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Continued from the previous chapter


Murong Yunshu hesitated for a moment.

She pondered for a long time and then calmly said, "Pick another person to marry."


"......" Her words struck Chu Changge deeply that he gritted his teeth, "I will kill anyone who dares to marry you!"


"Uh-huh, that's what I thought too." Murong Yunshu slightly hooked the corner of her mouth as she looked at the stage.

Her tone was like the clouds were pale, and a light breeze was blowing.


"Uh......" Chu Changge was at a loss for words, not knowing how to take it on for a moment.


Murong Yunshu added, "When the time comes, to avoid other living souls being in mud and charcoal, even if you don't want to get married, my father will still force me to marry you."


"......what Madam said is very true." Chu Changge was very much defeated, exceptionally so.


At the same time, because of Zhao Da's sudden appearance, the audience went ballistic.


"Feiyang Mountain Villa is holding a competition for its young lady's hand in marriage, so what is the Kunlun Sect doing here"



Feiyang Mountain Villa and the Kunlun Sect have always been at odds with each other.

Isn't this a deliberate attempt to pick a fight......"


"Look at the manor Old Master's face, you guys.

It's all green with anger.

This scene is going to be a good show."







On the stage, the manor Old Master asked with a sullen face, "Does Sir have an invitation"


Before he went on stage, Zhao Da had a lot of concerns, but after he stood on it, he no longer cared about anything else since he was going to steal a person anyway and spat out these words, "I don't." Keeping it short, and if he threw these words on the floor, they would make a sound.


The manor Old Master said, "If you don't have one, then please step down and watch the battle.

When this Old Man has chosen a good son-in-law for his daughter, you, sir, can come back for the wedding feast."


"Father――" Li Xiaoru pouted, unwilling to see her father make things difficult for her beloved.


"None of your business!" The manor Old Master gave Li Xiaoru an unhappy look, then he said in a deep voice, "Third Child, invite the guest off the stage."


"Yes, Master.

But......" Li San hesitated to open his mouth, glanced at the audience before leaning over and spoke in the manor Old Master's ear.


In an instant, the manor Old Master's face turned from full of anger to full of shock.

However, in the end, he was the head of a manor.

The shock on his face only lasted for half a second before he regained his composure.

His face no longer had the previous shock and anger, but the fire in his eyes became even more intense.

At this moment, the manor Old Master really wanted to slap Zhao Da to death.

But he couldn't, because behind Zhao Da was not the Kunlun Sect, which was equal in strength to Feiyang Mountain Villa, but the Mojiao Sect.


As far as the manor Old Master knew, Chu Changge, the master of the Mojiao Sect, was not an unreasonable person.

As long as you did not mess with him and he did not find you unpleasant to his eyes, there would be no problem.

Therefore, Feiyang Mountain Villa had never gotten involved with the Mojiao Sect in any way.

Not only that, but the manor Old Master also cautioned his disciples to automatically take a detour when they encountered people from the Mojiao Sect.

He never thought that even with such avoidance, it would eventually......


Alas! The manor Old Master let out a long sigh in his heart.

Desolation had replaced the anger in his eyes.

Since the Mojiao Sect stood behind Zhao Da's and he did not want the words 'Feiyang Mountain Villa' become an overnight taboo like the Tang Sect, he would have to marry off Ru-er to Zhao Da......but as a result, Feiyang Mountain Villa was bound to bear the crime of colluding with the Mojiao Sect.

So how was this any different than being destroyed


A soldier could be killed but not be humiliated.

Hence Feiyang Mountain Villa must not succumb to the obscene power of the Mojiao Sect.

It must not......


"Zhao Da." The manor Old Master spoke with a heavy heart, and his eyes shone tragically and heroically as he looked upon death as going home, "Today is a good day for my daughter to choose her husband.

This Old Man doesn't want to make any more trouble than necessary, so you should leave quickly.

Otherwise, don't blame this Old Man for being impolite!"


"I won't go down." Zhao Dayi looked stubborn.

"Unless someone beats me in this stage."


Seeing her beloved being so determined, Li Xiaoru was so excited that she almost cried out, I will never marry anyone else if I cannot marry him.


"This old man will help you!" The manor Old Master slapped the table and stood up as he flew into a rage.

He leapt to the centre of the stage with his hands behind his back.

He coldly said, "This Old Man wants to see what skill you have to run wild in Feiyang Mountain Villa!"


Zhao Da was slightly shocked.

He knew that the manor Old Master was a stubborn person, but he did not expect that he would be this persistent......


"Does Zhao Da have a chance to win" Murong Yunshu asked softly.


Chu Changge asked her back, "Do you want him to win"


Murong Yunshu immediately got the message and smilingly said, "I hope love will find a way to come together."


"But I don't want to." Chu Changge said sullenly.


Murong Yunshu raised her dark eyebrows, "Why" It had the meaning of 'if you don't give a reason, you will sleep with a heater tonight'.


Chu Changge gave Zhao Da a displeased glance and said, "If he held the beautiful woman, not with his strength, he would be laughed at by the people in the jianghu in the future.

How can people from my Mojiao Sect be looked down upon by those moralistic hypocrites......"


"......even if that's the case, you don't have to be so upset, right It's as if the person Zhao Da wants to rob is your daughter." Murong Yunshu teased.


"He dares!" Chu Changge immediately put on a 'he would kill him if he dared' expression.


Murong Yunshu put her hand on her forehead.

This person was too overbearing......


"But......" The corner of Chu Changge's mouth suddenly hooked up, making him look very devilish and charming.

He dropped his head to Murong Yunshu's ear.

With a highly ambiguous smile, he asked, "When do you plan to give birth to a daughter for this husband of yours"


All of a sudden, Murong Yunshu's face reddened to the roots of her ears, "Don't talk nonsense." In such broad daylight, he still had no fear of being overheard......


"How can this be nonsense Do you doubt your husband's ability" The more Chu Changge spoke, the closer he leaned in.

If anything, his lips were already touching Murong Yunshu's earlobe.[ ]


Murong Yunshu only felt a strange sensation stringing through her body, causing her to have a slight spasm.

Although this feeling was weird, she was all too familiar with it.

Mostly because she had experienced it many times just last night, several times more intense than now...... [T/N]


It would be okay if Murong Yunshu did not think about it.

Still, when she thought of their last night's entanglement, her face blushed even more.

This strange feeling became even more intense as a force began to emerge within her body, pulling her to meet the two warm lips in her ear that had tantalising her......


Seeing Murong Yunshu's reaction, Chu Changge became even more aggressive.

His initial action, like a dragonfly skimming the water’s surface, turned forceful.

He went deeper and deeper as he became even more frenziedly, awakening her passion with the tip of his tongue.


At this moment, Murong Yunshu had gone completely limp in Chu Changge's arms, looking like her letting him do whatever he wanted, but deep inside, she was struggling with her other self that followed the compass and went with the set square.

She was working on not to indulge in it, for the reason that――there were still people around.


Murong Yunshu was not a person who cared much about other people's eyes.

After being with Chu Changge, she simply took her freedom to the extreme, doing whatever she wanted.

She only cared about being happy or unhappy, without caring if something was appropriate or inappropriate.

However, there were certain aspects of the relationship that she could not completely let go of—for example, being affectionate in public.


In the end, reason prevailed over desire.


Murong Yunshu pushed Chu Changge away, pulled her clothes in a guilty and flustered manner, and then calmly looked at the stage, completely ignoring the strange eyes around her.


Having been rejected midway, Chu Changge was desperate for more this time around.

He would calculate this debt on Zhao Da's head.

If it weren’t for Zhao Da's future daughter-in-law's expression of 'every man in the world was dead except Zhao Da', he wouldn't have been saddened by being 'left out in the cold' just now.

Thus he would not have sought security from his beloved like this, let alone being rejected......


If Zhao Da hadn't been beaten to death by the manor Old Master at this moment, he would have been hugging his wife and making love to her.


This Zhao Da, what a scourge!


The more Chu Changge thought about it, the more depressed he became, so he simply tilted his head and did nothing to save Zhao Da, who was in mortal danger.


Chu Changge's face looked unconcerned, while Murong Yunshu's nothing matter expression showed as if she was just there to watch the fun.

Whether Zhao Da was dead or alive had nothing to do with her.

There were many dead people anyway; thus, adding one more was not too much.


Li Xiaoru was crying, desperately rushing out and stood in front of Zhao Da.


"Ru-er!" The manor Old Master shouted, but it was already too late to withdraw his hand.

His palm hit Li Xiaoru solidly in the chest.


"Bu――" Li Xiaoru fell like a thin feather into Zhao Da's arms.

Her face was as red as blazing fire as she continuously spat out blood.


"Xiaoru!" Zhao Da was so grief-stricken that he used his hand to block Li Xiaoru's mouth, but it still could not stop the blood from continuing to flow out.


At that moment, everyone was stunned by the scene.

Only Murong Yunshu noticed that while the palm hit Li Xiaoru, Chu Changge silently withdrew his hand.[ ]


He had just tried to come to her rescue, right Murong Yunshu thought so.


But she couldn't figure out how Chu Changge, who had always been indifferent to the world, would suddenly find it in his conscience to take the initiative to save others And why did he give up midway


Suddenly, Zhao Da, who had lost all hope, abruptly looked down at the stage.

As if he had just clutched at a straw, he staggered and tumbled off the stage.

Then she crawled to Chu Changge and knelt in front of him.

"Save Xiaoru.

Please, save Xiao Ru......" Zhao Da begged and kowtowed.

His forehead was already bleeding after only a few knocks, which showed how hard he was exerting himself.


Seeing this situation, Murong Yunshu secretly sighed.

The word 'love' was mighty.

If it was not for Li Xiaoru's life hanging in the balance, she was afraid that he would not have knelt to this devil in Zhao Da’s heart, even if he had to die......


When the disciples of Feiyang Mountain Villa saw Zhao Da asking Chu Changge for help, they all looked at Chu Changge with a begging look in their eyes.


However, Chu Changge hooked the corners of his mouth and smiled wickedly, "She is not one of my Mojiao Sect, so why should I save her"


In sharp contrast with the grief on Zhao Da's face, this smile stung the eyes of all bystanders.


There was only one person who smiled when that person heard Changge's words.

That person was Murong Yunshu.


Murong Yunshu lowered her eyebrows and smiled lightly.

After taking a heartfelt glance at Chu Changge, she said lightly, "Since Zhao Da is in your entourage, he belongs to the Mojiao Sect, and since Miss Li is his beloved, she can also be considered half of the Mojiao Sect."


Chu Changge raised his sword eyebrows and said, "Then I will save half of her life." Once he had done speaking, he glanced at the unmoving Fang Hongfei on the stage, followed by him flying onto the scene as he sealed several of Li Xiaoru's acupuncture points with three strokes and then injecting her with a breath of true qi.

Li Xiaoru coughed as if something stuck in her throat.

The redness on her face faded a little, and the corners of her mouth stopped bleeding.


"The cold-ice true qi I injected into her body could suppress the manor Old Master's Burning Heart Palm, but since ice and fire are incompatible, while it has saved her life, she also becomes a living corpse." Chu Changge spoke these words to the manor Old Master.



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