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It was as if the manor Old Master had aged ten years in an instant as he was unable to accept such a cruel truth.

He stared dumbly at his daughter, whose face was ashen, and took a long time to slow down from his mourning and asked calmly, "Are you Chu Changge, the Mojiao Sect's leader" His voice was no longer as strong as before, and he seemed very old.


Chu Changge raised his eyebrows.



The manor Old Master said, "You don't look as cold-hearted as the rumours said."


"Is that so" Chu Changge's thin lips were slightly hooked, with a smile that was not a smile, making it impossible to tell whether his 'is that so' was out of happiness or displeasure.


"Thank you, Leader Chu, for saving her from danger." The manor Old Master continued with an expressionless face, "This Old Man will return this favour."


Chu Changge responded, "Don't worry, I will definitely let you pay back this favour." His tone was full of meaning.


At this moment, Fang Hongfei, who had been sitting steadily on a high platform, stood up and said righteously, "Good and evil are on the two sides of a coin.

Feiyang Mountain Villa is a well-known martial arts school.

How can it owe a favour with the Mojiao Sect......"


Before he could finish his sentence, there was a great deal of noise filled with righteous indignation off the stage.


The manor Old Master's face went white as he was in a dilemma.


Zhao Da hugged Li Xiaoru tightly and sneered, "This has nothing to do with Feiyang Mountain Villa.

I have been with Xiaoru for a long time, and we even promised to live and die together.

She is my wife.

Since Chu Changge saved her life, his kindness will be counted on this Zhao Da's head."


Hearing his words, the manor Old Master regretted in his heart.

Had he known that Zhao Da was so affectionate and righteous, he would not have opposed them being together in the first place.

If he had not objected, there would not have been such a thing as a marriage match, Ru-er would not have injured, and Chu Changge, the honourable god of plague, would not have come uninvited......


Alas! This was a wrong decision made in a moment of weakness!


The manor Old Master sighed heavily and shook his head, "Since the matter has come to this, what does Leader Fang think should be done"


Fang Hongfei sauntered to the centre of the stage and bitterly said, "Kill this man!"


The whole room gasped at these words! Chu Changge was neither deaf nor dumb, and he had sharp ears and keen eyes.

To say such words in front of him, wasn't it just asking for death


The crowd couldn't help but hold in their palm a handful of perspiration for Fang Hongfei.


The manor Old Master's face was slack as he strongly objected, "No! He is my daughter's life-saving benefactor, and my Feiyang Mountain Villa has never repaid kindness with hatred!"


"I'm afraid the manor Old Master doesn't have the guts to make an enemy of the Mojiao Sect." Fang Hongfei sneered.


Zhuang Zi's face suddenly turned livid, and he was about to refute it when Zhao Da beat him to it by saying, "Be polite with your words! Feiyang Mountain Villa is not something you can insult!"


A hint of hostility flashed in Fang Hongfei's eyes, "Is this the tone you use when you speak to this Great Leader of Martial Arts"


"Bah!" Zhao Da had a disdainful look on his face, "Who doesn't know that Chu Changge has conceded the position as Great Master! Although Chu Changge is a cold-blooded and ruthless devil, he is hundreds of times better than a hypocrite like you! He (Fang Hongfei) keeps on claiming that good and evil can't mix, yet he secretly practices such evil martial arts as the Cosmic Absorbing Power Technique, which makes me sick to my stomach!"


In an instant, Fang Hongfei's raging eyes suddenly turned murderous as his eyeballs began to turn red.


"The Cosmic Absorbing Power Technique is not a martial art of the devils." Chu Changge said leisurely, "We have never bothered to practice that kind of martial art."


He suddenly poured a pail of oil into the fire.


Fang Hongfei clenched his fists and gritted his teeth, "You dare to disrespect this Great Master!" With those words, he shaped the five fingers of his right hand into an eagle claw and quickly shot towards Zhao Da.


Zhao Da didn't expect Fang Hongfei's palm would suddenly come, and he couldn't escape it.

Seeing that his palm was about to hit him, suddenly, a strong wind roared from the left, and then Fang Hongfei was repelled three steps back.

At the same time, the rescuer――the manor Old Master――was struck five meters away by the wind of Fang Hongfei's palm before the old man stabilised himself while looking deathly pale.


"Master!" Li San screamed with terror while holding the manor Old Master who was on the verge of collapse.


"I'm fine......" The manor Old Master spat out a mouthful of blood while uttering the word 'fine'.


"Master!" The rest of the disciples also gathered around him.


"It's alright." The manor Old Master raised his hand and motioned for his disciples to be calm.

Fang Hongfei's strength was not what it used to be.

Even if they went at him together, they were no match for him.


Although Fang Hongfei's internal strength was profound, his qi veins couldn't accept the new absorb power.

Thus they conflicted with each other, plus his Yin qi had become extremely heavy.

It seemed that what Zhao Da had said was true.

Fang Hongfei had indeed practised the Cosmic Absorbing Power Technique.


The manor Old Master looked up at Fang Hongfei and Chu Changge.

He suddenly couldn't tell who was right and who was evil.


Chu Changge was a great devil, yet he saved Xiaoru.

Fang Hongfei was the Great Leader of the Martial Arts, yet he was insidious.


If those who saved people were evil and those who killed others were considered right, what could be said as right and wrong in this world


But Chu Changge was devilish heresy.

He was full of wickedness, and even the aura of the saviour couldn't suppress his natural, wild arrogance.

Whichever way one looked, he didn't seem like a gentleman at all…


"How dare the manor Old Master make a move against this Great Leader for the sake of someone from the Mojiao Sect! Does he also want to follow the example of the Mojiao Sect by seeing no one in his eyes" Fang Hongfei shouted sternly.


The manor Old Master answered in a cold voice, "I only know that my daughter has recovered half her life because of Zhao Da.

Her benefactor is in danger, so how can I stand by and watch Besides, I have already decided to marry my daughter off to him, so he is now the Guye of my Feiyang Mountain Villa and cannot be insulted by outsiders."


As soon as Zhao Da heard that the manor Old Master had promised to marry off Xiaoru to him, he was immediately ecstatic, "Manor Master......you......won't break your word, right"


The manor Old Master grunted and asked, "What did you call me"


"Huh Oh! Father-in-law, father-in-law......" Zhao Da almost cried with joy and turned to Chu Changge, "Now that Xiaoru is my wife, she can be considered from the Mojiao Sect.

Please save her." Seeing that Chu Changge did not respond, Zhao Da said anxiously, "As long as you are willing to save Xiaoru, I, Zhao Da, will work like a cow and a horse in my next life to repay your great kindness......"


"There's no need to wait until the next life." Chu Changge interrupted Zhao Da indifferently and continued, "You will work like a cow and a horse for me in this life."


Zhao Da nodded his head like how a pestle pounded the garlic, "Yes, yes, yes, whatever it takes to save Xiaoru!"


At this moment, Murong Yunshu, who had been standing off the stage while quietly watching the situation, spoke up, "He said you were a cold-blooded and heartless great devil, and you still want to save his wife" These words were addressed to Chu Changge.[ ]


Zhao Da, however, turned pale with fear at these words as he numbly looked at Murong Yunshu.

He was struck by five claps of thunder.

So this was what it felt like......


Chu Changge hooked his lips into a smile.

"Madam's words make sense."


"Leader Chu......" The manor Old Master spoke hesitantly, "Please save my daughter." If Xiaoru became a living corpse forever, he, as her father, did not have to live anymore.


"I better not." Chu Changge smilingly said, "I see that you are not too willing to be in the company of a great devil like me."


The manor Old Master lowered his head and struggled for a moment before saying, "It is this Old Man......who has lost his tongue."


Chu Changge pondered for a few seconds, and then he simply and decisively threw out these words, "Not going to rescue."


"Leader Chu......" the manor Old Master and Zhao Da spoke together.


Chu Changge turned a deaf ear as he looked at the left and right scenery and asked, "Do you mind if I stayed here with my wife for a few days"


The manor Old Master was stunned, then he hurriedly nodded his head, "I don't mind, of course, I don't mind."


"Very well." Chu Changge leapt down and landed in front of Murong Yunshu, saying, "Come, I'll show you around."


Murong Yunshu chuckled lightly.

His tone implied this place as if it was his own home…


After taking two steps, Chu Changge suddenly stopped and turned back to Fang Hongfei.

He said, "I can't break your star-absorbing technique yet, and you can't hurt me in the slightest.

So I suggest you don't hang around in front of my eyes for the time being until you have perfected your martial arts, lest one day I'll be in a bad mood and use the people of your Mingjian Mountain Villa as my sword practice."


Fang Hongfei was so angry that his face turned black as carbon, but he could not refute it.

Chu Changge was right; he couldn't make any rash move just yet.


Hmph! If it weren't for the people of Feiyang Mountain Villa changing their side, how could Chu Changge still be so arrogant!


The sudden change in the attitude of the manor Old Master had taken Fang Hongfei by surprise.

He initially thought that someone as stubborn as the manor Old Master would never remove his prejudice against a person in a moment and that today's siege was a sure thing.

The only thing he did not expect was that Li Xiaoru would be injured, and it just so happened that only Chu Changge's Cold-ice True Qi could save her.






With the important figures retiring one by one, the grand marriage tournament of martial arts was laid to rest.


Although the people who had come from afar wanted to stay and watch the subsequent developments, they dared not take half a step further into the Feiyang Mountain Villa once they thought a great devil was living there.

It was just as well to go down to the mountain and stay at the inn while sitting back and waiting for an excellent show.


At the same time, Chu Changge was walking hand in hand with Murong Yunshu to enjoy the scenery.

The scenery of Feiyang Mountain Villa was pretty good, with garden-style design, supplemented by natural hills and small mountains, bluestone trails and winding paths, and willows on the lakeside swaying in the wind, which was beautiful.


"How can we break the Cosmic Absorbing Power Technique" Murong Yunshu suddenly looked sideways at the silent lake and asked.


Chu Changge was stunned, then smiled, "You don't have to worry about this.

I will think of a way."


"I know you will think of a way." Murong Yunshu sighed and stated, "It's just that, as long as Fang Hongfei doesn't die, I will have the illusion of being haunted by evil spirits.

That person is simply more pestering than a ghost, jumping out now and then to cause trouble.

It's really annoying." She really couldn't understand how a despicable person like Fang Hongfei could still hold on to the Great Leader of Martial Arts position.

Was it possible that Wudang and Shaolin had declined to the point where they only know how to meditate and recite sutras


"Such a great beauty.

What's the point of sighing Be careful, or your sigh will turn to wrinkles." Chu Changge tenderly reached out and smoothed Murong Yunshu's brow.[ ]


Murong Yunshu smiled happily and snuggled into Chu Changge's arms.

She looked at the white clouds in the sky and whispered, "Jianghu is more complicated than the Imperial Court."


Chu Changge's heart shook that he asked nervously, "Tired of it"


"No." Murong Yunshu shook her head.


Fortunately, there was no such thing.

Chu Changge breathed a sigh of relief, but only halfway through his sigh, his heartstrings suddenly became tense again.

What if one day, she had enough of all the fighting and killing and was tired of the strife in the jianghu What would he do The jianghu was his home.

In this life, he had his ups and downs in the jianghu.


But without her by his side, what was the point of him having his ups and downs in there


As he was thinking about it, he heard the person in his arms whisper to herself, "That's your world, how could I ever get tired of it......"


In an instant, a warm current surged out from the bottom of his heart.

Chu Changge hung his head over her shoulder and smiled lightly, "Actually, you want to say that you won't get tired of me, right" His tone sounded smug.


Murong Yunshu shook her head in amusement.

Sure enough, this person did not know what being low-keyed was......


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