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Shocked, Fang Hongfei looked back and immediately shouted, "Shuier!" [T/N]


The sword pierced Lin Shuier's eyebrow.

She fell to the ground and stretched her hand towards Fang Hongfei on one side while saying, "Go......quickly......" [T/N]


Hearing Lin Shuier's words, Fang Hongfei didn't even hesitate for a moment and flew away. [T/N]


"Damn it!" Chu Changge let out a low curse.

He gave Lin Shuier an unhappy look and flew up onto the roof.

"Are you alright" He asked Murong Yunshu.


"I'm fine.

It's just that I can't seem to put any strength into my right leg." Murong Yunshu said.


Chu Changge quickly squatted down to check her right leg and then cursed again, "Damn!"


Murong Yunshu looked at him with puzzlement.

"You didn't use to be this irritable before."


Chu Changge said sullenly, "Before was before." Now he just wanted to curse very much.

Letting that scum Fang Hongfei escape was already depressing enough.

Now, she had broken her right leg and still told him that she was fine! If it weren’t for Hua Ziqing's alarming cry that allowed him to use Qinglong to save her in time, King Chu's residence would have become rivers of blood by now.


Although Murong Yunshu didn't understand why Chu Changge suddenly became so strange, she could feel his anger.

Therefore, she wisely chose to be obedient.


Chu Changge picked up Murong Yunshu with an expressionless face and looked down with arrogance at all the people of King Chu's Residence.

He coldly warned them, "Don't appear in front of my eyes again, or else.

I will kill one when I see one, and I will kill a pair when I see a pair." After speaking, he turned to leave.


"Wait." Hua Ziqing called out to him and said, "Let's make a deal.

I'll tell you your background, and you give me the antidote."


Chu Changge just ignored him and leapt down to leave King Chu's Residence without looking back.


He had more important things to do.






After returning to Murong Mansion and bandaging Murong Yunshu's right leg, the first thing Chu Changge did was to ask the Killing Demons to answer for their wrongdoing.

But instead of lashing out, he stood coldly in the courtyard, with his body exuding a murderous hostility.


Although Chu Changge did not say a word, in the mind of the Killing Demons, he had already said everything.

For the rest, they could only bring a bramble and ask for punishment.


When the Leader was ambushed, they came late to rescue him, so they should be blamed for it.

Although they had their reasons, being late meant being late.

They could say nothing about it.


The nine people appeared, kneeling on one knee in front of Chu Changge, and said in unison, "These subordinates are guilty.

Please punish us, Leader."


With pale faces, torn clothes, and stick wounds all over their bodies, the nine men were so bloodstained that they looked like they had just crawled out of a pile of corpses.

They were too terrible to look at.


Although Chu Changge had expected that there must be a reason for their absence, at this moment, seeing the nine people in a mess before him, he could not help but be astonished.

Amongst Killing Demons of the 9 Provinces, any one of them would already be hard to beat in the jianghu.

Let alone defeating all nine of them at the same time.

What was more, there was no other person in the world who could break the Killing Demons Formation, apart from him, Chu Changge.

How could anyone have injured them to such an extent


Even Chu Changge's great anger was extinguished when he saw his men looking like this.

Noticing the nine men's wounded appearances, Chu Changge only spat out these words coldly, "Who did this" If those people dare to hurt his Mojiao Sect's people, they must be prepared to pay with their life!


The leader of the Killing Demons, Soul Chaser, answered, "It's the monks from Shaolin Temple." There was a deep hatred in his voice.

As if he wanted to kill all the monks in the world at once.

This was the first time that he had shown his emotions in front of people.

It was also the first time that he wanted to kill someone from the bottom of his heart.

Not for the sake of his master or his mission.


Hearing Soul Chaser's reply, Chu Changge pondered for a long time and stated, "Impossible.

Those stinking monks from Shaolin Temple are not that powerful.

I have fought with them before."


Laughing Buddha Mask

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"But they were using all the martial arts of the Shaolin Temple." Soul Chaser continued, "After you and your wife walked into the royal residence, we stood guard outside as you had instructed, ready to meet you at all times.

But it wasn't long before nine monks appeared, each with a Laughing Buddha mask on their faces.

The martial arts they used were all the upper level of Shaolin Temple's mastery, and their weapons were uniformly Shaolin Temple's staff."


According to Soul Chaser, this was undoubtedly the work of Shaolin Temple, but Chu Changge always felt that this matter was very strange.

If the Shaolin Temple had such an expert, there was no way that they would not have come to the Eighteen Arhats' aid when they were having trouble in defeating him.

"Apart from that, are there any other characteristics" Chu Changge asked.


Soul Chaser thought about it and suddenly brightened up and said, "There is! The nine of them, it's as if they have endless stamina and life.

No matter how much we fought, they couldn't seem to die......" Speaking of this, he suddenly thought of something and was suddenly filled with astonishment, "Could it be...they were the Corpse Souls!"


Chu Changge's thoughts were the same as Soul Chaser.

The only thing that could not be beaten to death was the Corpse Soul.


Corpse Soul was a kind of witchcraft in which the manipulator manipulated the dead body with his mind and turned it into a killing tool.


If the martial arts used by the corpse souls were all upper-level masterpieces of the Shaolin Temple, then that manipulator behind the scenes must know Shaolin Temple's martial arts like the back of his hand.


Although the monks of Shaolin Temple had always been incompatible with the Mojiao Sect, they were somewhat aloof from politics and material pursuits and kind of pedantic.

If they wanted to fight, they would first put down a war letter to agree on the time and place of the fight.

Afterwards, they would announce to the world that 'the two parties are going to fight'.

Then, they would sit back and wait for the other party to come to the appointment, rather than using the Corpse Soul, which was such an insidious means to make mischief.

The Shaolin Temple must not have put their hands on this incident.

Nevertheless, the Shaolin Temple could not get away with it, mainly because the upper level of the Shaolin Temple's mastery had never been passed on.


It seemed that, before they could go to Kunlun Mountain, they had to make a trip to Shaolin Temple.


It was a good thing that Kunlun Mountain was located to the west of Shaolin Temple so that it wouldn't have spared them much of a journey.

Otherwise, someone would have shouted 'tired of the long journey' again. [ ]


When he thought of Murong Yunshu, Chu Changge was furious.

Her leg was already broken, and she was still acting like the clouds were pale, and a light breeze was blowing.

Did she have no idea of pain or didn't know how to cry out when in pain!


"Withdraw for you to heal your wounds, and don't come to stand guard for the next two days." After saying these words, Chu Changge turned around and walked into the room.


Chu Changge's tone was not gentle at all, but the nine people were still moved to their core.

If they had known that the Leader would become so human after they were injured, they would have been hurt more often before......if they wanted to go on strike some other day, they could just have a collective fight with each other. [T/N]






Sitting in front of the bed, Chu Changge gazed quietly and intently at the sleeping Murong Yunshu.

He suddenly felt that there were times when the Heavens loved to play jokes on him.

He had never dreamed that one day he would treasure his life so much.

All along, he had not sought to live a long life but to live every moment as he wished.

He never cared whether his life was in danger or not.

As long as it was something he wanted to do, he would do it, even if it would risk his life.

For him in the past, living one more day was a bonus.


But ever since he met her, nothing has been the same.


He would still follow what his heart desired, but he would make sure he lived to be a hundred.

He would cherish his life for her and their future.

Even though it seemed harder and harder to stay alive after having an extra her around.

But what did that matter She was so obstinate that she would surely be adamant enough to go with him to the Yellow Spring too.


With her, it didn't matter if they were in heaven or on earth.


As Chu Changge thought about it, a faint smile could not help but appear on his face as he gently pushed the hair on her cheeks behind her ears.

He caressed her eyebrows with indescribable tenderness in his eyes.






Meanwhile, inside King Chu's residence, a deadly atmosphere prevailed.


King Chu had gone mad; the Eldest Crown Prince was dead, the Second Prince was far away, the Third Prince had been poisoned, leaving only one person who could take charge of the overall situation――Hua Ziqing, the Fourth Prince, who was only 16 years old.


The steward hesitated for a long time before asking cautiously, "Fourth Master, how are you going to bury the Eldest Master"


Hua Ziqing stood quietly in front of Hua Ziyue's coffin.

After a long silence, he finally replied, "Buried him according to the rites of a vassal king."


"But the King is still alive......"


"What's the difference between him looking like that and being dead!" Hua Ziqing's tone was icy, without a trace of emotion.


The butler shuddered and nodded hastily, "Yes, I'll arrange for it now."


After the butler left, Hua Ziqing continued to stand in front of Hua Ziyue's coffin for a long time before turning around and striding towards the Murong Mansion compound across the street.


Third Older Brother, I will not let you die. Hua Ziqing swore in his heart.






"The Young Mistress has ordered that she will not receive any visitors today.

Please return, Your Highness." The gatekeeper stopped Hua Ziqing, who had turned up without being invited.


Hua Ziqing snapped: "Get out of my way."


The gatekeeper was stunned by Hua Ziqing's attitude.

The Fourth Prince of the Chu King's Residence was known for his thick skin and would playfully soften up whoever he was refused.

As he lived across the street, the gatekeeper had dealt with him several times and had never seen him like this before.

The Fourth Prince's face was even sullen as snow like he had turned into a new person.


While the gatekeeper was baffled, Hua Ziqing sidled past him into Murong Mansion and headed straight for Murong Yunshu's bedroom, making his way through unhindered.


Hua Ziqing did not walk in but stood outside the door and shouted, "I promise you that I will never lend a helping hand to Hua Yeli, no matter what time or situation."


Inside the room, Chu Changge was worried that Murong Yunshu would be disturbed by Hua Ziqing's voice and planned to go out to negotiate with him alone when he saw Murong Yunshu open her eyes. [ ]


"You're awake." Chu Changge said.


"Hmm." Murong Yunshu held out her hand, "Give me a hand."


Chu Changge did not move as he advised, "You will heal faster when you lie down."


Murong Yunshu said, "My leg is lying down."


"......" He didn't know where she got so many false arguments in her head.

Chu Changge couldn't argue with her, so he helped her sit up.

He smoothly picked up a pillow and put it behind her as a backrest.


Murong Yunshu smiled with satisfaction and said, "Let him in."


Chu Changge was tempted to say I'll handle this, but she was already sitting up.

Could he expect that she would just look on with folded arms


Chu Changge opened the door irritably and said in a muffled voice, "Come in."


Hua Ziqing walked into the room and saw Murong Yunshu sitting on the bed with a poor complexion.

He guessed that she must have hurt herself when she jumped from the dragon's mouth, so he whispered, "I'm sorry."


Murong Yunshu said, "No need to apologize.

You are not the one who did me wrong."


"But they are my father and older brothers." Hua Ziqing was silent for a moment before adding, "I will atone for their sins.

I will settle the refugees in Chu Province Capital City properly and ensure that they will not freeze to death or starve to death at the very least.

I will also not send troops to aid Hua Yeli in his rebellion.

I only ask that you spare my Third Older Brother's life.

He was also only following my father's orders."


When Murong Yunshu heard this request, she looked at Chu Changge: You have the final say on this matter.


Chu Changge glanced at Hua Ziqing grumpily and said, "I told you, I don't want a worthless life.

But although I don't want his life, he must leave a pair of legs behind.



Hua Ziqing was shocked, but then he calmed down again and said, "Thank you very much." His Third Older Brother had committed a crime on Chu Changge.

It was already lucky enough that Chu Changge could save his life.

What more could he ask for


Chu Changge added, "You can go now."


Hua Ziqing was stunned for a moment.

After saying another thank you, he turned to leave.

As he walked to the door, he suddenly turned back to Chu Changge and said, "Your real mother is not Bewitching Fairy Yue."


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