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Chapter 122 : Bringing The Midwife


When Chu Changge used the power of the Qinglong to cut the wall to fly up to the top of the cliff, he realised what Qiu Shuiyin's words 'You can't get up there' meant.


The top of the cliff was directly connected to a stretch of water in the shape of '八', with cliffs flanked it on both sides.

The deeper you went, the wider the water was, the deeper the bottom was, and the greater the resistance.

By the time Chu Changge swam to the exit, he was already exhausted.

What made him feel even more powerless was, outside the exit was not a shore, but an endless ocean!


No wonder Qiu Shuiyin had asked him to bring the raft and dry food.


Even if he were highly skilled in qinggong and physically strong, it would be a nightmare for him to cross this sea with his bare hands.


Just when Chu Changge was at his wit's end, a black dot suddenly floated in the distance.

The black dot grew larger and larger and finally became a ship with a flag printed with a skull high up on it.


It's a pirate ship!


Chu Changge was overjoyed and swam quickly towards the pirate ship.

When he got close, he flew up into the air and landed on the deck.


Seeing the intrusion of an outsider, a group of pirates immediately surrounded him, "Who are you"


"Chu Changge."


"Chu Changge Another version of Chu Duange! I've never heard of it." A one-eyed pirate with a fleshy body laughed loudly.

He then asked, "Looking at your soft skin and tender flesh, which sect are you from"


Chu Changge was not angry or annoyed as he answered indifferently, "The Mojiao Sect."


As soon as the one-eyed pirate heard the word 'Mojiao Sect', his face immediately changed colour.

Although he had seldom been active in the Chinese martial arts world since he went to the sea as a pirate, the Mojiao Sect had spread its notoriety long before that.

So it was hard not to know about it.


The one-eyed pirate looked at Chu Changge one more time.

This man had bright eyes and graceful eyebrows, uncommonly handsome.

He was simply a gongzi and didn't look at all like a member of the Mojiao Sect.

Thus, he clapped his legs and laughed loudly.

"Don't think that pirates are unknowledgeable.

Although we are not active in the martial arts world, we have heard of the name of the Mojiao Sect.

How can a man like you be in it You're making me laugh to death! Hahahaha......"


"Hahahaha......" The rest of the pirates followed suit and burst out laughing.


"I didn't know that even pirates had heard of the name of the Mojiao Sect." Chu Changge laughed along with him, but in a very gentle and meaningful way.


The one-eyed pirate stopped laughing and said, "Seeing how lightly you flew up to the deck just now, you were very skilled.

What sect are you from Wudang Shaolin Tell me, maybe I've heard of it."


Chu Changge replied, "You must have heard of it.

It's the Mojiao Sect."


At that, the one-eyed pirate said with a long, unhappy face, "Is that funny Do you think you can fool me To tell you the truth, I was lying to you when I said I had heard of the name of the Mojiao Sect.

In fact, I know the Mojiao Sect very well, especially the Mojiao Sect Master.

I am still friends with him!" In the end, as if he was not convincing enough, he extended three more fingers to add, "Thirty years.

I have thirty years of friendship with the Sect Leader of the Mojiao Sect! You want to lie to me You're still a bit young!"


"I never thought that your distinguished self would have such a deep connection with the Mojiao Sect!" Chu Changge had a look of unquestioning belief in the one-eyed pirate's words, which gave him enough face.

Then Chu Changge frowned and said, "But as far as I know, the current Sect Master of the Mojiao Sect has just turned twenty-three this year." [T/N]


"Uh......" The one-eyed pirate was speechless, then resentfully said, "Wrong word.

It's the Mojiao Sect Leader's father, his father."


"So that's how it is." Chu Changge still didn't expose himself as he said with a smiling face.


The one-eyed pirate had a guilty conscience at the look of Chu Changge's eyes and hastily added, "Old Chu has a son.

The last time I saw Lil Chu was when he was only this tall." The one-eyed pirate put his hand to his chest height in comparison and continued, "Unexpectedly, after a few turns of decades, Lil Chu has grown into Big Chu and took over the position of leader.

What was that kid's name again, Chu......Chu......"


"Chu Changge." Chu Changge kindly finished it for him.


"Yes, Chu Changge......" Suddenly, the one-eyed pirate stared at Chu Changge with wide eyes.

"You......you......what did you just say your name was"


"Chu Changge.

It just so happens that it is the same name as the Mojiao Sect Leader." Chu Changge smiled brightly. [ ]


Uh. The one-eyed pirate was embarrassed beyond measure.

There was no way it was that coincidental…...


At this point, a pirate henchman whispered to the one-eyed pirate's ear for a while.

The one-eyed pirate first looked frightened, then he scowled, and finally, his face turned deathly pale.

A few moments later, as if he was being possessed, the one-eyed pirate gave out a shout with great affection, "Nephew!"


Chu Changge's face immediately filled with black lines.

He (the one-eyed pirate) couldn't close his eyes when he died unless he climbed up the Mojiao Sect, could he "I haven't heard that my father had a brother in his lifetime." Chu Changge said.


"Of course you haven't heard of it.

We posthumously become brothers."


"..." Chu Changge really had nothing to say.

“It turns out that an elder, reincarnated in somebody else's body, has come to this world specifically to save this little nephew.

Truly excuse me for my lack of manners." Chu Changge spoke in all seriousness.


The one-eyed pirate smiled and patted Chu Changge's shoulder with a brotherly smile on his face and said with considerable bravado, "That's as it should be, as it should be."


The pirates on the sidelines had black lines on their faces. Don't you have any moral integrity, Captain! You don't have to lose your life just to claim a relative relationship with him, okay.

If you're reincarnated, so what are we The walking dead


After the process of 'kin recognition' completed, Chu Changge naturally became the pirate ship's guest of honour.


"Nephew ah, you don't resemble your father at all." After saying that, the one-eyed pirate picked up a large bowl filled with wine, wiped his mouth with his sleeve after drinking it and said, "Your father is so rough-looking, but you are so refined.

How strange."


Chu Changge was wolfing down his food when he suddenly heard this and immediately withdrew the chicken leg from his mouth and asked, "Do you really know my father"


"Of course, we know each other.

We are brothers......" Seeing Chu Changge roll his eyes at him, the one-eyed pirate laughed awkwardly and changed his tune.

"When I was not a pirate, I met your father once.

At that time, he and the Bewitching Fairy Yue, oh, that's your mother, broke into the Forbidden City and caused a scene in the Hall of Golden Chimes.

That momentum was even more powerful than when I swept through a thousand armies outside the closed Imperial Gate with a single spear and a horse!"


The Forbidden City The Hall of Golden Chimes Chu Changge frowned slightly and asked again, "Why are they making a scene at the Hall of Golden Chimes"


"If it was not because of Noble Consort Yue......" Halfway through the sentence, the one-eyed pirate suddenly stopped.

A look of grief and anger filled his face.

He poured a large bowl of wine down his throat in a fit of rage.

Then he placed the bowl heavily on the table with a loud clang.

"Such a disastrous beauty!" He said with hatred.

After saying that, he drank another bowl of wine and said, "Take your time.

I’m going out for a while."


Chu Changge suppressed the many doubts in his heart and said indifferently, "Be my guest."


After the one-eyed pirate left, Chu Changge also lost his appetite.

His heart kept lingering on the words 'Forbidden City', 'Hall of Golden Chimes' and 'a disastrous beauty'.

His mood was inexplicably heavy.






Murong Yunshu had lived in the fishing village for nearly half a month, but she never found any clue.

She had no other way but to keep on sending people to search along the coastline.


In the fishing village, another boat would go out to the sea the next day.

Hearing this news, Murong Yunshu made an important decision――she was going to go out to sea with that boat.


As soon as the four guardians heard that Murong Yunshu wanted to go out to sea, they immediately expressed their opposition.

"The sea is very stormy, and you are pregnant, Madam.

So you shouldn't be travelling." East Guardian argued.


The South Guardian nodded heavily.

"Not to mention, the suffering of being tossed around.

In case of a thunderstorm, there is also the possibility of the boat capsizing."


Fearing that he would run out of words when it was his turn, the North Guardian immediately said, "There will also be sharks, and sharks eat people." As he said this, he danced around with an exaggerated expression on his face as he visualised a shark eating a man.


The West Guardian couldn't bear the way the North Guardian acted, so he rolled his eyes and said to Murong Yunshu, "It's better to let me sail along with you on that boat."



Having all of us four will have the same effect." The North Guardian spoke vigorously again.

There seemed to be a guilty conscience in his voice.

He feared that he would be met with another eye roll.


Murong Yunshu didn't seem to hear their words at all.

She said to Lu-er, "Prepare the luggage to go to the sea tomorrow."


Lu-er's face turned white with fear as she said, "Are you still going, Miss Didn't you hear what North Gongzi said Sharks eat people!"


"I didn't say I was taking you."


"Ah!" Lu-er screamed, "Miss, you can't just leave me behind again!"


"Aren't you afraid of being eaten by sharks"


"Uh ......


But, but ......" Even though she was afraid, she still had to go.

The thought that she was going to be food for the sharks made Lu-er feel sad.

It was because she was young and ignorant that she had followed the wrong Master.

If there was an afterlife, she must be reborn before her master and kill those unusual thoughts in her Master's head while her Master was still in the cradle. [ ]


When Murong Yunshu saw Lu-er's moving and tragic expression as if she was a brave man on his way to his death, Murong Yunshu pursed her lips in amusement and said, "Don't worry.

The shark won't eat you."






"Why won't the sharks eat me"


"Because sharks eat meat."


Lu-er was hit hard by her words.

"Miss, human flesh is also meat!"


"Yours doesn't count."


"Why doesn't mine count"


"Aren't you going to pack"


"Uh......yes." Lu-er silently went back to the room to pack clothes.

Her mouth never forgot to accuse her Master: Miss is just a bully!


"You guys go pack up too, and sail with me tomorrow." Murong Yunshu said.


Knowing that she would simply ignore any further attempts to dissuade her, the four men, South, East, North, and West, did not bother to say any more.


Walking out the door, the four of them were silent all the way, each with their own thoughts.


After a long time, North Guardian suddenly had a sudden thought.

"Why don't we grab a physician to go out to the sea with us!"


His words made the other remaining three eyes brightened up.

"This is an excellent idea." East Guardian praised.


It was rare for North Guardian to receive any compliment that he couldn't help feeling a little smug.

He added, "We need to purchase enough medicinal tonic to protect against a rainy day."


The other three gave him another big compliment.

"Lil North, I didn't know that you have a brain too." West Guardian said.


"And the midwife!" North Guardian thought how brilliant he was even to consider this.


However, the three from the East, South and West's faces were full of black lines.

"You think we're going to spend the New Year on the boat" Lil Leader was only two months old now.

No matter how much he inherited the 'good gene' of his family, he couldn't have been born so soon.


North Guardian rubbed his nose awkwardly as he said bitterly, "It's good to be prepared."


West Guardian rolled his eyes.

"You honestly don't have any brain after all."


"If he had a brain, would he be behind you" South Guardian jeered.


"That's true."


The three men from East, South and West chatted as they walked towards the town, leaving North Guardian alone, sighing to the heavens.


The one who talks too much errs much.

The one who talks too much indeed errs a lot.


In fact, he really thought it would be better to take the midwife with them.

Each of the Leader's family was all freaks.

Who knew when the Lil Leader would suddenly pop up.



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