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Astray Ghosts


When Chu Changge saw the updated warrant, he was totally shocked……


“Not bad for a painting.” He looked at the painting of himself on the wanted warrant as if he was looking at a mirror, he was satisfied.


“Madam’s drawing, it’s definitely top-notch.” The East Guardian’s tone was gloating over Chu Changge’s misfortune.


After hearing that, Chu Changge was stoned for a few seconds, then he asked weirdly: “This is painted by Murong Yun Shu”


“Yes.” All four guardians said in synchronize, and they heavily nodded their heads.

Madam was sent from the heavens to punish the leader, it must be.


“She knows how to draw!”


“Her painting skills are not bad” The East Guardian took out an original painting that was “taken” from the Jin Ling government and hand it over to Chu Changge, to let him appreciate the painting for himself.


Chu Changge stared at the paining for some time, he just couldn’t accept the truth.


If this was painted by her, then who was the one in the past he saw a painting in the bamboo house that a donkey that doesn’t look like a donkey, a horse that doesn’t look like a horse


This…… was too big of a difference between before and now.


“Leader, are you disappointed your heart, with a feeling of anger, an urge to go to Jin Ling and capture madam and give her a beating” Being betrayed by madam, it must have hurt leader, leader must have felt very sad.


Chu Changge squinted his eyes, with a relaxing tone he said, “I’ve already taught Mingjian Sect a lesson, don’t you guys go and make trouble.”


Their plans have been foiled.

The East Guardian was frustrated, he wasn’t satisfied, “Why didn’t you brought us to go together on that day”


“I don’t want people to say that I am bullying the less with numbers.” Chu Changge said.


“……The people in Mingjian Sect was not less at all.”


“To me, it’s only counted as one person.”


The East Guardian was surprised, he thought that leader wouldn’t even see them as one person.

“Who had the honor of being recognized as a human instead of a dog in your eyes”


“Fang Hongfei.” Chu Changge said these three words bluntly.


“Is he even a human!” All four guardians were shocked.

The leader was being too merciful this time.


“If I do not see him as a human, when words spread out, wouldn’t I, Chu Changge will be laughed as a joke that I even bully the brutes”


“……” All four of them were confused, the leader actually doesn’t know how to write the word “mercy”.


Chu Changge no longer cares about them, he was smiling at the painting, drawing it slowly.

After a long time, he put down the brush, and used the wind from clapping to dry up the ink, and then rolled up the painting properly.


“Send someone to deliver this to Murong Sect”




In the wide sky, and the wide valleys, there were two people riding a red horse, sprinting on the cliffs.


Murong Yun Shu hugged Chu Changge’s waist with her arms tightly, sticking her face onto his back, smiling happily, her eyes were filled with happiness.


All in the above, was only inside the drawing.


No sense of shame at all! Murong Yun Shu badmouthed Chu Changge being thick-faced inside her heart, leaking shy expressions on her face that even she was not aware of.


She moved her eyes slightly, Murong Yun Shu laughed charmingly, taking a brush and wrote two sentences, then rolled it up, giving it back to the sender of the drawing.

Thinking about Chu Changge’s possible reaction when he reads the sentence, widens her mouth.


“Miss, other people writes confession letters, while you and master are always drawing confession letters, it’s making everyone jealous.” Lu’er said playfully.


Murong Yun Shu’s face was slightly red, staring at him with a bad sense, “Had the money manager came”


“He was already here, waiting inside the study room.”




When Murong Yun Shu entered the room she heard the Manager Qian said, “The imperial envoy that was sent by the kingdom was abducted at Hua Tuo Mountain!”




“Immediately send someone to Hua Tuo Mountain…… never mind, I shall go there myself.” After that, Murong Yun Shu ordered Lu’er to pack up their valuables to prepare and set off.


“Miss, you must absolutely not, the bandits on Hua Tuo Mountain are ruthless and unreasonable, letting you go yourself would be too much of a risk.” Manager Qian disagreed.


“Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” Murong Yun Shu said with a calm face, “Not to mention, can anyone replace me to negotiate with the Imperial envoy”


“…… No, but if we could just save the imperial envoy……”


“For what purpose”




“He is totally unrelated to me, why do I have to save him” Murong Yun Shu said it as if it was totally right.


Manager Qian was confused, if it’s not for saving him, then what are you going to do at Hua Tuo Mountains




The cold wind rustling, walking on the high but bare mountain wall, making a mournful scream, thick layered clouds were laid like cotton high up the two mountains, giving people a sense of oppression of being able to see the sunlight.


An old but gorgeous carriage was driving on the road creakily, leaving deep ruts, the driver who was wearing less clothing was freeze until he had a pale face, green lips, could not help but say.

“This mountain is too cold for humans!”


“Had we arrived at Hua Tuo Mountains” the host of the carriage, Murong Yun Shu asked.


“Yes, we are already here, the mountain roads in front could only be traveled on foot, the carriage wouldn’t be able to continue.” The driver answered while stopping the carriage.


“Have you seen anyone special on the way here” Murong Yun Shu had opened the curtain and stuck her head out to look around.


“No, this area was desolated, it’s only…… us here, oh yes, there is someone, I remembered.” The driver hits his head, saying: “Before an hour ago, I saw four people were carrying a carriage that was lamer…… No, it was gorgeous and extravagant than our carriage at the front, four of them were wearing something luxurious, their expressions being fierce and ruthless, as if they want to eat someone.

The weirdest part of it, was that they did not even waste a breath while carrying those chairs, they seem to be able to carry it easily, but they walked extremely slow.”


“Mmm, traveling such far distance, it is possible that anyone would meet a few strange people.” But she was only interested in the bandits.

Murong Yun Shu jumped down the carriage and looked around, and then said to Lu’er who followed her tightly down the carriage: “You and the driver should wait here, I’ll go ahead and look.”


“No, I…… I…… we should go together to explore the roads.” Lu’er wanted to act like a hero, but the clouds were so thick and dark, her heroic spirit wasn’t high at all.

She was scared!


Murong Yun Shu gave her a blank eye, “Don’t worry, if the bandits wanted to ambush us they would have done it sooner, they wouldn’t have waited for us to come.”




“The bandits are probably up there.” Murong Yun Shu said while pointing the road in front.


Lu’er shrinks her neck cowardly, “I think I should just wait here.”


How realistic.

Murong Yun Shu smiled while shaking her head, walking up to the mountain.


As she headed up, the road was getting steep, the moisture in the air was getting heavy, wasted quite some of her energy, it doesn’t feel cold here, but making her feel more refreshed instead.


Hua Tuo Mountain looked bare from the outside, but filled with bushes of trees inside, with the guidance of the branches of trees which defied the natural law of growth, Murong Yun Shu successfully found the hideout of the bandits — of the outer area – a huge peach forest.


It was April, the flowers on the mountain began to blossom.


Looking at this, it was too beautiful for anyone to handle.


Murong Yun Shu stared at the beautiful scene in front of her eyes, she was stunned for some time.

If there weren’t three words “Sai Hua Tuo” carved on the big rock beside her, she could hardly believe that the inside of the forest is actually the bandit’s hideout.


Something more unbelievable was, she had walked for a long time, but she hasn’t even walked to the other side of the forest yet, to be exact– she was walking in circles.


Murong Yun Shu first thought of astray ghosts, but then she thought that there shouldn’t be any ghosts lurking around in this beautiful scene, she then rejected the idea, she sat on a clean rock, thinking hard for countermeasures.


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