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Qi Jinran sighed, turned over and looked at the black chandelier above his head.

In the darkness, everything was a vague outline.

“Xiao Yuan, in fact, you should have heard that when my parents had a car accident, it was the happiest period of their lives.

Therefore, I sometimes worry, Im afraid that I live too happily.

The happier I am, the more I am afraid of loss.

Im afraid that one day I will be like them… Especially when we were getting married, but you had a car accident.

In those days, I couldnt help but wonder if god was punishing me—”

Wen Yuan his heart was squeezed by something and dully hurt.

He couldnt help grasping the mans hand and hugging him soothingly.

“Jinran, dont think like this, I will always be there, beside you.” 

Qi Jinran smiled bitterly.

“I also know that I worry too much about gains and losses, and my own mentality is very bad.

Ive tried to adjust it, but I still cant control the negative thoughts in my mind.

So sometimes, I wish I could shrink you, put you in my pocket, take you with me every day, and watch you all the time.”

Wen Yuan blushed at his words.

He was busy in the store and his graduation thesis during this time, and he neglected to communicate with Qi Jinran.

Only then did he realize that his husband had so many negative emotions.

He never paid attention, and as a partner, he is really incompetent.

“Also, your world is so vast that you can chat with everyone, but I am so withdrawn and silent.

Sometimes I am afraid that one day you will get tired of my character and think I am too dull, boring, and old-fashioned.”

“Jinran, youre not like this,” Wen Yuan didnt expect him to think like this, and hugged him tightly with wet eyes.

“Im sorry, I havent spent much time with you during this time.

I promise that I will put your affairs first.”

Qi Jinran couldnt help smiling when he heard his solemn assurance.

“Wont you spoil me rotten like this You promising me everything I say, arent you afraid that I will become more and more inseparable from you

“A husband ordinarily needs spoiling.

You cant leave me, and I cant leave you.”

Wen Yuan kissed him hard on the mouth, and looked at him with bright eyes.

“Jinran, lets go on our honeymoon during National Day.”

“Arent you busy in the store Isnt National Day the best time for business”

Wen Yuan shook his head.

“Xingyu is back now.

Im relieved, and dont need to go to the store every day.

Youre the most important thing.”

“Okay, then Ill let Zhuang Jie arrange it tomorrow.”

After their honeymoon was settled, Wen Yuan felt a lot more at ease.

When he woke up, he took the initiative to drive and take Qi Jinran to work.

He got his drivers license in his freshman year, but he had a driver at home, so there were few opportunities to drive.

This is the first time he drove since moving in.

Before he got off, Wen Yuan handed Qi Jinran a paper bag with red velvet and black forest cake.

“Husband, this is your afternoon snack, you can eat it even when youre hungry.” 

When Qi Jinran heard his name, his white jade-like face turned slightly red.

Wen Yuan looked happy, lowered the car window again, and kissed his face lightly.

“Work hard, Ill come and pick you up in the afternoon.”

Wen Yuan drove to the dessert shop.

He watched the footage shot in Suzhou two days ago.

The little girls editing techniques and video images are very creative, and the desserts she shot are also very attractive.

Its just that its not realistic to shoot in the back kitchen all the time.

There are too many people inside.

The chef and assistants walking around will affect the line of sight.

And there are customers in the store, so there is not so much time to shoot.

Unless they change the place…

“Senior, do you mean to let me go to your house to shoot” Suzhou was a little surprised.

She had always been curious about what the legendary wealthy family looked like, and she was immediately excited to hear Wen Yuans proposal.

“Well, there is a special bakery on the third floor of my house, which is very large and has space for your equipment.”

“I will make two desserts, which are relatively easy to try.

You can make a short video and a long video, and put both online.”

“Okay, senior.”

Suzhou followed Wen Yuan to Qis villa.

Just walking into the front yard and seeing the green plants and rockery inside, Suzhou was shocked.

When she walked into the villa and saw the interior decoration, she was so amazed that she could not close her mouth.

Her eyes lit up, and she picked up the camera to look around.

“Xiao Su, you cant take pictures in other places except the bakery.

Its for privacy, Im sorry.” Wen Yuan felt that he had to make it clear to her in advance, so she wouldnt post anything that shouldnt be on the Internet.

After all, this is his and Qi Jinrans home, and not a place to show off.

Suzhou stuck out her tongue and said embarrassedly, “Im sorry, senior.

Ill pay attention.” 

When they arrived at the bakery on the third floor, it was a real eye-opener.

What kind of egg beaters, bread machines, ice cream machines are there in the dessert shop This place has a full set of baking equipment, as well as an oversized luxury oven and a four-door refrigerator.

“God, senior, you are too lucky to cook here.” 

At the other end, Wen Yuan had already started to take butter and whipped cream from the refrigerator for dessert.

“Dont be long-winded.

Time is limited, lets finish up quickly.

I have to pick up my husband from work later.”

Suzhou nodded, quickly set up the equipment, and adjusted the light and angle.

“Senior, when the time comes, Ill mute the sound and keep some basic chopping and stirring sounds.

You can dub the narration.”


During the shooting, Wen Yuan quickly got into the state.

He made one of the most popular mango cheesecakes, and shaped it like cheese with realistic holes.

The final cut was perfect and the golden mango sauce came out.

Behind the camera, Suzhou felt like her saliva was about to flow out.

After Wen Yuan finished making the mango cheesecake, he started making snowflakes.

This kind of dessert is easy to learn.

If it is made into a video and sent out, there will be many baking lovers willing to try it.

“Senior, can I try one” Seeing the square strawberry snowflakes, Suzhous eyes glowed green, staring at the plate like a hungry wolf.

“This box is all for you, you can take it back and eat it.” Wen Yuan handed her a packaged bag of snowflakes.

“Okay, then I have the motivation to edit the video tonight.”

“I asked the driver to take you back.

I have to go to Jinrans work, so I wont send you.”

“Okay, senior, Ill leave be.” Suzhou was extra satisfied after eating the snowflake.

She could understand why Senior Qi spoiled Wen Yuan so much.

With such a handsome and kind wife who could cook, who wouldnt want to spoil him every day

Wen Yuan brought half of the cheesecake and snowflakes and planned to share them with the office.

When he arrived, he didnt let Zhuang Jie tell Qi Jinran, but secretly went to the office on the top floor, intending to surprise Qi Jinran.

After greeting the secretary, he secretively pushed the door of the CEOs office open.

Just as he was about to walk in, he found Qi Jinran standing at the desk.


Qi, thanks for your help on this project.

I booked a box at Lu Ting tonight, can we enjoy a meal together”

Wen Yuan squinted and didnt go in, but looked at the young mans face from the door.

At first glance, he is a rich boy, with red lips and white teeth, and a slender figure.

At this moment, his eyes are full of admiration, staring at Qi Jinran without blinking.

The rich mans eyes were as tender as water, but the man sitting on the top opposite was unmoved.

“Sorry, Im going home for dinner tonight.”


Qi, is it worth it” He heard that Qi Jinran seemed to have a strict wife.

After getting married, he ran home from work on time every day.

He didnt believe it, and doubted the truth behind those rumors.

“Its just a meal, the guy in your family cant even accommodate you doing this” He was used to seeing all kinds of cheating and shadowy things in rich and powerful families.

Even though Qi Jinran looked like this on the surface, who knew how he was in private.

He wanted to test him.

Qi Jinran frowned, and was about to let the secretary blast him out when the office door was suddenly pushed open.

Wen Yuan walked in with a smile, without even looking at the man standing at Qi Jinrans desk.

“Husband, why havent you gotten off work yet Didnt you promise me to go home early today”

Wen Yuan stickily sat on Qi Jinrans lap, and wrapped his arms around his neck.

When Qi Jinran saw him come in, warmth appeared in his black eyes, and his originally cold expression became very gentle.

He wrapped his arms around Wen Yuans waist.

The tip of his nose almost pressed against his head, and his black eyes were as tender as water.

“Werent you going to shoot a video this afternoon Why did you come so early”

“If I didnt come earlier, how would I know that someone had ideas about you” Wen Yuan deliberately emphasized the last few words.

His eyes were full of cold light as he glanced at the young man at the table.

The young man stood there, feeling suffocated.

Qi Jinran was indifferent to him, but completely changed when facing Wen Yuan.

The two were like glue, and the love in Qi Jinrans eyes was so full that it almost overflowed.

Originally, he still didnt believe the rumors, but found himself completely slapped in the face.

“Since Mr.

Qi is busy, I will not disturb Mr.

Qi and his wife.” The young man gritted his teeth and left the office reluctantly.

As soon as the young man left, Wen Yuan stood up and his face changed instantly.

He angrily kicked the seat the young man had just sat on.

“Who is this! How dare he hook up with a married man!”

Qi Jinran watched him lose his temper, feeling like he was watching a little milk cat making trouble.

He was so cute that Qi Jinran couldnt help stepping forward, hugging him into his arms and kissing him.

Wen Yuans face was full of indignation.

“You said last night that I have many friends outside, but what about you How many partners in the business field have bad intentions towards you It seems that I should come to your office every day in the future to watch you!”

Qi Jinran hugged his waist and kissed his neck with a smile in his eyes.

“Welcoming my wife to supervise the company.”


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