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“Chapter 264: Distinction Between Right or Wrong 5”

Shiori kept up the rampage of attacks to prevent Moruru from getting too close.


Still, she was only defending.

She couldn’t land a critical hit on her.


And Moruru was getting more and more agile.


– Try to dodge this.


Moruru finally found an opening.

She put away Daybreaker and grabbed a hammer.


And then struck Shiori’s forehead with full force.


The hammer broke, but Shiori’s face cracked.


As a follow-up, she spun around and kicked the fissure.


Blood was spurting out relentlessly from Shiori’s forehead.


– Not done yet!


Moruru’s next weapon was a bow.


One, six, nine arrows.

All of them connect on Shiori, causing an explosion with each hit.




Not giving her a moment to rest, Moruru took out Elegy of Stars.


She applied gravity to lift herself and to prevent her opponent from moving.


Using her vertical momentum, she grabbed a sword and aimed straight at Shiori’s head.


– And don’t wake up!


The sword cleaved right through Shiori’s already exposed skull.


– Ahh, done.



– Haha… (Shiori)


– What!


Moruru was doubting her eyes, but in reality, none of us were surprised that Shiori had yet another ace up her sleeve.


Her wound was nowhere to be seen.

She was standing behind Moruru.


– You really had my back against the wall for a second there.

But the bigger the challenge, the better it feels to overcome it.


– What… did you do


– Go to sleep.


Shiori’s fist connected with Moruru’s cheek with enough strength to knock her out even with the effects of gravity hindering Shiori.


– …Why do you have Meirir-san’s skill! (Takaya)


What turned the battle around was Shiori using Meirir’s skill to skip the moment she got hit by the sword.


It would be understandable for Roar to be able to use it, but why can Shiori use it


– Oh Is this a skill from one of your friends I just happened to create it by chance.


– Create it


– Nagami-kun, let me ask you, how many skills do you think I have


Her tree paper must be a blueprint of all the skills in existence at this point.


– Look at my body.

This is what I’ve become.


Half tentacle arms, metalized bones and skin, deformed wings.

The only aspect of her that was still human was her face.


The blood dripping down from her forehead had turned from red to black.


– At this point, I frankly don’t care if I fail to create a skill and become an even worse mutant.


This is not Shiori anymore.

She has nothing to lose.


– It’s as if the gods are telling me to get my hands on you.


There’s no god in this world.


What kind of god would allow this


– Letty, I need a favor.


– I refuse.


– I have to stop her.



Even if we get reinforcements, Shiori will just keep remaking herself over and over again.


Only someone with the same ability can put an end to this.


– We have to move before the gravity magic wears out.


– …Fine.


Hesitating, Letty finally agreed.


With my friends behind, I took the lead and stepped in front of Shiori.


– You’ve finally come to me, my dear.



– Let’s get this over with.


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