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“Chapter 263: Distinction Between Right or Wrong 4”

– How dare you touch my body HOW DARE YOU TOUCH MY TAKAYA (Shiori)


– “MY” Sweetheart, you need to get in line.


Letty isn’t clearly showing it, but I can tell by her mannerisms that she’s angry.


– Thank you, Letty.

But how did you cut the tentacle


– We used weapons from the warehouse.

They were one-use weapons, but they’re very effective.

I’m sure you know about those by now.


– M-Maid-sama!


Another Succubus landed next to us.

She had purple eyes and two cherry-red pigtails swaying close to her shoulders.


– How was it!


– 50 points.


– Only half!


– You saved Takaya, but your first mission was to finish off the enemy.

How many weapons did you use for that attack


– Uhh, 10


– TEN! Do you think those things are toys! Even if the demon king said you could use them freely, those are valuable treasures.


– …I’m sorry.


On the contrary, I would be praising her for saving me.


– Letty, who is she


– Her name is Moruru.

She’s supposed to be Lemy and Yamy’s replacement, so I’m training her.


– I’m Moruru.

It’s a pleasure to meet you, Master.


– …Why is this kid calling me Master


– She’s training under my tutelage, and I’m forever under your service.

It is only natural.


Isn’t Letty… serving Azaasha And shouldn’t Moruru’s master be Azaasha


– Well, whatever the case, thank you for saving me.


– We’re not done yet.

Moruru, you have permission to go all out.


– Yes!


Moruru took the frontline while Letty carried me to the backline with Selfia.


Shiori hadn’t lowered her guard.

She was taking her time regenerating her tentacle.


– Letty, are you sure she’ll be fine


– Of course.

Moruru might still be in training, but she can handle this battle.


Moruru seems motivated to fight.


For now, we can stand back and watch.

If things get ugly, Selfia and the others can jump in.


– Out of my way.



– Can’t do.



– Very well then.


Shiori’s now regenerated tentacle extended and attacked Moruru.


But instead of hurting her, it broke a shield that I hadn’t seen there.


– Ahh, another one broken.


The warehouse is big.



– That’s not the same way Kouya takes out weapons, right (Takaya)


– It’s called Item Box.

She’s not stealing them or anything, she has the demon king’s permission.



– Impressive attack, but once you know its objective, it’s easy to dodge.

You could use some more training.






Moruru gradually closed the distance between the two while dodging Shiori’s tentacles and magic.


Every time her equipment broke, she’d take out another armament from the warehouse.


She makes up for quality in quantity.





– Uhh..



Moruru seemed to be panicking.


Instead of taking out a shield, she took out a sword.


– Sorry, could you wait a sec (Moruru)


– Can’t do.



– Yeah… (Moruru)


Moruru managed to find a shield, but it was too late.

Her entire upper body was drastically burned.


– MORURU! (Takaya)


She couldn’t have survived such an attack.


I knew it was a bad idea to leave the fight to someone as inexperienced as her.


Such a rookie mistake as taking out the wrong weapon…


– That’s what you get for butting in.



Completely sure of her victory, Shiori turned her attention to us.


But Moruru was approaching from behind her.


She was holding Daybreaker.


The sword that tormented us is now protecting us.


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