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The young Daoist immediately stood up.

With a flick of his wrist, the ancient sword on the ground gently flew into his hand.

Ten Thousand Laws Heavenly Man was not surprised at all.

Now, the sea beasts that had been in the coastal disaster circles for many years had all been sent to Guangzhou by them.

Although they had caused a lot of property damage, they had also experienced the strength of the new generation.

At the very least, they had experienced war.

They had experienced enough!

Additionally, the three calamities didnt dare to go ashore.

They didnt even dare to cross the border that they drew decades ago.

They were at their wits end.

Although the rainy season had a follow-up, they had to return to the right track.

That was enough.

He stood up and glanced at the sea on the other side as he said, “Theres a small hydra peeping from the side..

How dare it challenge Taixia Country.

Let me give it a taste of my sword.”

In the deep dark clouds, where thunder and lightning were born, the Catastrophe God, Io, was hiding here, using the affinity between Heaven and Earth as well as the authority of catastrophe to cover its tracks.

Even the Ten Thousand Laws Heavenly Man and the young Daoist could not find him at the beginning.

However, at a certain moment, a subtle spiritual fluctuation revealed his location.

At this time, his face was calm as he stared coldly at the battlefield in Guangzhou.

Although the three calamities near the sea were forced to attack Guangzhou by his command, they did not work hard.

They stood in front of the boundary and refused to take a step forward.

Yes, although it was understandable, he was still abnormally angry.

He was thinking of finding a time to beat up the three of them so that they would know that not only Ten Thousand Arts Heavenly Man was not to be trifled with, but he was also not to be trifled with.

They dared to ignore his orders.

That meant they dared to court death!

However, a trace of palpitation suddenly surged into his heart.

His eyes suddenly widened.

He knew that this was the forewarning of the heavenly secrets.

In the past, before he had grown to the heaven-rank, he had relied on the warning of the heavenly secrets to avoid life-and-death crises time and time again.

However, after he had stepped into the heaven-rank, it had been a long time since he had felt the forewarning of the heavenly secrets.

He had thought that it had failed but no, it should be that his strength was invincible.

He had been wandering in the Great African continent.

Besides being set up there and almost dying, he wanted to spread the catastrophe and disease and collect the authority of catastrophe through the belief of fear, additionally, there was no existence that could threaten him.

However, Taixia Country was different.

This place was called the Blue Planet paradise.

It was even more populated than the Great African continent.

It was a wonderful place for him to collect the authority of catastrophe.

However, when he was close to the sea area of 1,000 miles in Taixia Country, a premonition appeared…

“Sh*t, I cant afford to offend it.”

After silently retreating away from the 1000-mile sea area, he secretly instigated the three calamities to attack Taixia Country.

Additionally, he used the catastrophe authority that he had just started to consolidate to create a huge typhoon to test Taixia Country.

Taixia Country was indeed the most powerful country on Blue Planet.

Its strength was unfathomable.

He dared not move at will just by displaying the immobilization spell which could stop a catastrophe-level tsunami.

However, the heavens secret had warned him once again.

He was 1,000 miles away from the ocean.

What did this mean Has he been discovered!

“I need to run now!”

A voice drifted over slowly as if it was whispering in his ear.

“Im a friend from afar.

Today, you will die!”

“I havent invited you to have a good look around.

Why are you leaving”

A sword light flashed across the sky.

The young Daoist had already appeared in front of the Catastrophe God, Io.

With a cold smile, he slowly walked forward with an ancient longsword in his hand.

“Who are you Youre not Zhang Ren, the immortal of all the laws in Taixia Country, nor Zhang San, the old immortal of Wudang.

When did you appear in Taixia Country”

The low voice sounded with a bit of doubt and fury.

He could clearly see that the young Daoist was only at the peak of earth-rank!

“Im Wang Wu!”

The young Daoist cupped his hands as he said, “Im here to send you off!”

“Stop being arrogant.

Wait, youre Wang Wu, Wang Wu of the Blacksky Alliance”

Io looked disdainful.

However, as the secret of the heavens was warning him crazily, he couldnt help but raise his feet as he was ready to escape at any time.

However, at this moment, after hearing the name Wang Wu, he became stunned.

The Blacksky Alliance was one of the top dark and evil forces on Blue Planet… Well, it was not a day or two for the self-righteous Taixia Country to hide filth.

“Were both members of the dark forces.

Why do we have to fight each other…”

“Were on different paths.

Please accept this strike!”

Wang Wu didnt want to waste a single second.

With an ancient longsword in hand, he swung his sword.

In a split second, the Heavens and the Earth were turned upside down.

The terrifying sword will and killing intent filled this space-time.

Io wanted to dodge, but he could not.

Helpless, he could only take out the plague authority that he had painstakingly condensed to block in front of him.

Even if he could not bear to do so, he could not.

This was because the heavenly secrets had warned him, if he did not block, he would really die!

Divine abilities could not compete with fate.

It was only because divine abilities were not powerful enough!

The authority of Heaven and Earth was absolutely powerful, and it had endless magical uses.

In terms of defense, it was also first-class.

Even so, it was still smashed into pieces by Wang Wus sword!

Io was furious, but there was nothing he could do.

He did not even dare to stay where he was for a second longer.

Taking advantage of the gap between the Daoists sword and the one he had struck out, he picked up most of the pieces of his power and fled frantically.

In an instant, he disappeared without a trace, he left behind some blood essence and pieces of power on the spot.

Wang Wu flicked his sleeve and kept the spoils of war in his bag.

He chuckled and looked up at the pool of thunder that was gathering above his head.

He smiled disdainfully and slashed out again without any care.

“F*ck you!”

The dark clouds in the sky were split into two halves.

Lin Xuan and his partners were dumbfounded when they looked up!

Not only that, the three calamities in the coastal waters seemed to have been scared by something.

They hurriedly told their lackeys to retreat.

They immediately returned to their bases while quivering.

The sword light from the sky not only split apart the dark clouds but also made its way into the deep sea ferociously.

At the same time, the sea was also split into two halves.

With a terrifying wail, a huge hydra head could be seen in the sky.

After flying over 1,000 miles, it fell into the sea area of Taixia Country.

A terrifying eight-headed hydra revealed itself in the deep sea.

Lin Xuan and the other guys looked up and shivered.

Lin Xuan just wanted to watch the show; however, Li Rui was different.

He fixed his eyes on the huge hydra head which seemed to be still alive and moving as he had a bold idea!

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