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Chapter 29: Xia Longwu (3)

Translator: Lordbluefire

While Su Yu was still thinking, Chen Haos communicator rang. Chen Hao then answered in a hurry and responded with a few sentences before hanging up. He looked at Su Yu. “That was my father. He told me to be careful today and not leave the academy. The people from the All-Races Sect are here and there have been several deaths outside the city…”

After Chen Hao spoke, he scolded, “These b*stards, dont let me meet them or Ill kill each of them with a blade!”


Su Yu shot a glance at him but didnt say anything. Chen Hao, on the other hand, flushed and added resentfully, “Even if I cant do it now, cant I do it in the future At the War Academy, I can complete the Origin Opening in a year and attain the ninth level of the Thousand Pound Realm within 3 years, then the Ten-Thousand Stone Realm within 5, and the Soaring Realm within 10…”

“Thats only attainable by geniuses, you… Are you sure”


Chen Hao wore a dispirited expression; it seemed like itd be a little difficult.

Getting into the Soaring Realm within 10 years—this feat was something only a genius could achieve.

But surely 20 years should be fine, right

The period before a human turned 40 was their peak cultivation time. If they didnt get into the Soaring Realm by 40 years old, then there was practically no hope of doing so in the future.

It wasnt like it was completely hopeless as well, but with the weakening of the body, the chances were slim.

Otherwise, there wouldnt be too many people stuck in the ninth level of the Ten-Thousand Stone Realm for a lifetime.

Su Long was almost 50. He had some hope of going from the Thousand Pound Realm to the Ten-Thousand Stone Realm, but to advance to the Soaring Realm was probably impossible.


Su Yu smiled and looked outside the academy. Had it started

The other party had caused quite a commotion outside the city to lure the city guards and even Longwu Guards into leaving. The top management of Nanyuan was aware of this, but they didnt have a choice.

Otherwise, it was unclear how many people would die outside the city.

“As expected, they are a bunch of b*stards without a baseline!”

Su Yu cursed under his breath and couldnt help but think. What was the situation over at the Great Xia Prefecture (Could it be that they arent able to dispatch even a few Soaring Realm personnel for support)

(All-Races Sect seems somewhat unrestrained. With such a huge sign of activity, the remaining 2,000 main force of Longwu Guards dont seem like they will come over either.)

(Are they stuck)

(Then, isnt the strength of the All-Races Sect too powerful)

At the same time.

The Great Xia Prefecture.

Xia Longwu wore full armor as he sat imposingly and upright atop the throne.

Soon, a Longwu guard entered in haste and spoke with a loud and clear voice, “Report! Prefecture lord, Nanyuan, Skywater, Kaishan, Dragongate… There are abnormal activities in all 12 cities. The All-Races Sect have made their appearance!

“All the academies have sent their requests for help. Will we be providing them with our assistance”

Xia Longwus expression didnt change. Calmly, he said, “Send people over for reinforcement. 50 men to a team. Hurry over to the 12 cities. As for the other 16 cities, also send people over to guard against the unexpected.”

“Yes, Sir!”

The Longwu guard withdrew swiftly.

At that time, an old man dressed as a scholar spoke softly, “Prefecture lord, they are luring an enemy away from his territory. Im afraid the target of the enemy is still the Great Xia Prefecture.”

“I know.”


“The Longwu Guards have already dispatched thousands of people. If the prefecture army leaves in big batches as well, then the Great Xia Prefecture is now…”

Without waiting for the other party to finish his sentence, Xia Longwu replied calmly, “No matter. They will feel regretful if they dont kill, and they will repeat it again! If the Longwu Guards dont leave, then these fellows wont dare to show their faces.”

After he said that, Xia Longwu got up. “Im afraid that their target is me. Before taking away the Longwu Guards by my side, even the experts in each academy have been called away because of various incidents, and now 90% of the experts in the Great Xia Prefecture arent here…”

“Prefecture lord, why dont we ask for help from the Great Ming Prefecture…”

“Ridiculous, shameful!”

Xiao Longwu snorted. “My Great Xia Prefecture is higher ranked than the Great Ming Prefecture, so how can I ask them for help! Besides, theres no need! They are just a bunch of dishonorable people. Id like to see which b*stards from the god race have infiltrated this time. How would those fellows have such nerve if it was without the support from the god race!”

The old man frowned. “The god race has infiltrated”

“That is certain! Otherwise, with just the All-Sects Race, would they still dare to behave atrociously in the Great Xia Prefecture Thats good too. Our reserve of gods blood has depleted. Its good that they deliver themselves timely to our doorstep. I was still thinking if I should make a trip to the Allskies Battlefield the past few days. But it seems that theres no longer a need to make the trip.”

Xia Longwu remained calm. “Youll protect the prefecture city later. Ill kill a few b*stards outside the city and then return thereafter!”

“Prefecture lord…”

“Do not speak anymore!”

Xia Longwus gaze turned sharp. “Just a few b*stards from the god race and they think they can do something to me I was worried that the Longwu Blade hasnt seen blood in a long time. Now, theres finally an opportunity!”

With that, Xia Longwu stepped out of the hall and spoke with a sonorous voice, “Once the god race is dead, the Longwu Guards will lead the prefecture army on expedition. Wipe out all the people from the All-Races Sect within the Great Xia Prefecture. Capture them alive and drag them to the Great Xia Prefecture City to be publicly beheaded! I want to see ten thousand heads fall tomorrow!”

“Yes, Sir!”

A burst of low shouts was heard.

To correspond with the All-Races Sects movements and lure out the god race, Xia Longwu allowed the unrest to happen over the past few days. This was because he was afraid of scaring away the god race.

Now, it was time to reel in the net.

(All the experts from the Great Xia Prefecture who should be away have been transferred. Theyve got to show up now, right)

(There are less than 1,000 Longwu Guards left in the prefecture city and they will not be able to form the Thousand-men Battle Formation. These scums should be satisfied now, right)

“If you want to kill me, then I will satisfy you. Id like to see if youd be able to do so!”

The sound of laughter sounded as Xia Longwu rose high into the air. He then transformed into a golden ray, disappearing from the city lords residence. He was out of the city in the blink of an eye.

“Xia Longwu!”

As the golden ray disappeared, a cold snort sounded from outside the prefecture city.

What guts!

They had initially thought that this fellow wouldnt dare to come out or would continue waiting for the other experts from the Great Xia Prefecture to return. Moreover, they had thought that they would have to increase their efforts to force him to appear. Who would have known that he would come out so unexpectedly

“Lets go, besiege Xia Longwu!”

When the low voice sounded, someone answered coldly in the next moment, “Besiege The academy heads from the various high-grade academies have left. Xia Longwus strength is merely so-so, but we still need to besiege him Today, Ill chop off his head!”

“Stupid! Remember, besiege him! Do this at all costs. We cannot be careless!”

The person in charge said coldly, “Xia Longwu might already be half a step away from that realm. I wont stop anyone from courting death!”

“Thats impossible. He only cultivated for a few years, how could he…”

“Thats why he has to die! We dont need another invincible expert from the human race on the Allskies Battlefield!”


Several people swiftly reached an agreement to besiege Xia Longwu. That guy might already reach half a step into that realm, and they wouldnt allow him to grow any stronger.

A few light rays of different colors disappeared in an instant, chasing after the golden ray which disappeared near the Great Xia Prefecture City.


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