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Chapter 287: Why can’t I eat it today!

Thanks to the help of Goate-san, we had successfully chopped up the giant shark’s body.

Unlike its metal-like scales, its body was surprisingly tender.

Also, contrary to what the shark’s terrifying appearance might suggest, its meat was light pink and looked so delicious.


“First, let’s try it as sashimi.

Hmm, its fresh, so there’s no foul smell at all.”


After saying so, Coch-san lightly dipped the thin slice of shark meat he held into some ‘soy sauce’ and put it into his mouth.


“~~~~~~! It’s, it’s so delicious!!!!”


Coch-san shouted so with his eyes wide open.


“It has this crispy texture, but the more you chew on it, the more of its sweet juices spread in your mouth! It’s so good!”


He praised it so highly and then squealed in his delight.


“You try it too, chief!”



After being strongly encouraged to try it, I also dipped a slice in soy sauce and then ate it.

By the way, the soy sauce was one of the many seasonings that the chefs in the village had recreated based on the memories I had of my previous life.


“You’re right! It’s really is so good!”


It was a sinewy slice, so it wasn’t so surprising for it be a bit chewy.

However, it also had a good amount of fat within, so, just like Coch-san said, each bite produced more juices in the mouth.


“““Let me try it too!”””

“““Me too!”””


The chefs raised their hands in succession, each of them asking to be allowed to sample the shark’s meat.

Villagers who came to watch the chefs also asked to sample it, but if we let them, there might not be much left to cook.

So, for the meantime, only the chefs were given permission.


“We have to know what it tastes like in order to make good food!”

“Right, right!”


By the way, I was allowed to taste it because it was apparently part of my privilege as the village chief.

Also, even though he wasn’t a chef, Goate-san was also allowed to sample the meat because of his critical contribution to the cooking process.


“““So gooooooooooooooooooooddd!!”””


The other chefs exclaimed so.



◇ ◇ ◇


“I’ve brought a wyvern today too!”


After catching a wyvern, her favorite prey, Dora travelled in high spirits to the human village in the wasteland.

However, upon her arrival, she was informed that no one could cook her some wyvern meat for that day.


“What do you mean! Why can’t I eat it today!”

“The village’s chefs have all gathered to cook the shark.”

“The shark”


If you’re curious about it, how about taking a look for yourself It’s over in the village’s plaza.”


And so, Dora headed to the mentioned place.

What she saw there was…


“Wh, what the hell is that!”


…it was a fishlike monster of an overall length of about 20 meters lying on the ground as the humans took it apart it little by little.

At that size, it was comparable to Dora when she was in her dragon form.


“I don’t think I’ve seen you before, little girl.”



Dora was startled when someone suddenly spoke from behind her.

When she turned around, she saw a female villager she didn’t know standing there.


“D-d-don’t just call out to someone who has their back to you!”

“Fufu, sorry for scaring you.

But leaving that aside for now, are you curious about that monster It’s quite gigantic, isn’t it Apparently, our hunters have caught it in the sea.

And now, our village’s chefs have gathered to cook that thing.

I’m sure the food they’ll make will be oh so delicious. *slurp*”



Upon seeing that villager drool, Dora felt a shiver down her back.


“…oh my, what’s wrong You look pale…are you alright”

“I, I, I’m fine! Ha, hahaha…! *Before I knew it, my guard’s completely down! This can’t go on.

If I stay in this village, who knows before they change their mind and think of me as food!”


Dora turned back and made an escape.


“Humans really are so scaaaryyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!”


On her way out of the village, she vowed never to return there again.



◇ ◇ ◇



—A few days later.


“Hmm, Dora How have you been It’s been a while since you last visited, hasn’t it”

“Yeah, there were just some things I had to do…”

“I see.

Well, you came here to eat, right”



While nodding, Dora shouted internally.


“*I promised myself to never return here, so why did my body bring me back here!*”


As though she could now subsist on nothing but the wyvern cuisines of this village, this dragon girl has grown accustomed to being fed by the humans without her realizing it.


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