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Burn Money

Since the imperial envoy had left, which means she doesn\'t need to stay here any longer.

As Murong Yun Shu intended to leave, she saw Feng Ling happily grabbing on Nie Qing\'s shirt and came back, Nie Qing\'s expression was dark as coal.

Brother, my speed is quite fast right In a blink of an eye, I\'ve already catch Nie Qing back. Feng Ling said like she wanted to show off her achievement, she completely ignored Nie Qing\'s expression as if he wanted to crush her.

Mmm. Feng Cheng responded vexingly, his thoughts were still stuck at the fact that Murong Yun Shu is Chu Changge\'s wife.

The cupid is really making a fool of Murong Yun Shu, how can a great lady like her matched with Chu Changge the disaster!

Feng Ling, even if you kill me, I still won\'t marry you as my wife! Nie Qing raised his chest proudly, trying to be firm and unyielding.

After Feng Ling heard his words, her tears immediately flowed out from her eyes: Nie Qing, you\'re too much, if you\'re much I will…… I will take it for real!

Nie Qing coldly moved his face away so that he won\'t be looking at Feng Ling, his direction was facing with Murong Yun Shu instead.

You are the imperial envoy sent from the kingdom to visit Murong Sect in Jin Ling Province Murong Yun Shu asked.

Nie Qing was shocked: How did you know about this! He was told to secretly fulfill the decree, there weren’t many people who knew about this.

I am Murong Yun Shu. One sentence explains everything.

Looks like the rescue is here! Nie Qing burst in ecstasy: Where are the others

Halfway up the mountain.

How many

Two people.

You\'ve brought only two people to rescue me! Nie Qing squealed with his face darkened.

Murong Yun Shu was stunned by the situation, when did she ever said that she came to rescue him Are men nowadays all popular in being self-sentimental She came to Hua Tuo Mountain was because of the bank, after she finished talking about the business then she\'ll leave, since she doesn\'t care about nosy stuff at all.

My request, does the kingdom agree Murong Yun Shu got straight to the point.

You intend to discuss national affairs with me right here Isn\'t she way too adaptable in the situation

If not Murong Yun Shu looked at Nie Qing acupunctured by Feng Ling, his body below the neck couldn\'t move at all and said: If you can move now, I don\'t mind changing places.

You should bother about how to escape from here, not talking business!

Lord please don\'t joke at me, I still have both my healthy legs, while Lady Feng Ling doesn\'t want me to be her fort husband, why would I scared about leaving this place Murong Yun Shu disagreed with Nie Qing and smiled, then she continued: Not to mention that I still have a powerful fiancé as a backup, Lord Feng Cheng wouldn\'t dare to stop me.

Chu Changge was so speechless that he laughed, looks like he himself as a fiancé is mainly used to scare people only

You did not come here to rescue me Nie Qing asked.

I am here to talk business.

You come to Jin Ling Province was to represent the kingdom to discuss Huifeng Bank’s matter with me, now I\'m right in front of you, you may start.

Nie Qing was deeply hurt, originally he thought Feng Ling was the weirdest woman in the whole kingdom, but now he realized, he was short-sighted, he didn\'t know that there is always someone who is weirder.

Compared to Murong Yun Shu, Feng Ling was way more normal than her!

Normally, wasn\'t it right to rescue him, the imperial envoy first, then only discusses business affairs Her thinking was so different than a normal people!

Nie Qing completely gave up on trying to cotton up with Murong Yun Shu and said: The Majesty has summoned you to the palace and wanted to discuss the matter with you face to face. Since there are nosy people around here, he did not announce the decree but hand over the decree to her instead.

Looks like the kingdom not really willing to accept my condition. Murong Yun Shu leisurely smiled, she pinched the decree in her hand and said: I shall now set out to the capital. Then she turned her face to Feng brothers and said: Lord Feng, Lady Feng, see you next time.

See you next time. Feng Cheng had a little sense of reluctance.

Feng Ling also couldn\'t bear to see Murong Yun Shu leave, Murong Yun Shu was a kind person, people who don’t steal Nie Qing from her are all kind.

Madam had left, naturally as a husband, Chu Changge also shouldn\'t stay any longer.

Chu Changge said: Brother Feng, we\'ll meet again at Shaolin Temple on August of fifteen.

I hope you\'re still alive by then. Every year, the martial arts world tournament is the time where Feng Cheng sets free from Hua Tuo Mountain.


The humidity in the mountain is quite high, the peach forest wasn\'t easy to burn and hence the fire in the peach forest wasn\'t so fierce, but covered with condensed smoke.

Murong Yun Shu used her sleeve to cover up her nose and mouth, followed behind Chu Changge trying to run with strenuous effort.

Murong Yun Shu regretted, if she knew the forest was covered with high condensation of smoke, she would\'ve agreed to someone\'s suggestion—carry her down the mountain, then she won\'t be tearing up her eyes by the smoke right now.

In the end just as he said, even if she doesn\'t marry him, nobody would dare to marry her anyway.

So it really doesn\'t matter that if her innocent, reputation was ruined by him.

Sadly, there isn\'t any regret pill in this world.

Luckily the peach forest wasn\'t so big, they managed to escape the fire sea in no time, Murong Yun Shu able to breathe in fresh air from the mountain once again.

In the quiet path of the mountain, both of them walked one at the front and another at the back, they remained silent.

Chu Changge was leading the road, he sometimes turned back to check whether or not did Murong Yun Shu followed up his steps.

Murong Yun Shu walked at the back then sometimes looked up the sky, sometimes looked down the ground, sometimes looked left and right, as if she felt uneasy.

Being alone with him, Murong Yun Shu felt…….

One word…… Boring.

Suddenly, Murong Yun Shu slipped her steps, she screamed unconsciously looking at herself going to fell on the ground, but unexpectedly she fell into a solid chest.

She still hasn\'t recovered from the shock, staring at that pair of concerning black eyes, her heart was throbbing so fast and her ears started to heat up.

Thank you. She quickly panicked to stand up and pull away some distance with him, but her foot was so pained that she frowned her eyebrows.

You sprained your ankle Chu Changge asked.

She lightly nodded her head and didn\'t know what to do.

Looks like God doesn\'t want to let me go easy. Chu Changge intentionally sighed a long sigh, then he lifted her up like a princess, his face was smiling brightly.

It looks more like God doesn\'t want to let her go easy! Murong Yun Shu sighed lightly, her face looked like nothing had happened, but her heart was perturbed.

This is the first time she was carried by a man, it felt quite mysterious.

Happy A little.

Uneasy A lot.

There\'s a scent of grass fragrance on Chu Changge, as if it\'s the first day of spring where the morning breeze blew along with the scent of freedom, gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind.

Murong Yun Shu was impressed, she thought that people from the underworld shouldn\'t have this kind of peaceful sense.

The wind slightly blew messy on Chu Changge\'s black hair, the root bang right side of his dropped on her face, covered half of her small face.

Murong Yun Shu smoothed away the wisp of hair and used her fingers playing around with his hair.

At least there\'s something for her to do so that she won\'t feel so awkward.

Is it fun to play A laughing voice suddenly sounded on top of Murong Yun Shu\'s head.

Murong Yun Shu\'s finger immediately stunned, she felt so embarrassed that she didn\'t know how to react, after a few seconds she finally realized that she need to retort back: Are you so poor that you can\'t afford to buy a hairpin to tie your hair She wanted to ask him for a very long time, why he never tie up his hair.

Chu Changge smiled devilishly and said: Yes, I couldn\'t afford.

All of my silver taels are deposited in your bank, now it\'s gone in vain.

Murong Yun Shu felt more 囧, she felt a little guilty and said: I don\'t intend to repudiate the debt, the bank is just temporary closed and will start over again soon, Huifeng Bank\'s silver notes will be usable throughout the country as always.

Why did you say it earlier Chu Changge tried to hold his laugh, he acted a look of heartbreaking distressed face: If I knew the silver notes can still be used, then I won\'t be using it to start a fire.

Murong Yun Shu opened her eyes big looking up at him, she couldn\'t believe and asked again: You used silver notes to start a fire

Mmm, the humidity of the peach forest is too condensed, it\'s not easy to burn, and I just happened to have some silver notes with me.

Since the bank has already closed down, keeping the silver notes is useless anyway, so I burnt it all.

…… Why does his tone sounded like \'the day is so boring, let\'s burn some money to play\' ……

It\'s not much actually, approximately could exchange for about ten boxes of gold, you\'ve seen it before.

Murong Yun Shu\'s face was shocked, don\'t tell her that he meant those ten boxes of betrothal gifts the first time he visited You should worry about being a beggar in your next life for burning money.

You meant the beggar sect Prestigious sect won\'t accept me, I confirm I\'m still a Mojiao Sect leader in next life. Chu Changge didn\'t agree with Murong Yun Shu.

Moreover, the bank is opened by Madam, which means the burnt silver notes returned back to Madam, Madam is also mine, it doesn\'t count as waste.

Murong Yun Shu was moved deep in her heart, her mind was still trying to recall his words…… Ten boxes of gold, you\'ve seen it before…… the burnt silver notes returned back to Madam……

In a blink of an eye, Murong Yun Shu completely understood something, he intentionally burnt that silver notes just to gift her those ten boxes of gold.

At that moment, a warm flow spread all over her heart, her heart started to become intense.

Murong Yun Shu bent a soundless smile, this man, even the way he gifts the money was so domineering, she can\'t even reject him— Of course, she won\'t reject either.


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