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The doctor gave him local anesthesia, so he was still conscious.

He just felt that his body was extremely heavy, and his hands and feet were not like his own.

He wanted to look up and see what he looked like now, but it was extremely difficult to even open his eyes.

He stared at the shadowless lamp above his head for a while, then fell drowsiness again.

In a hazy consciousness, he felt his body begin to move, as if the operation was over, and he was pushed out of the ward by the nurse.

“Doctor, how is Wen Yuans situation now Im his partner.”

Partner… Wen Yuans heart thumped, and he almost didnt want to open his eyes to face the world.

He clearly told Zhang Huaite not to inform Jinran, why did Jinran still come

Wen Yuan didnt hear what Qi Jinran and the doctor talked about.

His mind was in a mess, and he closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep because he was afraid that Qi Jinran would see that he was conscious.

The hospital bed under him began to shake again and stopped in front of a single ward.

The two nurses carried him to the hospital bed, and Wen Yuans body slid into the quilt smelling of disinfectant.

The footsteps gradually faded away, Wen Yuan waited, guessing that almost all the doctors and nurses in the ward had left, before he quietly opened his eyes.

Unexpectedly, when he opened his eyes, he met Qi Jinrans extremely dark eyes.

“Awake” Qi Jinran looked at him blankly.

A terrible storm seemed to be brewing in his deep black eyes.

Wen Yuan felt that he was about to be blown by the arctic wind, laughed dryly, and said weakly, “Ill sleep a little longer.

Im a little sleepy.”

“A moderate concussion.

Youre lucky to wake up so soon.” Qi Jinran walked to his bed, staring at him with dark eyes.

“Why dont you ask, how I knew about your car accident”

“Its probably the doctor…”

“Its Zhang Huaite who told me.” Qi Jinran interrupted him coldly.

The boy had bloodstains and bruises on his face, riddled with wounds over his body and should be experiencing unbearable pain, but his tone was still sarcastic.

“Would you rather he accompany you than see me appear”

This Zhang Huaite is not reliable at all! I really shouldnt have believed him!

Wen Yuan never thought that Qi Jinrans brain would make up so much, and felt more wronged than Dou E.

He couldnt help coughing twice with blood surging in his throat, and his expression became paler.

“I didnt… think that way, I was afraid of you… worried.”

“In your eyes, I am so fragile, and cant even bear a little bad news” Qi Jinran stared at him with red eyes.

Stared at by his hurt-filled eyes, Wen Yuan felt his heart shrink.

He didnt expect that what he thought was good for Qi Jinran had caused so much harm to the man.

“Jinran, Im sorry, I was afraid that you would think of your parents… I wont be like this next time.”

“Next time” Qi Jinran was ready to explode in anger at him.

He couldnt help grasping Wen Yuans arm that had not been infused, with terrified, crazy eyes.

“If something happens to you, and Im the last one to know… You want me to die of anger, dont you”

“Jinran, I—” Wen Yuan felt guilty and regretful seeing Qi Jinran like this, and was extremely distressed.

“There will definitely be no next time, I promise… hiss, my hand hurts…”

 Seeing Wen Yuans painful expression, Qi Jinrans black eyes finally regained some clarity, and he let go of Wen Yuans hand.

“Sorry, I was too agitated.

Whats wrong Do you want me to call a doctor here”

 Wen Yuan shook his head.

“Except for a little dizziness in my head, everything else is fine.

I guess I wont feel well until the anesthetic wears off.

Jinran…dont be mad at me, okay”

 Qi Jinran sat down beside him with a sullen face, and said nothing.

 Wen Yuan couldnt help turning his head over, stretched out his hand, and pulled Qi Jinrans arm.

 “Im so miserable.

Its fine if you dont comfort me, and you still lose your temper at me.

Do you treat patients like this”

 “You still know youre miserable”

 Wen Yuan laughed.

“Its not too miserable.

I heard from the doctor that its just a little fracture in the right leg, and some bruising on the other parts of my body.

Not dying after a disaster means fortune later on in life, right”1last line is an idiom

 Qi Jinran glanced at his right leg and frowned.

“Cant walk for a month, and you still call this a small fracture”

 “Ah, will it take a month” Wen Yuan finally panicked.

“What about our wedding Ill be in a wheelchair”

 “The wedding will be postponed.

Wait for you to recover fully and talk about it then.” Qi Jinran looked gloomy.

He began to think that maybe it was all his fault.

If he didnt let Wen Yuan take a taxi at that time and asked the driver to pick him up, maybe this car accident would not have happened.

“Ah, thats the only way then.” Wen Yuan sighed.

Suddenly thinking of something, his eyes flashed with excitement and he looked at Qi Jinran.

“Jinran, havent I told you the result of the game yet”

Qi Jinran made a light “en” sound.

“I was the chef the next day, and we won again.

Still the first place! Do you think Im great” Wen Yuans dark eyes were shining, and he didnt look like he was tormented by injury at all.

Qi Jinran smiled reluctantly.

“Youre great.”

“Your smile is too ugly, youre not sincere at all.” Wen Yuan pouted, suddenly feeling his cheek itch.

He raised the hand without the infusion, and was about to scratch it when Qi Jinran held his wrist in shock.

“Your wound was just treated.

Dont touch it!” Qi Jinrans tone was full of anxiety.

“Oh, I wont scratch it.” Wen Yuan put down his hand angrily, blinked his eyes, and looked at Qi Jinran.

“Dont be so excited, its just a small wound, Im not disfigured, right” Finishing the question, even he was a little unsure.

Qi Jinran tucked his hands into the quilt, looked at his face, and showed a very shallow smile for the first time tonight.


Youre still handsome.”

“Ah, thats good.” Out of the corner of his eye, Wen Yuan saw a figure dangling outside the door, and glanced at Qi Jinran.

“Is it Huaite outside “

“En, he has no face to see you and has been waiting outside.”

Wen Yuan laughed.

“Please help me call him in, dont let him wait outside.”

Soon, Zhang Huaite came in.

He looked at Wen Yuans whole body, and after confirming that he was not seriously injured, his face improved a little.

But there was a hint of guilt in his black eyes.

“Huaite, actually I have to thank you for helping me tell Jinran.” Wen Yuan looked at him and said sincerely.

Zhang Huaite was surprised for a moment, and then seemed to understand something.

He shook his head with a wry smile.

“I dont want to worry about the two of you anymore.”

Wen Yuan actually regretted letting Zhang Huaite be caught in the middle of them.

After he confirmed that Zhang Huaite had no injuries, he asked him to go back to rest quickly and not stay in the hospital.

“I know you think me, this light bulb, is an eyesore.

Ill leave right away, okay” Zhang Huaite picked up his bag with a displeased expression.

Watching him leave, Wen Yuan sighed softly.

Although the process of the car accident was very thrilling, the result was fortunate that Huaite was not injured, and he was only slightly injured.

He couldnt imagine what would happen if they injured the nerves of their hands.

They would probably miss out on baking for the rest of their lives… Fortunately, the worst didnt happen.

“How is the driver” Wen Yuan asked.

“There were multiple fractures all over his body, but his life was saved.

Hes in the ICU.

The driver of the big truck was not so lucky and died on the spot.”

Wen Yuan sighed.

“Ah, in fact, the big truck also had an accident.

They didnt hit us on purpose.

It should be that the brakes went out of control.”

“You dont need to worry about this, the traffic police will take care of it.

You just take care of your body, and dont think about other things.

“Okay.” Wen Yuan yawned.

Feeling sleepy, he estimated that Qi Jinran was tired after tossing for most of the night, so he said, “Jinran, why dont you go home and rest.

Anyway, there is a nurse here, and I can ring the bell.

Theres no need for you to take care of me.”

It was better if he hadnt said that last sentence.

Qi Jinrans expression changed as soon as he finished speaking.

“I dont need to take care of you” he repeated almost through gritted teeth.

“Wen Yuan, you want me to be mad, dont you


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1last line is an idiom


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