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Something was weighing on Chu Changge's mind.


Ever since that day when Hua Ziqing left the words 'Your real mother is not Bewitching Fairy Yue', Chu Changge looked a little distracted and felt depressed for half a month straight.

This scene made Murong Yunshu very worried.

But she didn't know what she could do for him at such a time.

Being anxious was the most torturous of all.


As Murong Yunshu was thinking, she raised her eyes and saw Chu Changge walking into the courtyard.


"What are you doing" Chu Changge made his tone appear relaxed as much as possible.

He knew she was worried about him, but he didn't want to talk about it now.


Murong Yunshu smiled at him and said, "Sunbathing.

Now in a season like this, once the sun comes out, I want to bask myself enough."


"Does it feel the same as in Jinling" Chu Changge asked.


Murong Yunshu asked rhetorically, "Haven't you experienced it"


"Yeah, right.

I almost forgot that I spent the last winter in Jinling." Chu Changge's tone was somewhat filled with a thousand regrets.


It was already late autumn.

In a few days, another year would have passed.

Time surely flew so fast.

Perhaps, the next time they discussed the weather, they would already have grey hair.

Chu Changge suddenly felt that it would be nice to grow old with her in silence without them even realising it.


"What are you smiling at" Murong Yunshu asked him.


"I'm smiling at the fact that you can hardly change your instincts as an unscrupulous merchant.

You even take advantage of even the sun." Chu Changge said while smiling leisurely.


"If sunbathing is called taking advantage, then, aren't you taking advantage of me every day"


"It's not like I can bask you." Chu Changge had an innocent look on his face.


"......but you're always wandering about in front of me."


"If just by wandering about in front of you is called taking advantage of you, then what should you call it if I sway towards you" Chu Changge had an unashamed 'please enlighten me' look on his face. [T/N]


"Chu Changge you......" Murong Yunshu blushed at his question and gave him a fierce glare while unhappily said, "What did you grow up eating Your mind is full of immoral things."


"Salt." His answer was brief and concise.




At that moment, a maid brought them lunch.

Murong Yunshu took a sideways glance at the plate and saw that the portion was the same as yesterday, where they were precisely for two people to eat.

So she asked, "Did you put salt in the dishes"


The maid, who was new in the house, was afraid of Murong Yunshu.

She hastily nodded, "I did.

I did.

I can put more in if Miss doesn't think it's enough."


"......" Did this maid think she was a salt shaker Murong Yunshu gave a blank look to someone who was laughing fiercely beside her.

Then, she instructed the maid, "Put these down first.

Then go get another dish without salt."


"Huh" The maid froze.

How to eat a dish without salt......


Murong Yunshu explained very calmly, "Don't put salt in Chu Gongzi’s dishes in the future.

When he was a child, he ate too much salt.

Now, he has a decent life without them."


Had a decent life......could she change the word Chu Changge was speechless for a while, then said meaningfully, "It's okay for me not to eat salt, but I'm not going to live a decent life.

For the sake of Madam's 'sexual' happiness, this husband must carry on being indecent to the end."


"You......" Murong Yunshu glared at him again.

"I've never seen someone as......

indecent as you!"


Still looking immodest, Chu Changge laughed.

"That's because you've seen fewer men."


"Is that so" Murong Yunshu raised her eyebrows and said, "Then, I'll go meet more men later to gain some insight."


When Chu Changge heard this, he became anxious and quickly responded, "No, no.

Madam's current insight is just fine."


"No, I have to be a little more insightful.

How can two people who don't see eye to eye be together"


"I don't have much insight either." Chu Changge immediately told her that he also shared a 'little insight' just like her, while in his heart he was screaming: This is what you called lifting a stone and smashing it at your own feet!


"Is that so" Murong Yunshu looked at him suspiciously and pointed out, "From the sound of your voice, it seems like you've had extensive experience by seeing through thousands of sails!"


Chu Changge smiled resentfully.

"That's an illusion.

It must be an illusion.

I've been busy killing others and being the target of killing every day.

How can I have time to see through other people"


"Clang——" The maid knocked the dinner plate over, followed by the bowl and plate, which broke to the ground.

The maid looked at Murong Yunshu as she didn't know what to do with her hands and feet.

She shook her head while trembling as she stepped back, "I didn't mean to......I honestly didn't mean to......"


Murong Yunshu glanced at Chu Changge and gave him a helpless eye roll.

"Look at how you've just scared other people."


"Uh......" he forgot there was a 'normal person' here.


"You can withdraw.

Bring two more portions." Murong Yunshu said to the maid.


"Yes, yes......" The maid felt that she had just been pardoned, that she didn't even pick up the broken plates and ran away.


Shortly afterwards, new portions of the dishes were delivered, but the delivery maid had been changed. [ ]


"What happened to the maid from before" Murong Yunshu asked faintly while taking the chopsticks.


The new delivery maid was squatting on the ground to pick up the fragments of the plates when she heard her Master's question.

She quickly replied, "After she returned to the kitchen, she went crazy and kept saying that 'Murong Mansion is not a place for people to stay'.

As a result, the steward who happened to pass by heard her and gave her money to return home."


A nice little girl had been scared silly.

It was a sin, indeed a sin.

Murong Yunshu sighed and lamented, "Sect Leader Chu can actually kill people invisibly."


"......" He always talked like that, and he hadn't seen anyone get scared silly before…...


"Let's leave for Shaolin Temple tomorrow." Murong Yunshu suddenly suggested.


Chu Changge frowned disapprovingly.

"Your leg has not yet fully recovered."


"I didn't say I was going to walk." A carriage ride could still work for her.




In the end, Murong Yunshu's suggestion was accepted, and they set off for Shaolin Temple the next day.






Murong Yunshu looked at the extremely luxurious carriage in front of her and was silent for a long time before finally requesting only one thing——"Can't you change the colour"


"All the Imperial Carriages are in this colour." Chu Changge said.


Of course, she knew that the Imperial Carriages were all in this colour! The problem was that even if you were not being robbed by mountain bandits, you would be caught by local authorities in the end.

Where on earth did he get such a carriage that was not even using any black or white colour


As if seeing through Murong Yunshu's feeling of uncertainty, Chu Changge said, "I got it from the Emperor's Temporary Imperial Palace.

He is trapped in the capital and can't come to the capital of Chu Province anyway.

So this Imperial Carriage was just sitting around there.

There is no harm for us to borrow it just for a short while."


A temporary Imperial Palace that has been converted into a temple.


"......borrow" Knowing him as she did, 'borrow' was not the appropriate word to come out of his mouth.


Chu Changge responded with a calm face, "I notified the Imperial Palace guards when I took it." So he called it borrowing.


Murong Yunshu asked, "How did you notify them"


Chu Changge replied, "I left them a note." His face was still looking calm.


Murong Yunshu faintly froze.

Then her face was full of black lines.

Notified them......by leaving a note......

"Chu Changge, why don't you just become a bandit" Murong Yunshu teased.


Chu Changge raised an eyebrow at her words and made a thoughtful face.

"You think it's good for me to be a bandit"


"......just pretend I didn't say that."


Chu Changge, however, would not let her off.

"Am I behaving like a bandit"


Not playing dumb anymore Very well.

Murong Yunshu smiled faintly and said, "No, I truly believe that you do look like a bandit."


"......" She sure knew how to hurt other people's feelings!


"I'd rather take another carriage."


"Other carriages are not as comfortable as the Imperial Carriage."


That was true.

After all, it was something that the Emperor used.

Speaking of which, she had never ridden in an Imperial Carriage before, so she didn't know how it would feel to be in one......Murong Yunshu faltered.

She looked at the carriage for a few hesitant moments before finally sighing, "It's better if I don't sit in it."




"I'm afraid that after riding in the Imperial Carriage, I won't be able to get used to riding in an ordinary carriage anymore."


"I have no intention of giving it back.

You can ride it whenever you want.

If it breaks down, I'll go and borrow another one for you."


"......" Someone was acting too arrogant.

Murong Yunshu glanced at the Imperial Carriage again and said, "It will be awkward in case we collide with the Emperor one day."


"......" Chu Changge couldn't stand her anymore.

Without saying a word, he threw her gently into the carriage and said, "If we collided with him, I would make him give way for you!"


Murong Yunshu looked at him and chuckled. [ ]


She was the only one who had insisted for him to become a bandit willingly.

Chu Changge shook his head helplessly as he lowered the curtain, leapt onto his horse, and instructed, "Depart."


Six of the Killing Demons drove the Carriage, two rode along on horseback, and one had become invisible.


While Mister Shi Er was riding a donkey, far behind them——it was not because he didn't want to ride on a horse, but someone deliberately gave him tight shoes for him to wear by assigning him a donkey.

For the reason that he was unwilling to call Murong Yunshu 'Madam' As for screwing him like this That person had a small belly and a chicken's gut.

That man was indeed that kind of person!






The Emperor was a person who knew how to enjoy life the most.

All day and night, with the horse never stop galloping, Murong Yunshu didn't feel even the slightest that she was homeless and miserable.

She would eat and sleep, sleep and eat until she did not know whether the time was day or night.


"Where are we" Murong Yunshu lifted the curtain and asked Chu Changge.


Chu Changge gave her an astonished look and smilingly said, "You're finally starting to care about that."


Murong Yunshu felt greatly embarrassed.

She had thought of asking about it before.

But every time she thought of it, it was always before she fell asleep.

As soon as she woke up, she forgot to ask about it again.


"Shaping Town is just up ahead." Chu Changge said.


Shaping Town Wasn't that the town at the foot of the Shaolin Temple If she remembered correctly, there was a special inn in Shaping Town called 'Jianghu Inn'.

The owner of the inn had a unique name called 'Li Wunai'.

There was also a special young man who had no name, no surname and no martial arts skills.


As Murong Yunshu looked at the Jianghu Inn from top to bottom, both the inn itself and the people inside reeked with a peculiar smell.

That inn was very interesting.

The last time she was there, the situation was urgent.

Thus, she didn't have time to explore the place carefully.

This time around, she was ready to study it properly...suddenly, Murong Yunshu remembered what happened when she was in the Five Poisons Sect, where she had learned the scents of different people.

She found that the sect Holy Maiden was emitting two different smells at the same time.

One was masculine, and another one was feminine.

She was so frightened that she wondered if there was something wrong with her nose.


The Holy Maiden was obviously a woman.

So how could her body exude the smell of both male and female Murong Yunshu had never figured out this question.






At sunset, the Imperial Carriage stopped in front of the Jianghu Inn, attracting countless sidelong glances from surrounding people.

It was unknown who was the first to shout 'Long live the emperor, long live the Emperor'.

As a result, all the people who noticed the carriage knelt and shouted, 'Long live the emperor, long live the Emperor'.

However, the jianghu people in the inn recognised Chu Changge, who was riding a dark horse, at a glance.

They were surprised to see him with white hair and immediately clenched their weapons one after another while shouting, "Mojiao Sect is getting even more lawless.

How dare you openly kidnap the Emperor!"


Hearing the loud cries from outside, Murong Yunshu didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

If they found out that a woman was currently sitting in the Imperial Carriage, would they call out to the Empress or the Empress Dowager instead


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