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"Hahahahaha......" The agonising laughter rose again.

The black-clad, white-capped man’s laugh got louder over time, causing the hair all over the listeners’ bodies to stand up.


Murong Yunshu frowned.

She genuinely hated the man's laugh as it sounded harsh to her ears.


Suddenly, Murong Yunshu felt Chu Changge pried open her right hand and traced something in her palm with his finger.

She immediately quieted her mind and felt his stroke.


Ready to spur the horse.

Chu Changge wrote down these words.


Murong Yunshu's phoenix eyes slightly moved as she patted his hand twice to show that she understood.


While they communicated secretly, the Ten Ghosts of Jiangdu had set up their positions and surrounded them.

They kept on turning, and their facial makeup never stopped changing, which made the onlooker become dazzled.

The laughter of the black-clad, white-capped man never ceased.

Murong Yunshu took a deep breath and tried not to let them affect her.

She always paid attention to Chu Changge’s movements.


Chu Changge, on the other hand, looked coldly at the ghosts’ formation in front of him and listened intently to the voices in his ears.

When the enemies did not move, he would also be motionless.


Although the Ten Ghosts of Jiangdu appeared to be only nine, there were, in fact, ten of them.

Another one more could be hiding behind any of them.

If one rashly attacked, without being sure where the tenth person was, one was bound to lose.


It was not the first time Chu Changge had fought the Ten Ghosts of Jiangdu head-on, but it was the first time he had been trapped in a ghost formation while being seriously injured and with another person with him.

If he was alone right now and even when he had half of his internal strength left, he could still escape from the ghost formation with his superior qinggong.

But now there was another person with him.

If he were not careful, she would become the target of the Tenth Ghost's attack, or perhaps the Tenth Ghost had already targeted her and was only waiting for him to start attacking once he was in disarray.

Therefore, Chu Changge did not dare to make any rash moves.


The laughter of the black-clad, white-capped man gradually lessened.


When the laughter diminished to a certain point, Chu Changge suddenly bellowed, "Dragon roars to the nine heavens!"


Before the Ten Ghosts of Jiangdu realised what was happening, they found ten green dragons roaring in unison from different directions, directly approaching each of their faces.

Two of them were attacking the man on the right of the black-clad, white-capped man at the same time.


At the same time as Chu Changge shouted, Murong Yunshu used all her strength to shout out 'go', only to see the black horse, as if it already prepared to run for its life, let out a long whistle and ran wildly forward.


Murong Yunshu didn't know what was happening behind her and persistently shouted 'go, go, go' for fear that the horse would slow down if she stopped screaming.


She didn't know how long it had taken when a heavy thing suddenly fell on her shoulder, turning the person behind her from being her dependent to a burden.

Murong Yunshu immediately called out, "Chu Changge, Chu Changge......"


"I'm fine.

I'm just tired." Chu Changge's voice was weak, but it had a significant effect on Murong Yunshu.


Hearing his response, Murong Yunshu immediately breathed out a sigh of relief.

It was good that he was still alive. [ ]


On the other hand, nine out of the Ten Ghosts of Jiangdu managed to avoid the Qinglong Sword Qi, while the tenth, who hid behind his companion, did not.

He had wound half a centimetre below his heart, which was above the artery.


"Old Tenth!" The nine ghosts gathered around the bleeding Tenth Ghost, clenching their fists.

They wished they could tear Chu Changge’s body into thousands of pieces.


In their hearts, the nine ghosts knew very well that even if there were only nine of them, they could still take Chu Changge's head, given his current condition.

But they also knew that if they did not immediately heal the Tenth Ghost, the Ten Ghosts of Jiangdu would become Nine Ghosts from now on.


The man in black and white hat gritted his teeth, "He knew that Old Tenth was the weakest in martial arts, so he used false moves against nine of us while using all his attacks on Old Tenth."


"But with Chu Changge's strength, if he is bent on dealing with the Old Tenth alone, there is absolutely no way for the Old Tenth to survive.

So why......"


"That's how brilliant he is." The black-clad, white-capped man looked in the direction of the two persons who had fled on a horse and said, "He could have taken Old Ten's life in one move, but he deliberately missed and struck below Old Tenth's heart, leaving Old Tenth half alive.

He knew very well that killing Old Tenth would make us chase after him, while seriously injuring Old Tenth would slow us down."


No matter how bad people were, they would also emphasise comradeship.


Chu Changge was sure that they would not leave Old Tenth to die, so he dared to do so.


What a cunning fox! No wonder he had survived to this day despite his numerous enemies.


The black-clad, white-capped man grunted reluctantly and hurriedly summoned the rest of the men to heal the Tenth Ghost's wound.






Just like when the roof house was already leaking and met with rain on the same night, the broken ship met with the headwind.


Murong Yunshu and Chu Changge’s black horse ran wild until they were out of the mountain of swords and met with a sea of fire.


Accompanied by the horse’s sharp whine, Murong Yunshu suddenly felt her body suspended in midair as she was flung several metres from her seat.

"Chu Changge!" Not caring about the bruises on her body, she tried frantically to get to Chu Changge's side and helped him up.

"Chu Changge, how are you"


Chu Changge wrapped his hand around hers and smiled, "I'm fine." The journey was bumpy, but it did not affect his ability to use his energy to regulate his breathing.

Even though he had very little internal energy left, it was not an easy task for others to take his life.


Although Murong Yunshu knew full well that Chu Changge couldn’t be alright, this 'I'm fine' from him made her feel much more at ease.

She smiled back at him, then looked coldly at the new visitor with tightly pursed lips.

She did not care to waste her words with such a despicable person.


"Yunshu, don't be tempted by Chu Changge anymore and come to my side.

I promise you won't be hurt at all." Fang Hongfei reached out to Murong Yunshu with a sincere expression.


Murong Yunshu sneered, "Leader Fang is indeed sick."


Fang Hongfei was slightly enraged, "Murong Yunshu, don't refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit!"


Murong Yunshu still had an indifferent expression as she held tightly to Chu Changge's hand and no longer speaking.


Fang Hongfei couldn't stand her cold and contemptuous look.

She was the one who was clearly in a disadvantageous position, yet she still looked like she was looking down on him from above.

As if no matter how strong he was, in her eyes, he was just a contemptible scoundrel who better kept under the table.

"Alright! I'll kill Chu Changge first, and let see if you’re willing or not to beg for mercy!" Fang Hongfei said furiously.


Murong Yunshu coldly said, "If you had a little bit of brain, you would not have said such shameful things."


Fang Hongfei was so angry that he gritted his teeth.

"It seems that you're not going to shed your tears until you see the coffin!" At the end of his speech, he made a sign to the people behind him, "Separate them!"


The night was so dark that it was not until the man came forward that Murong Yunshu could see his face.

Then she smiled lightly and greeted, "Brother Wang, I haven't seen you for a long time.

Have you been living well"


"Thanks to you, I'm living......" Before Wang Chao continued his words, his expression changed, and he said, "It's not like we're on good terms.

What are you greeting me for!" He was quick to respond to her greeting that she almost took him over.


Murong Yunshu said, "At least you're a human being." She didn't even bother to exchange pleasantries with things that weren't even human.


At least he was a human being Wang Chao was stunned for a moment, then it dawned on him, and he laughed maniacally, "That's right, that's right.

At least I'm a human being!"


Fang Hongfei also understood the meaning of Murong Yunshu's words, and instantly his face turned blue as he scolded Wang Chao, "That's enough! Don't forget your mission!"


Wang Chao abruptly stopped laughing and countered with a cold voice, "Don't forget your identity." Fang Hongfei was just one of His Highness' dogs.

How dare he shout at him!


"You――" Fang Hongfei clenched his right hand into a fist and was about to strike a blow at Wang Chao to teach him a lesson when he felt another force appear on his right.

It was Zhang Yu.

Fang Hongfei immediately let go of his hand.

Now was not the time for a fight to happen inside the nest.

After he finished cleaning Chu Changge up, he would then deal with these two disobedient dogs! "You can take Murong Yunshu away and leave Chu Changge behind." Fang Hongfei said in a deep voice.[ ]


Wang Chao glanced at Zhang Yu, and seeing that he had no opinion on this, he nodded his head and agreed, "Okay." The person whom His Highness wanted was Murong Yunshu.

As for Chu Changge, having fallen into Fang Hongfei's hands, it was only a matter of time before he died.

So there was no need for them to bother.


"Wang Chao, Zhang Yu, if you're not afraid of being banished by King Liang Jr, you can take me with you." Murong Yunshu looked at both of them calmly.


Wang Chao laughed out loud.

"If we bring you back, His Highness will not wait to reward us enough, so why would he banish us"


Zhang Yu's expression, however, froze for a few moments as he heard Murong Yunshu's words.

His Highness was deeply in love with her.

Not to mention, with her wisdom, once she entered Liang Wang Residence, it would be as easy as turning her hand over when she dealt with the two of them.


Murong Yunshu chuckled.

''You might as well wait and see if I am just talking big or not.

As long as you want to see, I, Murong Yunshu, promise that I won't let you down.

For the sake of our acquaintance, I'll give you a choice, either death by a thousand cuts, being torn apart by five horses, or having your body torn to thousands of pieces.

Whatever way you want to die, say so in advance, and I promise to fulfil your last wish."


"You, you......" Wang Chao's face showed his horror while pointing with vaguely trembling fingers as he shouted in his heart――this woman is also a demon!


On the other hand, Zhang Yu said expressionlessly, "We have no regrets even if we have to die as long as we can help His Highness accomplish his great cause."


"Is that so" Murong Yunshu raised her dark eyebrows and looked at Fang Hongfei, asking, "What about you Are you also willing to sew somebody else trousseau"


Fang Hongfei showed hesitation and pondered, ‘What she said is right.

King Liang Jr has a special fondness for her.

Once she enters Liang Wang Residence and drives a wedge between King Liang Jr and me, His Highness will surely deal with me in the future.

By then, it will indeed be me who had been sewing His Highness' trousseau.

However, if she is not handed over to King Liang Jr, how can I make a good case for myself


Seeing the change in Fang Hongfei's expression, Murong Yunshu coldly pursed her lips and then added, "Kill Dynasty and Zhang Yu, then no matter what you do to Chu Changge and me, King Liang Jr will not know.

After losing his right and left arms, His Highness will rely on you even more."


All three of them were shocked by this remark from her!


What a cunning woman! She did not even bat an eyelid while driving wedges between them.


Fang Hongfei asked, "Why are you doing this If you go to Liang Wang Residence, you can still have your life.

But if you stay, neither you nor Chu Changge will stay alive."


Murong Yunshu sneered and said nothing.

How could people like him know that when an incomplete life was made complete by another person, continuing to live alone without that person was a kind of purgatory that was crueller than death itself


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