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Continued from the previous chapter


Chu Changge was also helpless.

He was surrounded by either freaks or monsters.

So what did that make him


"Since Madam wishes to see you, so show yourselves."Chu Changge instructed.


"We'll follow your orders." Immediately following this neat answer came the nine men with demon faces.


Although Murong Yunshu had long been prepared to see these monsters, she could not help but draw a cold breath when the Killing Demons appeared in front of her.

If she had seen these people in the middle of the night, she would have mistakenly thought that she had gone to hell.

"Their faces......"


"They painted them themselves."




"The nine of them are lonely by nature and afraid of interacting with people.

So whenever they come out to meet people, they paint their demon faces to hide their true appearance." Chu Changge explained.


Murong Yunshu slowly nodded as if she understood, then looked at the nine people in disbelief and asked, "Do you have to draw them like this"


In a moment, the corners of the nine men's mouths twitched up very viciously in unison.

They turned their eyes to the face of a certain handsome, uncommonly beautiful man.

The hidden bitterness in their expression seemed to say: you ask him.


Murong Yunshu also looked at Chu Changge with a smiling face, curious as to how he would answer.


"Er......the matter......is a long story.

It's getting late, Madam.

Let's hurry up and leave this hellhole." Chu Changge looked left and right as he talked about other things.


"It doesn't matter.

I am the one who has the most time besides silver.

So you can take your time." Murong Yunshu smiled.


Why did this sentence sound like she was a nouveau riche Nine people sighed in their hearts.

There were so many wealth-haters in the Daye Dynasty.

How on earth did she survive until now...


Chu Changge stared and pondered for a moment, then said to the Killing Demons, "Madam doesn't like this disgraceful appearance of yours, so change to a prettier face next time you come out."


The nine people secretly ground their teeth and said to themselves, 'Next time, if we change into our pretty faces and hang in front of Madam, you should not kill us!'


Murong Yunshu knew that Chu Changge didn't want to answer her question, so she should stop asking.

If he didn't want to, someone else would.

Murong Yunshu took another look at the nine people, then turned the conversation around by asking, "Where are we going now"


Chu Changge answered, "Kunlun Mountain."


"How do we get there" Now they had no means of transportation except their two legs.

The nearest town was at least 40 or 50 kilometres away.


"I thought you would first ask me what I am going to do in Kunlun Mountain." Chu Changge said.


Murong Yunshu smiled and said, "I will go with you wherever you go.

Why should I ask why"


Hearing this, Chu Changge was overjoyed and cheerfully said, "I didn't expect Madam to understand the concept of the husband sings, and the wife follows so quickly."


Murong Yunshu just smiled and did not respond while walking forward slowly, shoulder to shoulder with him.


Just after a few steps, a sweet voice like Oriole suddenly came from behind――"Chu Changge, you can't keep on abandoning me all the time!"


It was the voice of the Heavenly Maiden.


When Chu Changge heard this, he didn't even turn his head, nor did his steps slow down.

Instead, he clasped Murong Yunshu's fingers and said impatiently, "Don't remind this Chu again and again that I still have a score to settle with you." Today, he didn't want to kill anyone.


"What score When did I offend you" The Heavenly Maiden was puzzled.


Chu Changge didn't want to waste his breath with her, but after a bit of consideration, he finally decided to ask for clarification.

After all, he was now a married man.

He couldn't let unrelated people ruin his honour, hurt the feelings of their husband and wife and affect their sexual life…


As he thought of their sexual life, a smile could not help but appear on Chu Changge's face.

His eyes flickered over Murong Yunshu's face before he cast a glance at the Heavenly Maiden behind him and asked, "That portrait, how did you paint it"


When the Heavenly Maiden saw a smile on Chu Changge's face, her heart burst with joy, she knew that no man could be indifferent when she threw herself at him.

Chu Changge was no exception.

"What painting" The Heavenly Maiden smiled coquettishly.

Her beautiful eyes stared straight at Chu Changge as if she wanted to hook his soul away. [ ]


Chu Changge turned a blind eye to her seduction and said coldly, "That painting that the Twelve Heavenly Fiends got from you just to find me in the Central Plains."


"You're talking about the picture of the beautiful man in the bath!" The Heavenly Maiden suddenly realised.

She covered her smiling mouth as she swooshed toward him.

Then, a pair of slender hands climbed up Chu Changge's neck like a snake, with a couple of impressive, soft and white breasts boldly rubbed against Chu Changge's body as she spoke tenderly, "That was the situation that this handmaiden dreamed of at night.

Ever since this handmaiden met you two years ago in the Central Plains, this handmaiden has been thinking about you, day and night, and one night this handmaiden......"


Before the Heavenly Maiden could finish her words, Chu Changge interrupted, "This Chu's head is not something you can just put casually."


The Heavenly Maiden's face suddenly changed, "What do you mean by that"


"Don't put my head on another man to show that you have seen a great deal of life and have fought a hundred battles.

Besides," Chu Changge said after a pause, his face expressionless, "if you don't have your arm, you won't be able to have a pair of jade arms for a thousand people to rest on, so it's better to keep it close and not put it where it shouldn't be."


His words were like scolding the locust while pointing at the mulberry and full of sarcasm.

Still, the Heavenly Maiden was not offended at all.

On the contrary, she took Chu Changge's words as flirting, and her hand tightened around him.

Then, her eyes went over Chu Changge's shoulder to Murong Yunshu, saying provocatively, "Why don't you turn around and see what we're doing"


Chu Changge frowned, not wanting to be seen by Murong Yunshu in this scene, yet he did not push the Heavenly Maiden away.


The Heavenly Maiden wished very much that Murong Yunshu would turn back, hoping that she would see that Chu Changge had fallen under her skirt.

But, unfortunately, Murong Yunshu did not turn back and only said indifferently, "This kind of drama, I have long since grown tired of watching it."


The Heavenly Maiden laughed triumphantly, "You are afraid to turn back!"


"Yes, I'm afraid." Murong Yunshu said, "I'm afraid I'll violate the prohibition against taking a life in my moment of inattentiveness."


The Heavenly Maiden laughed loudly at her words, "You’re not a monk.

What kind of prohibition against taking a life will you violate......" Then, suddenly, the laughter stopped abruptly, and the Heavenly Maiden sneered, "You want to kill me by yourself"


Murong Yunshu answered, "Of course I can't kill you, but I can't think of anything else that could happen to you besides death."


"Ha ha ha ha......" The Heavenly Maiden threw her head back and laughed, which sounded ghastly but pleasant.

After laughing for a long while, she stopped, and her expression turned cold and frosty as she said indifferently and disdainfully, "You are talking about yourself! You dare to compete with me for a man.

Are you tired of living"


Foxy Smile

Image Credit | Vawie-Art via DevianArt

Murong Yunshu curled her lips into a smile, but it did not reach her eyes, her typical foxy smile.

She slowly turned around, with her phoenix eyes twinkling.

"It seems that not only do you not want your arm; you don't want your tongue either."


As soon as Murong Yunshu's words came out of her mouth, it was already too late for the Heavenly Maiden to flare up.

Instead, she only felt a great pain in the shoulder blades and then the pain of her flesh being ripped apart.


"Ah――my arms――my arms――" With this hysterical cry, the Heavenly Maiden staggered a few times and fell on the ground.

Her beautiful face twisted hideously.

"Chu Changge......you......are so cruel......ah......" With another scream, the Heavenly Maiden began to spit out blood in great gulps.

She spat and hissed simultaneously, but she could only make an 'ah ah' sound and could no longer speak.

She struggled on the ground for a moment more before she passed out. [T/N]


Seeing that the Heavenly Maiden was no longer a threat, Murong Yunshu hurriedly asked Chu Changge, "Are you alright" Worry was written all over her face.


"I'm fine." Chu Changge held her hand and explained, "She had Enchantment Fragrant from Snowy Region hidden on her body.

As soon as she approached me, I was poisoned by the Enchantment Fragrant, and it instantly drained my strength from my body.

So I couldn't use my strength." That was why I did not push her away and could only let her take advantage of me.

Chu Changge did not say the latter sentence because he did not want to tell her such a stifling truth himself.


Murong Yunshu smiled gently at him and said, "I know." Although she did not know earlier that he was poisoned, she had more or less guessed it.

But, given his personality, if he couldn’t help himself, how would he let another woman get close to him If he hadn't been poisoned, not to mention hooking up with him, ordinary women would have been scared off by the big word 'get away' on his face if they stood a little closer to him.

So they wouldn't have dared to make a move on him.


The Heavenly Maiden was so arrogant because she was sure that just by using the poison of Enchantment Fragrant, Chu Changge would be unable to stop her.

But she had overlooked the fact that Chu Changge was accompanied by nine other on earth versions of King Yanluo.


With the Killing Demons of 9 Provinces around, how could she act so arrogant


"What is needed to cure the poison of the Enchantment Fragrant of the Snowy Region" Murong Yunshu asked.


"Time." Chu Changge said, "The Enchantment Fragrant from the Snowy Region is not a powerful poison.

One could even say that it is not poisonous.

It only paralyses one's nerves and makes one lose resistance for a short period.

It does not cause much damage to the body.

Depending on the amount, the effect of the medicine varies.

Just now, I did not come into direct contact with it; I only smelled it.

So the effect of the medicine should not be long.

I guess it will wear off in an hour or two."


Murong Yunshu suggested, "Let's find a place to rest first, and then move on after you recover your strength."


Chu Changge curled his eyes and smiled, "It is still Madam who treats me well."


"I was afraid that you might lose your strength and drag everyone down with you." Murong Yunshu said nonchalantly. [ ]


"......" Chu Changge was silent for a while, then suddenly said, "Nine of them don't count."


"Don't count for what"


"People." Chu Changge's answer was brief and concise.


"......I didn't count them as people either."


Chu Changge raised an eyebrow, "When you said that I would be dragging 'everyone' into this, didn't you include them as well They're the only ones here beside you and me."


The corners of Murong Yunshu's mouth twitched as she responded, "Slip of the tongue."


The nine of them felt awed with excitement when they received favour from Murong Yunshu as they were included in the 'everyone' category.

However, when they now heard the word 'slip of the tongue', they had the heart to turn this happy event into a funeral.

She was clearly a dignified and quiet lady, but how could she be so unethical in her words Was it the opposite of 'a woman's virtue was to have no talent' She was naturally intelligent, and therefore she was born with a lack of virtue [T/N]


The forefathers of the Mojiao Sect must have committed such a big sin for Leader to marry a wife like Madam!


The nine of them were feeling a lot of emotions when they suddenly heard Murong Yunshu say, "There are no outsiders here, so you should stop dodging east and west to save yourselves the trouble."


Dodging east and west! They called this excellent martial arts skill! The nine men did not know whether to laugh or cry and obediently showed themselves.


Murong Yunshu was supporting Chu Changge when the nine of them reappeared.

She raised her eyes and took a glance.

Fortunately, she only took a peek.

However, even with this one glimpse, she already couldn't help losing her mind.


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