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Hearing the three words 'sharing the troubles', Murong Yunshu lit up a lot.

She only took a bite, and she already felt worse than death.

For a certain someone who had tasted it for so many years, she didn't know how he could manage......


At that moment, King Chu stood up and walked over to Chef Guo and asked in a deep voice, "Did you make the food tonight"



It tastes pretty good, doesn't it" Chef Guo inquired confidently.


Then King Chu instructed, "Men, drag him out and give him a severe twenty plank beating!"


"Ah" Chef Guo's face immediately changed colour as he was shocked.

"Why are you doing this, Your Highness Even if my cooking is that delicious, you don't have to 'reward' me like this!"


Everyone was sweating.

This guy honestly had a good perception of himself!


King Chu, on the other hand, was sullenly silent, with his belly full of anger.

A good banquet had been spoiled because the food was not good.

He was already merciful for not cutting his head off!


The guards of the Wang Residence immediately appeared and dragged Chef Guo to the door.

When he passed by Murong Yunshu, Chef Guo stared at her with his wide eyes.


Murong Yunshu initially did not want to open her big mouth.

Still, considering that Chef Guo only had one pair of eyes which he used to stare at her, she was afraid that he would put more salt in his cooking in the future, so she reluctantly spoke, "Actually, it's not so bad to the extent that it was hard to swallow." Didn't she just swallow it


Chef Guo did not know that Murong Yunshu was the one who had sent him from the kitchen to the front room to be reprimanded.

He was moved beyond words as he looked at Murong Yunshu with teary eyes.

It was still the one whom he was familiar with, was the more forgiving!


When King Chu saw Murong Yunshu speak out, he knew that she intended to intercede on behalf of the cook, so he told his personal guards to stand down.


Suddenly, Chef Guo felt that something was wrong and scratched the back of his head, 'it's not so bad to the extent that it was hard to swallow'......no matter how much he listened to it, it didn't sound like a compliment at all!


Sure enough, there were indeed no good people around the Sect Leader! Chef Guo suddenly looked at Murong Yunshu with a face full of accusations, but afterwards, he felt that he shouldn't blame her.

After all, it was hard to expose her evil nature with the Leader of the Mojiao Sect around.

Nevertheless, if a person ever decided to reveal her evil nature would find that she was not an easy target either.

Therefore, Chef Guo wisely chose to spurn himself instead.

When he was young and ignorant, he was tricked into joining the Mojiao Sect by the Old Sect Leader and had since set out on the road of no return to be 'bullied and abused' by the Chu clan......


"It was not easy to make a dish like this." Murong Yunshu cast a sidelong glance at Chef Guo and said indifferently.


Chef Guo, who was still immersed in self-scorn, came back to his senses when he heard these words and replied with a smile, "It was easy, quite effortless.

I only need to do it a few more times.

As you know, with familiarity, you will learn the trick."


With familiarity, one would learn the trick......she didn't know how many people had contributed to his practice.

Murong Yunshu was sweating profusely in her heart.


Chef Guo added, "What is most regrettable is that only a few people can share the joy of cooking progress with me along the way."


The corners of Chu Changge's mouth twitched.

Has his cooking skills improved Did he mean that the proportion of salt in the dish had risen all the way up This matter was not a joy for him as a master.

He had left the mountain privately at the age of thirteen, mainly because he was fed up with the food of the Mojiao Sect. [T/N]


Ignoring a particular Leader's disbelieving cum very murderous expression, Chef Guo said, "Fortunately, there is one person who never leaves me and eats every last morsel of whatever I make."


There was no need to guess who was the person who 'never left' Chef Guo.

Murong Yunshu smiled and gave Chu Changge a leisurely glance, then lamented meaningfully, "It seems that someone has taken the greatest credit for your success today."


Chef Guo said, "Yeah.

I'll remember him for the rest of my life."


Somehow, Murong Yunshu felt that the phrase 'I will remember him for the rest of my life' was very similar to 'I will not let you go even if I become a ghost'.

It was an illusion, right It must be an illusion.

Although a specific person was a bit arrogant, he still seemed to be deeply attached to everyone in Mojiao Sect.

Of course, occasionally, they would also be at each other's throats, but that could not be considered intentionally choking each other.

It could be viewed as them developing an attachment.

This situation was what people said as if they didn't fight, they couldn't be considered friends.


Chu Changge, on the other hand, cursed in his heart. He better go to hell for making me stand by him! It was because he was in the middle of growing up at that time, and there was nothing else that he could eat! "If not for eating your cooking, this Sect Leader would have grown a little more handsome." Chu Changge said with a gloomy face.


"Uh......" said Chef Guo with a sultry look on his face as he felt devastated.

"Leader, you mean my cooking has disfiguring effects" That was terribly insulting!


Chu Changge suggested, "Why don't you taste it and see for yourself"


"That will not do." Chef Guo responded smugly, "I never eat my own cooking.

So, even if it did have a disfiguring effect, it wouldn't ruin my look."


Chu Changge glanced at him with a look expressing that Chef Guo was an idiot before saying, "Luckily, I only eat your cooking.

Otherwise, I would grow up to be like you." He implied that it was better for him to be disfigured than to grow up to be like him.


No matter how slow Chef Guo was, there was no way he won't understand what Chu Changge's words meant.

He jumped up in excitement as he questioned, "Is it bad to look like me Not everyone is as lucky as you are to have a beautiful mother and a handsome father!"


"That's a true statement." Chu Changge agreed.


The two of them said one thing to each other while everyone listened to them in confusion, except for Murong Yunshu, who always maintained an elegant posture as she drank tea and watched the jokes between the two.

She believed that this was not the climax.


Sure enough, King Chu, who had been watching quietly, seethed.

"You are one of Mojiao" He asked Chef Guo.


Chef Guo nodded very nimbly.


Don't you know"


The corners of King Chu's mouth twitched as he said, "If this Wang had known, would he have let you in"


When everyone saw that Chef Guo had admitted his identity, those who had initially held their chopsticks to try how bad the dish was, put their chopsticks down.

It was better to eat less of the Mojiao Sect's food.


"You are not even afraid of the Leader here, but you're afraid of a cook like this" Murong Yunshu laughed lightly.

"Although this dish is difficult to eat, it can't kill anyone.

Just eat it with confidence and boldness.

Don't let His Highness down."


Although Murong Yunshu spoke in a light-hearted manner, in the ears of the wealthy merchants, there was always an overwhelming aura, telling them, if you couldn't eat it all, you would have to take it home.


It was better…...for them to eat then.


With their hearts in their hands, they all picked up their chopsticks.

They shuddered as they took the food, then shuddered again as they put it in their mouths, and finally drank their wine desperately.

It turned out that there was another kind of food in this world that was not poisonous but had surpassed toxic food.


It was good that there were many more people who would share the trouble.

Murong Yunshu said to Chef Guo with a smile, "One of these days, you can show off in the jianghu by saying that you have poisoned all the wealthy merchants in the capital city of Chu Province."


"......" Chef Guo got emotional. Madam, if you don't know how to speak kindly, then you can simply don't speak at all.

Once you open your mouth, our master-servant relationship will be gone, okay!


Murong Yunshu ignored Chef Guo's pained expression and turned to King Chu.

"The fuss is over, Your Highness.

Let's get down to business."


Faced with this table of salted meals, King Chu could no longer say things like 'just inviting everyone to have a meal'.

After all, because of his invitation, everyone had been in the deep water and scorching fire.

He was afraid that if he mentioned the word 'meal', they would not help themselves from vomiting everything out.

So King Chu did not go on a long detour anymore and went straight to the point.

"This Wang has invited you all here today because he wants you to contribute to the refugees and tide over this difficult time together with him."


Everyone breathed a huge sigh of relief at the words as they finally got to the main point.


"Ask for as much as you need, Your Highness, and we will help you with everything."


"Yes, just say the word, Your Highness."


"As a member of the capital city of Chu Province, we deserve to do our part."







All the wealthy businessmen took their stand, but Murong Yunshu never said a word.

Her mouth was slightly hooked, with a smile in her eyes. [ ]


King Chu asked, "How about Miss Murong"


"I am afraid that this little lady......just can't give her help." Murong Yunshu said indifferently, "But Your Highness can open a number.

I will try my best to meet it."


King Chu complimented, "Miss Murong is indeed a wise person.

No wonder she can cover the sky with her hands and not even put the Emperor in her eyes."


Murong Yunshu smilingly pointed out, "What you want to say is that I don't even put you, the king, in my eyes, right"


When they heard the conversation between the two people, they could not help but be suspicious, and a sense of retreat rose in their hearts.

Could it be that what the King wanted was not a share but full support from them


King Chu's following words confirmed everyone's suspicions.

"I am grateful to all of you for your support.

Don't worry.

This Wang will report your feats to the Imperial Court and record it in the annals."


Everyone looked at each other. What do we do now


Murong Yunshu stated leisurely, "The donation of all the wealthy merchants’ fortunes in the city to help the living is the first feat of its kind in the past and should be recorded in the annals.

Unfortunately, I am a merchant, and I value profit over fame, so I have to miss this opportunity to leave my name in there."


Murong Yunshu spoke the words in a light-hearted manner, but all the wealthy merchants gnashed their teeth in response.

When did they say they will donate their entire fortune They were businessmen too, and they also valued profit over fame!


However, once one rode a tiger, it was hard for one to get off.

With King Chu leading at the front with the jackals and wolves, and the Mojiao releasing its tigers and panthers, the wealthy merchants had no choice but to swallow their teeth.


King Chu did not expect Murong Yunshu to help him and was slightly startled for a while before he ordered, "Steward, bring the documents out for the distinguished guests to sign and pledge."


Signed and sealed, this was indeed the way the Imperial Court worked.

Murong Yunshu smiled as she watched everyone faces with their expression telling her that they were running to the execution ground while watching and eating the pastries at the same time.

It was Chu Changge who had brought the pastries, but when and where they came from was unknown.

By the time she realised there were pastries in front of her, only half left on the plate.


In a short while, after King Chu obtained everyone's signatures completely, he said with a smile, "Someone, reset the banquet."


"Thank you, Your Majesty, for your hospitality.

We already had our fill." Someone said with a fake smile.


The rest of them nodded their heads.

Who could still eat when their family's fortunes changed hands in the blink of an eye!


How could King Chu not be clear about what was on the minds of these people He said that he wanted to restart the banquet.

It was just a polite thing for him to do.

"Okay, since you all say so, this Wang will not force it.

Finally, let's drink together to celebrate the success of the banquet." He said and instructed the servants to pour the wine.


Everyone was upset but did not dare to get angry, so they drank their wine sullenly.


"Thank you all for honouring this Wang with your presence." King Chu also drank from his cup and then called out, "Someone, send the guests away!"


As soon as King Chu spoke the words, two rows of soldiers marched in, lining up on either side.


The gesture did not look like a send-off but rather like an escort to the execution ground.


"Your Highness, what do you......mean by this"


"Oh, you all must not misunderstand." King Chu explained, "Recently, there has been a lot of fish and dragons mixed together in the city, and it is now late in the day.

So this Wang has decided to send soldiers to escort everyone back.

Just guarding against the unexpected."


When were these soldiers going to guard them against the unexpected The crowd sneered in their hearts.

His Highness was just afraid that they would flee with their fortunes!


Under the royal guards’ ‘escort’, the wealthy merchants left one by one, leaving Murong Yunshu and Chu Changge the only guests in the royal residence.


After seeing off the guests, did King Chu suddenly realise that the cook had long since disappeared.

Then he looked at Murong Yunshu and Chu Changge, who were eating their pastries and drinking tea in a leisurely manner.

Could they be doing something that could sabotage him again No, it couldn't be.

If they wanted to wreak havoc, Murong Yunshu would not have sung in unison with him and forced the wealthy merchants to make 'donations'.


"The Murong Mansion is just across the street, so this Wang will not send an escort." King Chu said. [ ]


Murong Yunshu swallowed the pastry in her mouth and took two more slow sips of tea before she smiled.

"I haven't donated money yet."


King Chu said, "It is not necessary."


"Is it a reward for my help" Murong Yunshu added, "I have helped Your Highness so much, and Your Highness wants to send me away like this"


King Chu snorted coldly and said, "Even without your help, this Wang has his way to make them submit!"


Murong Yunshu responded, "I know, after all, having drunk Your Highness' poisoned wine, they can't refuse to give in even if they want to."


King Chu was shocked.

"You know!"


Murong Yunshu said, "Your Majesty must be joking.

As the future wife of the Mojiao Sect, how can I live to be a hundred if I don't have this ability"


King Chu snorted again and asked, "If you knew that, why did you still force them to drink that wine"


"I was only inviting them to try the cooking of our own cook.

How could that be considered 'forcing'." As for drinking after tasting the dishes, that was voluntary on their part, not hers.


King Chu didn't want to go a long detour with her anymore.

"Tell me, what do you really want"


Having said that, Murong Yunshu also stopped teasing him and directly stated her request.

"No matter when or where do not give a helping hand to Hua Yeli."


King Chu was slightly shocked and then felt justified.

Both Murong Yunshu and Chu Changge hated Hua Yeli to the core, and it was not surprising for them to propose such a condition.

"Who are you to demand it from this Wang"


Murong Yunshu said, "I bet you don't want to lose your reputation."


"How can this Wang lose his reputation when he is good" King Chu countered disdainfully.


"Those wealthy merchants could die of poison at any time.

If all the wealthy merchants who attended this banquet died of poison overnight, and the Wang Residence inexplicably gained a large amount of wealth, say, what do you think people would think"


"Haha! I thought you had great skill! It turns out to be nothing more than that." King Chu laughed and said, "The poison in them has long been solved.

The last glass of wine is the antidote."


"Is that so" Murong Yunshu only faintly asked back, then she stopped talking and looked at him with a smile.


King Chu did not think of anything at first.

However, after being looked at by her for a while, he suddenly realised.

"What have you done to the last wine


"It wasn't me." Murong Yunshu showed her innocence while not forgetting to point out the 'culprit'.

Her slender hand pointed to the side, saying, "It's him." Her husband was only for her to sell.


Chu Changge did not know whether to laugh or cry. How honest you are, Madam! If you have a problem with your husband, let's lock it up for now and then slowly talk about it.

Don't spread the family scandal outside!


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