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“Chapter 277: Nebula”

– If you say so then I’d be glad to, but do you really think I can use such a rare material


– If it proves too difficult for you, I’ll help you out.

That heaven jewel seems to have answered your prayers for a solution.


– …Really You’d offer yourself for someone like me


The inanimate stone didn’t answer, but it kept illuminating Raksha’s face with a faint glow.


– Mind trying it out


– Sure! I might not be good enough, but I’ll give it my all!


– Let’s start immediately.

Grandmaster, could I ask for your help


– What do I have to do


– We’ll need a low-temperature fire to prevent the stone from evaporating.

Can you do that


– Who do you think I am


– Alright.

Get to it, then.


The jewel was slowly melting thanks to the magic-regulated temperature.


Whether it blends correctly with the iron is up to Raksha now.


– All yours.


Forging a weapon with a heaven jewel doesn’t require any special ability, but it’s quite a difficult feat.


It’s highly likely that I’ll have to help her.


– Looking good (Takaya)


– …..


No response.

She’s completely focused on the task.


– …She ignored me.


– She seems to be doing well.


– …..


A whole day passed.

I had to ask Feria for one more day off (more than I had already asked for).


But ultimately, Raksha was able to successfully forge her desired item.


– I did it… I can’t believe I did it…


Tiny pieces of heaven jewel hadn’t melted correctly, but that gave the illusion of specks of stars portraying on the blade.


The sharpness of the blade was, of course, flawless.


– Takaya, we know the result.

Do you still want to see it through


– Of course.

This was the main objective of the test, after all.


Raksha’s knife easily broke Silver apart.


With this, Raksha had officially become my disciple.


Now, on top of all my work, I’ll have to train her every day.


She’s already experienced enough.

Even more so than Akane.

I don’t think it’ll be too much of a hassle.



Raksha, along with her new knife Nebula, joined Searat just in time to help me with the new customers from the thundercloud boat.


With Silver gone, it was also time for me to look for a new partner.


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