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Continued from the previous chapter


The Twelve Heavenly Fiends turned pale at Chu Changge's words, and with the sound of 'shua' their swords were completely unsheathed and their swords were glowing threateningly.


Murong Yunshu was surprised that the Five Poisons Sect, which supposedly was good at using poisons, would fight using their swords when she suddenly heard Chu Changge say with a sneer, "Twelve Heavenly Poisonous Formation You have underestimated me, Chu Changge."


Chu Changge had started wandering in the jianghu at the age of fourteen.

Although he had never fought with the Five Poisons Sect, he knew their moves and tricks very well.

The Twelve Heavenly Poisonous Formation, on the surface, appeared to be a sword formation, but in reality, it was a poisonous formation.

Each sword in the hands of the Twelve Heavenly Fiends had been soaked with 9 times 9, 81 kinds of poison for a hundred days, and as soon as they activated the Poison Formation, those twelve swords would turn into poisonous snakes that would spit poisonous gas.

These poisons would not only be highly poisonous at the sight of blood but even if there was no blood being shed or one could hold one's breath, the poisons would still be able to penetrate through the skin to get into a human body.


Apart from the Enchantment Fragrant from Snowy Region, no poison could harm Chu Changge, so he had no fear of this formation.

But it was different for Murong Yunshu.

As long as the Twelve Heavenly Fiends activated their poisonous formation, she would lose half her life even if she didn't end up dead.


Considering Murong Yunshu's safety, Chu Changge did not dare to fight.

Before the Twelve Heavenly Fiends made their move, he swept Murong Yunshu into his arms and leapt out of the window, leaving behind a message, "Tell your Heavenly Maiden that Chu Changge will pay her a personal visit on another day.

So there is no need for such a generous invitation."


The Twelve Heavenly Fiends immediately withdrew their swords and made a move to chase after them, when they heard someone behind them coldly questioned, "Do you want to catch up with Chu Changge with the level of your qinggong"


The Twelve Heavenly Fiends turned back angrily.

"Who are you" Yisha asked.


"Zhao Da from Kunlun Sect." Zhao Da continued, "You guys don't come to the Central Plains often and don't know that the only good thing about the Mojiao Sect's Master, Chu Changge, is that he is a man of his word.

If he says he will go to the Five Poisons Sect, he will surely go.

You all should just return to your sect and resume your duties."


The Twelve Heavenly Fiends looked at each other, before Yisha sounded out, "Why should we trust you"


Zhao Da snorted coldly as he threw words of advice, "Believe it or not, Chu Changge has already gone far away.

If you are not afraid of being pursuit by Mojiao Sect’s Heavenly Killing Demons of the 9 Provinces, you can continue staying in the Central Plains."


When the Twelve Heavenly Fiends heard the words 'Heavenly Killing Demons of the 9 Provinces', they no longer dared say a single more word, and they left the inn in silence.


The Heavenly Killing Demons of the 9 Provinces, altogether there were nine of them, which spread across nine provinces.

No one knew their true identity nor their face, for those who had seen them ended up in one state――dead.

Although mysterious, they were said to be real and existed in the mythology of the Mojiao Sect.

It was said that the Heavenly Killing Demons of the 9 Provinces were only at the disposal of the successive masters of the Mojiao Sect.

Once one of the demons was ordered to go to a place, even if the target went up to the end of the world and descended to the Yellow Springs, there was nowhere for the target to escape.


Since Chu Changge became sect master, he has only used the Heavenly Killing Demons of the 9 Provinces once――to flood the Tang Sect with blood.


But Zhao Da was sure that after today's, Chu Changge would definitely use the Heavenly Killing Demons of the 9 Provinces once more.

Because today, only they could protect Murong Yunshu, and this would allow Chu Changge to deal with the Five Poisons Sect without any worries.

Perhaps, at this time, the Heavenly Killing Demons of the 9 Provinces had already made their move......


Zhao Da suspected that he had probably been possessed by the devil.

Just now, he had unexpectedly spoken out to hold the Twelve Heavenly Fiends at bay, while giving Chu Changge the chance to run far away.


He knew that good and evil didn't mix with each other.

What was wrong with him


Zhao Da looked at the empty window for a long time, sighed deeply and suddenly in a daze.


In fact, all along, he admired Chu Changge from the bottom of his heart.

How could he not admire a man who would risk the world for the one he loved Chu Changge was such a proud man, yet he fled without a fight to avoid the slightest possibility of Murong Yunshu being injured.

Such courage really made him blush with shame.


If, if he had half the courage of Chu Changge, perhaps, Xiaoru would not have been so disappointed with him......






Meanwhile, Chu Changge had taken Murong Yunshu to another place to land to――on the beams of a room......in a brothel.


The question about the brothel was something Murong Yunshu had wanted to ask for a long time, but right now, she had another question she needed to ask first――"When you opened the window earlier, were you preparing to escape"


"......yes." Because at that time he didn't know the level of the person coming from the Five Poisons Sect was and he wasn't sure if he could handle that person himself.


Murong Yunshu asked again, "Why did we have to come to the brothel" And again, it was on the roof beam.


"Revisiting the old place." Chu Changge answered with a smile.

He knew that the last time he took her to the brothel made her confused, but he didn't want to explain it to her yet.

It was because she has faced enough schemes so far.

For those tricks that were currently hidden from her, he would deal with them for her.


"...this is not Jinling." The brothel was not the same, even the beams were not the same.


Chu Changge raised an eyebrow as he asked, "Is there any difference"


"......" Didn't seem to be.

The room was still as lively and fragrant as ever.

"Can we change the place" Murong Yunshu just couldn't look at what happened inside the room anymore.


The first thing he did by bringing Murong Yunshu here, which was on a whim, by the way, was just to tease her.

When this purpose had been achieved, he had to withdraw. Instead of standing by the pond longing for the fish, it was better to return home and weave a net......






Chu Changge eventually took Murong Yunshu back to the inn where they originally set their feet.

The most dangerous place was always the safest place.

What was more, since the Five Poisons Sect's raid had failed, he didn't think the Twelve Heavenly Fiends would have the guts to stay there any longer.


Early the next morning, Murong Yunshu was combing her hair and putting up makeup in front of a bronze mirror while muttering, "What with this Heavenly Maiden Her painting skills are really too poor......"


Chu Changge had just walked up behind her and was about to take the comb from her hand to brush her hair.

Upon hearing this comment, he froze for a moment, then suddenly realised that he was smothering his laughter.

His chest was rising and falling, obviously enduring very hard not to laugh out loud.


Murong Yunshu glanced at him through the bronze mirror and asked, "What's so funny that it made you laugh like that"


Chu Changge laughed a few more times before saying, "It's nothing." Then he took the comb and slowly combed her hair.

His long fingers weaved in and out of her dark, thick hair.

His fingers skimmed over and caressed her scalp, where each of his movements was gentle and focused.


Murong Yunshu quietly looked at him in the bronze mirror and felt indescribably sweet.

It was true when people said that a focused man looked the most handsome.

At this moment, Chu Changge was slightly bent over, tilting his head.

His deep eyes seemed to be staring at some treasure, and his rigid chin was sexy and manly.


Chu Changge kept on combing her hair, with the corners of his mouth gradually curving up.

The smile under his eyes thickening into an almost idiotic expression of happiness that even Murong Yunshu had never seen before.[ ]


He was honestly smiling!


Murong Yunshu also followed suit by curving her lips and bending her eyebrows.

Her expression that always looked like clouds were pale and a light breeze was blowing changed as she gazed with deep affection at the man in the bronze mirror.

The man who had made her life, which was dead and dull before, into a garden blazed with flowers.


"When are you going to tie my hair" Chu Changge suddenly asked softly.


Murong Yunshu was in a daze for a moment before giving her answer, "I like the way you look right now."


Chu Changge stopped the movement of his hands, raised his eyes to look at her in the mirror and asked, "Really"


"That was a lie."




Murong Yunshu tenderly curled her lips into a smile and responded, "When we get married, I will help tie your hair."


Chu Changge's eyes narrowed.

This idea of hers was pretty good.






After freshening themselves up, Murong Yunshu and Chu Changge were about to go downstairs for their meal when they bumped into Zhao Da as they opened the door.

He looked like he was about to knock with his hand raised and a look of astonishment on his face.


Chu Changge stared at him, raised an eyebrow, but did not say anything.


Zhao Da's face was torn and hesitant, not knowing how to speak.

After dawdling for a while, he finally changed his gaze to Murong Yunshu as if he was asking for help.


Murong Yunshu curled her lips in amusement.

She was not the Goddess of Mercy.

It was useless for him to look at her.


Since there was no one else he could ask for help, Zhao Da had to go ahead and kindly request, "Please accompany me to Feiyang Mountain Villa."


At these words, both Murong Yunshu and Chu Changge were surprised.

This Zhao Da, yesterday he still looked like he would rather die than being with the Mojiao Sect.

How come he suddenly took the initiative to suggest that they would go somewhere together Moreover, the destination was the Feiyang Mountain Villa......


Chu Changge pointed out, "Even without my backing, it would not be difficult for you to kill Li San with just your power alone."


Zhao Da was surprised.

How could Chu Changge know that he was more than capable of killing Li San Could it be that Chu Changge had already seen that he had not done his best when he fought Li San yesterday


As if seeing through Zhao Da's doubts, Chu Changge carelessly stated, "Majiao Sect never accepts good-for-nothing." The implication was that if your true strength was on the same level as Li San, you were a good-for-nothing.

If you wanted to join the Mojiao Sect, returned and practised for a few decades before coming back to the sect.


The Mojiao Sect never accepted good-for-nothing......he spoke as if wallowing in the mire with the Mojiao Sect was a great favour.

Zhao Da grunted in displeasure.

He looked away from the door latch at the side and said, "You may not have understood.

Just because I asked you to join me at Feiyang Mountain Villa, it does not mean that I agree to join the Mojiao Sect." He just felt that if Chu Changge was there, then his resolve would be even stronger.


Chu Changge threw back his head and laughed.

His whole body exuded arrogance even from his sweat.

"You may be the one who has not understood.

I have never consulted you on this matter of you joining the Mojiao Sect."


"You......" Zhao Da was stifled.

This person, Chu Changge, was a man one could love and hate at the same time! One would love his dashing demeanour, but would also hate his overbearing and unreasonableness.

If his temper could be as elegant as his looks, his relationship with others would have been much better off.


There was nothing Murong Yunshu could do about Chu Changge's wild and overbearing ways since she was also 'deeply affected by it'.

Of course, only when he was thinking with his lower body.

Generally speaking, he still obeyed her most of the time.

"There's nothing for us to do anyway, so let's go to Feiyang Mountain Villa and have a look." Murong Yunshu suggested.[ ]


Zhao Da looked at Murong Yunshu with immense gratitude.

The old beggar was right.

This young mistress of Murong Mansion really had a heart of a Bodhisattva.


If the Madam had said to go there, what could the Husband say against it


So Chu Changge, Murong Yunshu and Zhao Da went to Feiyang Mountain Villa together.


On the way, Murong Yunshu learnt that the reason Zhao Da had gone up to Feiyang Mountain Villa this time was for Li Xiaoru, the eldest mistress of Feiyang Mountain Villa.

He had a verbal altercation and a big fight with Li San at the inn yesterday was also because of Li Xiaoru.

The Master of Feiyang Villa had set up a future husband tournament for his only daughter, Li Xiaoru, and had sent out invitations to martial arts masters.

The match had been set up to be today.

However, Zhao Da did not receive the invitation because the Kunlun Sect and the Feiyang Mountain Villa had been at odds with each other since ancient times.


"So the purpose you're going uninvited today was to smash the venue" Murong Yunshu asked.


"......" Zhao Da suddenly felt that the young mistress of Murong Mansion was not as kind as the rumours......


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