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The next day, Murong Yunshu lazily opened her eyes and saw that Chu Changge was still asleep.

She suddenly felt so childish that she pinched his nose with one hand and gagged him with the other to see what his reaction would be.


As a result, Murong Yunshu waited and waited for nearly a quarter of an hour, but there was no response from Chu Changge.


Could he….


Murong Yunshu hurriedly let go of her hands and pressed her ear against his chest to listen carefully.






There were heartbeats.


Murong Yunshu breathed a huge sigh of relief.

It was good that his life hadn't been cut off.


"It's not good to try to murder your husband just after two days of being married."


Murong Yunshu's heart skipped a beat at his sudden, lazy voice and subconsciously wanted to ask, 'You woke up a long time ago' But on second thought, he was so perceptive.

Even if he didn't wake up as early as she did, he was bound to wake up when she pinched his nose, so she changed her tone and stated, "That wedding doesn't count."


The moment Chu Changge heard her say that the wedding could not be counted, he immediately became anxious and rolled over as he pinned her down while asking, "Why would it not be counted" He had deliberately planned for her to be carried off in the wedding palanquin.

Now, how could she dismiss him by saying that the wedding could not be counted….


Murong Yunshu didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

With him pressing her like this, wasn't he intending to threaten her How come she didn't know she was in love with a scoundrel......


"No betrothal gifts, no matchmaker, and no eight-carrying palanquin.

Of course, it doesn't count." Murong Yunshu said.


Chu Changge said, "I placed the betrothal gifts a long time ago.

The matchmaker was the Holy Maiden.

As for the eight-carried palanquin......didn't you go in the palanquin at that time"


"First of all, what you sent was a dowry, not betrothal gifts.

Secondly, the Holy Maiden is only half alive now.

If she was the matchmaker, and since you beat up the matchmaker on the wedding day, this is an inauspicious marriage.

And finally, I am talking about you." Murong Yunshu saw that Chu Changge's face did not change as if he did not understand, so she added, "You did not sit in a palanquin.

We agreed at the beginning that you would marry into my family.

Now I haven't paid your betrothal gifts, I haven't hired a matchmaker, and I haven't hired a palanquin.

So this wedding cannot be counted."


The corners of Chu Changge's mouth twitched fiercely several times before he spoke with an expression of not wanting any other wife than her, "It doesn't matter, and I don't mind.

Even if there's no betrothal gifts, no matchmaker, no eight-carrying palanquin, it doesn't matter.

We just do the worship ceremony in the main hall."


"But I mind." Murong Yunshu responded with a smile.

"My Murong Mansion can't be so casual when it comes to celebrations.

Otherwise, if my ancestors in the netherworld knew, they would refuse to be reincarnated."


"......" They didn't know how many generations of her ancestors had they turned.

Although Chu Changge was expecting Murong Yunshu to give him a status soon, at this time, after listening to her words, he also felt that this marriage was not legitimate, not at all in line with his Chu Changge's style of doing things.

"When we return to Jinling, we will have a big ceremony."


Murong Yunshu agreed, "Okay.

Let's make it a big event." The effect must be that the whole world would know and the entire country would celebrate it together.

Otherwise, the ancestors of the Chu family would only blame her for condemning their descendants.


Having received Murong Yunshu's promise, Chu Changge was satisfied as he rolled over and sat up, getting himself dressed.


His action surprised Murong Yunshu, who used to have endless rogues whenever they shared the same bed.

Now that he was already on top of her, how come he was self-conscious again Last night too, surprisingly, he just wrapped his arms around her and slept without doing anything.


This was very much at odds with his unusually 'hard-working' style in a particular matter.


Soon, Murong Yunshu understood why Chu Changge was so honest.

It was because――there was an audience――the Killing Demons were all in the room.

But they kept 'facing the wall and thinking about their mistakes' until Murong Yunshu had finished dressing, and only then did they turn around.


Anyone who saw a good-looking person would look at them more than once, and Murong Yunshu was no exception.

However, she was not admiring their beauty, but she wondered how such handsome looking nine people could be willing to hide in the darkness without seeing the sun.

Usually, good-looking people were somewhat narcissistic, such as Chu Changge.

Not only were they not narcissistic, but there was also even a slight flicker of helplessness in their eyes as if letting them out to meet people was even more painful than killing them.


Murong Yunshu looked at them again before asking Chu Changge, "Are you short of money"


Chu Changge flinched for a moment, then said, "With such a rich woman like you to rely on, how could your husband lack money"


Murong Yunshu asked, "Then why don't you book another room for them" This room might not be small, but squeezing eleven people into it was a bit too much.


"They never live in a house."


"So, where do they usually sleep at night"


"On the trees."


"......" Murong Yunshu suddenly remembered that the four people South, East, North and West were sleeping on the roof.

It seemed that the welfare of the Mojiao Sect members very much needed to be enhanced.

In the Murong Mansion, even a maid of the lowest rank was also given a bed to sleep on.

"It's not good for you to be like this." Murong Yunshu said, "Even a pig still has a pigpen.

There are nine of them.

How can they perform without a shelter on their heads"


Instantly, the corners of the nine men's mouths twitched wildly as they thought to themselves: Madam, if you want to fight for justice, don't compare us to pigs.

You make it sound as if we were treated even worse than pigs.


Chu Changge smiled.

"Pigs have pens, and they have trees.

It's the same thing."


These words 'the same thing' made it sound like they were the same as pigs......the nine people regretted it.

If they had known that the Leader would think of them just like pigs in this world, they would not have asked to be saved or reincarnated.


"Something is not right." Murong Yunshu suddenly looked at the door latch and said, "The latch has been changed."


Chu Changge said, "Not only the door latch, but everything here is different from yesterday's except for the bed."


Murong Yunshu looked strangely at Chu Changge, whose tone did not sound surprised by this change at all.


Receiving Murong Yunshu's questioning gaze, Chu Changge explained, "This is Mister Shi Er's mechanism.

He used the inn as a cover and hid this mechanism inside the inn.

When we stay in, he activates the mechanism where the inn will automatically collapse, while this room is like a copper wall, iron bastion with windows and doors.

It can only be entered but not exit.

Even if I use my martial arts together with the nine of them, we cannot do anything to this room."


Overnight, the guest room had turned into a cage.

What made Murong Yunshu feel even more incredible was that she didn't even notice it at all, whether it was the destruction of the inn or the changes in the room.

"You already knew that there was something wrong with this room" Murong Yunshu asked Chu Changge.


Chu Changge nodded.

"Mister Shi Er never gave me a room without any problem."


"......you already know there's a problem, and you're still staying in it"


"Since he arranged this room especially for me, he has already told me that there is something wrong with this room.

If I don't stay, doesn't it show that I am afraid of him"


"So, you have a way to escape"




"......" Couldn't escape and still want to stay in! Murong Yunshu looked helplessly at Chu Changge.

He would go through hell just for the sake of keeping up appearances.


Chu Changge bitterly laughed as he said, "Isn't there still you, Madam Madam, you even solved the Mountain of Doom mechanism, so this tiny room should not be hard for you."


"......just in case I can't solve the mechanism" Murong Yunshu asked. [ ]


"If we can't escape after a month, Mister Shi Er will open the door and let us out."


Murong Yunshu raised an eyebrow and looked askance at him as she said, "You sound like you have a lot of experience."


"Uh......" He ought to have a very rich experience in this.

He basically got trapped by Mister Shi Er twice a year.


Seeing that Chu Changge did not deny it, Murong Yunshu drew the corner of her mouth in understanding and said, "So you also have a nemesis." No wonder when he first arrived at the inn yesterday, he had respectfully called the other party 'Mister Shi Er'.


Mister Shi Er was originally named Shi Jingtian, the second oldest in his family.

He was good at mechanisms and divination.

He was known in the jianghu world as Shi Er.

Later on, Chu Changge, who wanted to recruit him into the Mojiao Sect, bet with him.

He agreed that if he could break Shi Er's mechanism, Shi Er would join the Mojiao Sect, and if not, Chu Changge would have to respect Shi Er by calling him 'Mister'.

Later on, Chu Changge lost more time, and more people knew about it.

Thus, Mister Shi Er gradually replaced Shi Er as a jianghu nickname for Shi Jingtian, increasing his prestige in the jianghu.


A man whom even the Sect Leader of Mojiao Sect Chu Changge had to respect by calling him 'Mister' was simply a god-like existence in the eyes of the jianghu juniors.


"Madam, if you can expose the truth of his stone house, I will send him to cut wood at Murong Mansion when he joins the Mojiao Sect." Chu Changge offered.


Murong Yunshu said, "Asking him to chop wood is like putting a fine timber to petty use.

There happen to be quite a few houses to be repaired in the backyard of the Murong Mansion, so let him go hack stones."


The nine who had been ignored were secretly glad that they had lost to the Leader in one go.

Otherwise, if they had been dragging their feet until now, in order not to put a fine timber to petty use, perhaps Madam would tell them to sell their smiles.

As a wise man once said, only women and small-minded men were hard to deal with.

It must have been three lives of misfortune for Mister Shi Er to meet a woman and a villain like Madam and the Leader.






Murong Yunshu studied the room for a long time but never found a breakthrough.

This room, which looked ordinary and unexceptional, had a great deal inside.

The first layer of the walls on all sides was like a typical house, which Chu Changge could split into pieces with a single hit of his palm.

However, the second layer was made of crushed stones mixed with yellow sand, and a fist-thick steel bar was inserted every centimetre inside the walls, making it indestructible.

The most incredible thing was that each wall was two or three metres wide.


"When I went upstairs yesterday, there were rooms to the left and right of the next door, where the walls were only eight or nine centimetres thick.

How could they have become so thick overnight" Murong Yunshu muttered in confusion while tapping his hand against the wall, trying to find something different.


Chu Changge was also looking for the mechanism.

While looking around, he said, "This is where Mister Shi Er is so good.

Before it is activated, it is just like a normal house, but once it is activated, it will change so much that you will be caught off guard.

I stayed awake last night, watching for changes when the mechanism was activated, but it was clear that nothing had happened, and yet this place had changed so much."


At these words, Murong Yunshu suddenly stopped her hand, stared and thought for a moment.

Then she asked, "What was the difference in the houses when he let you out before"


Chu Changge said, "There were no changes.

It was just that the door in each room could suddenly be opened."


"Indeed!" Murong Yunshu suddenly enlightened as delight appeared around her eyebrows.


Chu Changge was also overjoyed.

"You've thought of a way to break it"


"Not yet.

But I know where the mechanism is."




"The external floors." Murong Yunshu smiled and looked out the window while saying, "This room doesn't have a mechanism.

The real mechanism is outside the building, a stone house that rose from the ground after Mister Shi Er activated the mechanism.

It fitted intimately into the original one, making us believe that the mechanism was inside the room, which is why we couldn't find anything."


With this one word, it had woken up the dreamer! It finally dawned on Chu Changge.

No wonder he couldn't find the mechanism before! It seemed that the so-called skilled cleverness and miraculousness of Mister Shi Er were merely doing something when one least expected.


Murong Yunshu added, "To find the mechanism, we must first destroy the original house to reveal the stone house.

Am I right, Mister Shi Er" When she said the last sentence, Murong Yunshu deliberately raised her voice a few notches, obviously not for the people inside the room to hear. [ ]


Before Murong Yunshu had hardly finished speaking, Chu Changge and the nine people were startled at the same time.

Mister Shi Er was nearby Why couldn't they feel him [T/N]


"Ha ha ha ha." A burst of laughter came from outside the door.

"Miss Murong is indeed too clever.

Not only was she able to see through my trap in such a short time, but she also guessed that I had not left.

I admire you.

I really admire you."


Murong Yunshu smiled faintly and responded, "Mister is overpraising me.

I was just lucky that I happened to guess it correctly."


"It's also admirable that a person can be lucky all the time." Mister Shi Er said.


Murong Yunshu responded, "From the tone of Mister's voice, he seems to think he is unlucky."


Mister Shi Er laughed again and said, "It isn't because I have a stroke of bad luck.

It is rather I just met someone with better luck than myself."


"Is that so" Murong Yunshu smiled and no longer answered.


Suddenly, the door snapped open, and a hole was revealed in the wall on the east side that Chu Changge had cracked.


Although there was no further movement other than the door being opened, both Murong Yunshu and Chu Changge knew that Mister Shi Er had opened up the mechanism, and the stone house had disappeared.


As soon as the door was opened, the Killing Demons immediately went invisible.

It didn't matter if they had paraded themselves ostentatiously about town as their coachmen.

But at this moment, if they appeared inside the room, with Mister Shi Er's wisdom, he would surely be able to guess their identities.

People who often hid in the shadows to do bad things were not fit to be exposed to outsiders.


Murong Yunshu and Chu Changge looked at each other before walking out of the door together.

As they walked out, the guest room behind them collapsed into ruins.

And Mister Shi Er was standing directly in front of them.


Mister Shi Er knew very well that since Murong Yunshu was able to guess that the mechanism was in the second layer of walls, it was only a matter of time before it would be cracked.

So keeping them locked up any longer would only be a waste of each other's time, so without waiting for them to say anything, Mister Shi Er said, "It is an honour for me to be able to repair the house for Miss Murong."


Murong Yunshu smiled and said leisurely, "It is good that you have such an awareness."


"Call her Madam." Chu Changge frowned as he corrected the way Mister Shi Er called Murong Yunshu.


Mister Shi Er replied, "I will obey whoever broke my mechanism." The implication was since she had broken the mechanism, I would only obey her.


Chu Changge was furious.

It was rare for him to bully others with other people's power, but the other party did not buy it.

Was she allowed to use his power but not him [T/N]


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