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In the jianghu world, Feiyang Mountain Villa and Mingjian Mountain Villa were known as the two big manors of the north and south.

The manor Old Master of Feiyang Mountain Villa was a very low-profile person, so the big manor of the north had not become as the sun at noon in jianghu as the big manor of the south in recent years.

But as long as the words 'Feiyang Mountain Villa' was mentioned, all friends in the jianghu, whether they were old folks or new stars, would show some consideration to them.

This was because the founding ancestor of the northern big manor once served as the Great Leader of Martial Arts.

The long-standing feud between Feiyang Mountain Villa and the Kunlun Sect was also formed at that time.


Feiyang Mountain Villa was located on top of the hills, slightly elevated, and the weather was a little colder than the town, so Murong Yunshu was draped in a snow-white mink fur cloak with a large thick plush collar that envelops almost her entire head, leaving only a small melon face outside, that had turned pale from the wind.


Looking at Chu Changge again, his white clothes and robe were as thin as his summer clothes, and yet, his body was still as warm as a furnace.


How could people be so different from each other Murong Yunshu rubbed hard into Chu Changge's arms on one side, while inwardly fighting her own cold winter and hot summer physique.


"Madam, there are outsiders around." Chu Changge tilted his head and smothered a laugh, pulling the reins slightly tighter in his hand to lower the speed of the horse.

Up ahead was Feiyang Mountain Villa.


Murong Yunshu blushed and said, "Don't you think crookedly! It's indecent!"


Chu Changge laughed, "If you didn't think crookedly yourself, so how would you know I did too"


"I......" Murong Yunshu paused for a moment.

Her face reddened even more as she pretended to be angry, "I just want to get warm.

Now if there was a heater around, I would definitely choose to hug it."


"Is that so" Chu Changge unhappily raised an eyebrow and said, "Then you'll sleep with the heater tonight."


"You......" Murong Yunshu really wanted to find a hole to burrow herself into.

Zhao Da was still beside them, and yet, this man couldn't even keep his mouth shut!


Murong Yunshu originally wanted to stop the topic of whom she should hug to sleep at night, but the more she thought about it, the more she felt aggrieved.

After a long while, she finally couldn't help but choke out, "I'll sleep with a heater every day from now on, then you'll be discontented!"


As soon as the words were out of her mouth, Murong Yunshu regretted them.

It was because she found out that they had already arrived at the entrance of Feiyang Mountain Villa, and at that moment, the people around there were all staring at her.

The way they stared at her like she was a freak.

Their look made her scalp tingle and she had nowhere to hide.


Just when Murong Yunshu was being extremely embarrassed, Chu Changge however was laughing out loud carefreely and incomparably, "Hahahahaha......Madam, your words never stop to amaze me!"


Isn’t it your fault! Murong Yunshu gnashed her teeth in her heart, but her expression was still like clouds were pale and a light breeze was blowing as she set herself high above the masses, and swept her eyes around.


What a shame.

If not for the presence of outsiders, she would have been furious.

How Chu Changge wished to see Murong Yunshu's irritated face.

That way she would be the most realistic, free to do as she pleased and without having to hide her emotions.


Zhao Da’s face was full of black lines.

If a well-bred lady was already this bold, what would a pretty girl of a humble birth act like......fortunately, Xiaoru was a woman of jianghu.


At that moment, a man in black at the entrance stopped their horses and asked, "Who is it Please show me your invitation letter."


Fearing that Chu Changge would respond with his 'famous name', Murong Yunshu rushed to answer, "We came just to see the fun."


Seeing this, Chu Changge knew that she did not want to be too high-profile, so he did not say anything and carried her off the horse.

Zhao Da also dismounted and followed behind them.[ ]


The one who stopped them was one of the new disciples of Feiyang Mountain Villa.

Seeing that one of them was dignified and the other was well-groomed, and even the junior disciple behind them was quite warrior-like, he couldn't decide, so he whispered to the person beside him, "Go and call Eldest Senior Brother to come." Then he said to Chu Changge with a smile, "Today is the day of our junior sister's marriage competition.

In case there are people with bad intentions coming to cause trouble, the owner has ordered that no one is allowed to enter the manor without an invitation letter.

So I hope you two will bear with me." In jianghu, when counting the number of people, only the big shots were counted, and the small followers beside the big shots were usually automatically ignored.


Although Zhao Da was dissatisfied with their treatment of ignoring him, he had nothing to say in the face of such a result.

In comparison, the two at the front, both in appearance and strength, were far superior to him.

He thought that even if the Emperor stood beside the two of them in his dragon robes, he would probably be overshadowed and even be regarded as a mere opera singer.


As everyone knows, Chinese Opera is totally different from European Opera, though both involve singing.

This is Chinese traditional opera.


Shortly afterwards, Li San arrived in a hurry.


"Eldest Senior Brother." The crowd of disciples surrounding the entrance of Feiyang Mountain Villa retreated to both sides to make way for Li San.


When Li San could see the face of the visitors clearly, his face went white.

"Chu, Chu…Leader Chu." Li San opened his mouth several times to stabilize his mood since he did not want to lose his face in front of all his junior brothers.

"We are honoured for Leader Chu’s presence.

It's really...really..." Li San uttered the words 'really' for a long time, but he couldn't find suitable words to continue his sentence.

Thus he switched to the gesture of invitation as he said, "Please come in."


The crowd's legs went weak when they heard Li San say the words 'Leader Chu'.

Under the heavens, apart from the Mojiao Sect Leader Chu Changge, who else could afford these words 'Leader Chu' At this moment, when they saw Li-San inviting them in, they naturally did not dare to have any objection.

The crowd that had just gathered behind Li San then silently retreated to the sides again.


Chu Changge said, "Originally, I was only passing through here, but since Master Li has kindly invited me in, then I have to thank you for having us."


When Li San heard this, he wished he could tear his own mouth off.


Murong Yunshu, however, smiled, with her eyebrows slightly lowered.

She was actually smiling helplessly.

This man seemed to feel uncomfortable if he didn't offend someone once......


Seeing Chu Changge act so polite, the corner of Zhao Da’s mouth trembled slightly.


After Chu Changge and Murong Yunshu had walked past, Li San just discovered that Zhao Da was also there.

His face suddenly sank as he said, "You are not welcome at Feiyang Mountain Villa, please go back."


Without waiting for Zhao Da to speak, Chu Changge, who was walking ahead, suddenly stopped and asked, with his back to the crowd, "Does your manor not allow people to bring their entourage"


"Of course you can.

Leader Chu can bring as many entourage as he wants." Li San said so on his lips, but his heart was terrified.

One Chu Changge had already frightened people this much.

If there were more people from the Mojiao Sect, it would simply be like giving Feiyang Mountain Villa to the Mojiao Sect.


"I don’t bring much, just one." Chu Changge mentioned it casually and then went hand in hand with Murong Yunshu into the manor.


With worry hung on his gut, Li San looked left and right, but he couldn’t see any face.

He could not help but feel strange.

Chu Changge certainly said that he brought an entourage, but how come there was no one here......


When Zhao Da saw Li San's confused look, he knew he hadn't yet come to his senses, so he directly pointed out, "The person Chu Changge is talking about is me."


Li San froze at his words, then burst out laughing, "I never imagined, I truly never imagined, that in one day, you have become a running dog for Mojiao Sect!"


As soon as Zhao Da heard this, he became furious and immediately punched Li San in the face without any warning.

He then said, "If you aren't Xiaoru's eldest brother, I would have cut you down with a sword right now!" With these words, he walked into the gate of the Villa with his head held high, only to be surrounded by the disciples of Feiyang Villa in the blink of an eye.


"The scum of Kunlun School also dares to be arrogant in Feiyang Mountain Villa!" Someone snapped.


Zhao Da was about to pull out his sword, only to hear a very lazy but aggressive voice coming from the front——


"You have to look at the master when you beat the dog.

Since you know that he is the running dog of the Mojiao Sect, then you should show him some respect."


Chu Changge was notoriously protective, and even if that person was only a dog of the Mojiao Sect, he would not allow outsiders to bully him.


As soon as Chu Changge opened his mouth, all the disciples of Feiyang Mountain Villa retreated to make way for Zhao Da.


It was unknown if he wasn’t that disturbed by Li San and Chu Changge's use of the word 'dog', but Zhao Da had a sense of pleasure in his heart as he walked in under the angry stares of the people who no longer dared to speak......






The ring was set up in the middle of Feiyang Mountain Villa's martial arts training ground, which was tall, large and very grand.

The stage was filled with swords, axes and hammers, and the crowd was boisterous.

Of course, most of these people, like Murong Yunshu and Chu Changge, came to watch the fun, and only a few, like Zhao Da, came for the beautiful women on the stage.[ ]


Feiyang Mountain Villa has sent out a total of twenty invitation letters for the marriage competitions, and all the candidates invited were the best young martial artists in today's martial arts world, both in terms of family background and martial arts attainment.

In theory, it was a happy event to be able to choose a husband among such 20 outstanding candidates.

However, Li Xiaoru, who was sitting high on top of the platform with an appearance like she had nothing left to live for, looked as if she had no interest in the competition.


Murong Yunshu originally wanted to see what Young Lady Li looked like, but was surprised to see another person——Fang Hongfei——sitting to the left of the manor Old Master.


Murong Yunshu secretly sighed and whispered helplessly, "Enemies do meet on a narrow road ."


Chu Changge, however, smiled.

His smile was unusually eerie to the eyes of onlookers.

"It's the soul of the deceased that has not yet dispersed." He corrected her.


"You don't seem surprised to see him at all." Murong Yunshu remarked.


Chu Changge said, "He knew we were coming to Feiyang Mountain Villa, so of course he would follow us."


Is that so Murong Yunshu's dark eyebrows were slightly raised.

But how did Fang Hongfei know that they would be coming to Feiyang Mountain Villa Before today, even she, herself had not expected to be standing here at this moment.

And how did Chu Changge know that Fang Hongfei could see their every move


Could it be that, on this journey, Fang Hongfei had been spying on them And like the mantis stalked the cicada, not knowing that the oriole was lurking behind, Chu Changge was also spying on Fang Hongfei......


The more Murong Yunshu thought about it, the more tangled she became, so she simply didn't want to think about it.

Knowing about this kind of messy thing would only add to the trouble.


"That..." Zhao Da suddenly spoke, "I...I...what should I do"


Murong Yunshu's feather-like eyelashes stirred slightly as she looked towards Chu Changge. Men's matters, you solve it.


But Chu Changge asked instead of answering, "What do you want to do"


"I want to......I want to......" Zhao Da looked at Li Xiaoru on the stage.

In his nervousness, he became tongue-tied, and it took him a long time to utter a complete sentence, "I want to marry Xiaoru."


"Then go for it!" Chu Changge said in his devil-may-care attitude.


Even when he already said it, it was the same as if he had not said it! Zhao Da stifled in frustration, "I don't have an invitation letter, I can't go on stage."


Murong Yunshu looked up to the sky. Men in this world are indeed retarded...


Chu Changge, on the other hand, shook his head, hating that iron could not turn straight into steel, followed by a kick of his foot that was as swift as a sudden clap of thunder which leaves no time for covering one's ears.

In an instant, Zhao Da stood up on the stage, still standing very firmly, not at all like he had been kicked up there.


As soon as Li Xiaoru saw Zhao Da on the stage, her big, dull, desperate eyes suddenly glowed and she rose in a sudden shock.

She wanted to run to Zhao Da but was stopped by the manor Old Master.


 "Sit down!"


When her own father gave the order, with a grievance, Li Xiaoru could only admit it and sat down meekly.


Offstage, Murong Yunshu was busy watching the movements on stage when she suddenly heard Chu Changge ask in a low whisper, "Yunshu, if your father opposes us being together, what will you do"


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