't apply now." The one-eyed pirate glared at Chu Changge and said, "I'm calling it a tooth for a tooth.

It's not like he hasn't taken advantage of me before!"


"......when was it"


This boy is really out of line.

The one-eyed pirate glared at that young minion and replied, "He's taking advantage of me by robbing my ship on the grounds that he's better at martial arts than me."




The pirates were secretly ashamed of their leader. Captain, you can't behave like this even if you want to save your face.


"Captain, why don't we throw him into the sea and feed him to the sharks while he's defenceless to save ourselves the fear of his retaliation when he's well." One of the pirates suggested.


"Yeah, Captain.

If we don't get rid of him now, once the storm passes, there's no telling how he'll get back at you......and at us." Another pirate echoed.


"Point taken." The one-eyed pirate nodded his head frequently in agreement.

According to his observation over the past few days, Chu Changge had the heart of a wolf and the lung of a dog.

He would surely take his revenge.

He was a freak who could stab you even when he didn't have any grudge against you.

If you didn't kill him now, you would be killed by him later.


On second thought, the one-eyed pirate remembered that Chu Changge's father had once saved his life, and killing his son was tantamount to repaying kindness with enmity.

He couldn’t do that.

He really couldn't…


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