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Ji Hong: Dont you know that the last time the male god appeared on the basketball court, he won the hearts of many fans.

No, its mainly because the CP fans are very excited.

High-rise buildings have been built, and the CP building is very tall!1replies are treated as floors, so the taller thebuilding the more replies/comments Ill send you the link.

Wen Yuan turned on the computer, went to the link in doubt, and found that there really was a massive thread built up for his and Qi Jinrans CP.

It simply slapped the old CP building for him and Zhou Yunqing.

Topic: Did the Yuan-Jin2WYs Y, and QJRs J couple make sugar today

First floor: New photos from the basketball court, come and lick the screen.

High-definition picture, JPG.

Second floor: ahhhhhh, this is big! Yuanzi3another nickname for WY in a black and white jersey and male god in a black trench coat and a white shirt are a perfect match!!

Third floor: I have moved to the Civil Affairs Bureau – No, the two have already been to the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Im very happy to follow this couple, lying down on the floor with contentment [salted fish.jpg]

Fourth floor: I think the male god can take off his windbreaker and put it on Wen Yuan, kill me as well!!

Fifth floor: Same as above!!

Fifty-eighth floor: Hehe, the age difference between these two is so big.

They dont match at all.

Wen Yuans gaze stopped, and landed on the ID on the 58th floor, silently writing it down.

He continued to look down, and saw a few more comments from Shouchangyanyuyuan, yin and yang, weird and cynical names, being chased and scolded by CP fans.

Shouchangyanyuyuan (169th floor): Is Qi Jinran good to Wen Yuan Not necessarily, how many times have they met at T University

Shouchangyanyuyuan (521st floor): Wen Yuan is indeed handsome, but Qi Jinran… Oh, thats it, little white face.

Shouchangyanyuyuan (1027th floor): A disabled person, is he worthy of the management of the hospital

Wen Yuan regarded this person as a nit-picking gangster, not taking it to heart, until he saw the latest reply, and he blew up.

He took a screenshot of the sentence and sent it to the dormitory group, directly @-mentioning the eldest and second child from the computer department.

Wen Yuan: Help me check this persons IP, I want to fight with him!! [Rage]

Ji Hong: F*ck, how can there be such a vicious person, still scolding in the CP building.

Courting death!! Im going to help you beat him!

Boss: Damn, how can there be such a person in our school, his mouth is dirty.

@wenyuan dont worry, Ill check it for you.

Second child: I found it.

The IP address is in the No.

3 dormitory building next door.

A buddy of mine lives in that building.

What the hell is this!

Wen Yuan: Can it be accurate to the room

Boss: If they open their own network and dont use the campus network, it should be fine.

Boss: Uh… Sure enough, they opened their own network.

I found it.

Dorm number 501.

Wen Yuan: Thank you, I will invite you to dinner another day.

Since he is also a student of T University, what kind of line does he have He will directly ask the person out offline, and teach him a hard lesson! See how honest that vicious mouth will be!

When his teeth were shaking with anger, Ji Hongs phone came.

“Wen Xiaoyuan, hurry up and confess, do you want to beat someone Dont go alone, remember to call me!”

Wen Yuans face was helpless.

“This is my own business, why are you coming Dont worry about it.”

“No, I must stab two blades for my good brother.

Besides, what if that Yanyuyuan4abbreviated ver of the earlier ID is a burly 1.9m man What can you do if you cant beat him by yourself Call me!”

“What about 1.9m, I am the main force of the basketball team, and my muscles are not trained in vain.” Wen Yuan clenched his fists and looked at his slender and powerful arms, his eyes were full of confidence.

“Even if he is 2m tall, I can beat him to the ground!”

When Qi Jinran walked in, he just heard the last sentence.

“Who are you going to hit” He walked to the desk with doubts in his eyes.

Wen Yuan didnt expect Qi Jinran to return from Yu Hengs house so soon.

He put down his hands with a guilty conscience.

“Its nothing, I was just chatting with Ji Hong.”

He glanced at the desktop and found that his laptop was still on.

Fearing that Qi Jinran saw the post on the forum, he shut the screen with a snap and hugged it in his arms.

“Thats how you practice writing” Qi Jinran looked helpless.

“Uh… I couldnt help it, and played a game for a while.” Wen Yuan scratched his hair, his face full of guilt.

“I wont play again, Ill practice writing right away.”

He returned to his desk with a guilty conscience, opened the copybook, picked up the pen and began a new page.

Its just that no matter how much he told himself to calm down, the vicious message from that Shouchangyanyuyuan lingered in his mind.

He always thought that school was the simplest and cleanest place, and didnt expect that there would be so much malice in a dark place where there was no light.

The funny thing is that he asked Qi Jinran yesterday if he was very popular when he was in T University.

No wonder Qi Jinran didnt answer him at that time.

He couldnt imagine how many similar criticisms and rumors he had endured when he was in college.

After resting at home for a day, when Wen Yuan returned to school the next day, the first thing he did was to go to the No.

3 dormitory building to find the poster.

He browsed through all the past speeches of Shouchangyanyuyuan and found several important pieces of information.

Shouchangyanyuyuan was a student of the School of Humanities and a member of the New Moon Literature Club.

From the books he mentioned, Wen Yuan could vaguely guess that this was a very self-righteous student who was very dissatisfied with society.

After lunch, Wen Yuan didnt even put away his schoolbag.

Sending Ji Hong away with an excuse, he went to the third dormitory alone.

This is an old dormitory building, which often sees no sunlight.

It is much colder and damper than building no.


After reaching the upper floor, there is some sun shining in through the gaps in the branches, but it is still not very warm looking..

Wen Yuan walked to the door of Room 501, took a few deep breaths, and knocked on the door.

“Who is it” An impatient voice came from inside.

“Im from the New Moon Literature Club.

I want to find the one in your dormitory—” Before he could finish his sentence, he heard a voice say loudly, “Zou Yanyu, hes looking for you!”

Wen Yuans heart moved when he heard the name, and his teeth clenched.

He was even more sure of his guesses.

The door of the dormitory opened, and a boy wearing black-rimmed glasses, with a short height and an uncharacteristic appearance, stood in front of him, confused.

“Why are you looking for me”

The eyes behind the glasses were dazed for a few seconds.

After seeing Wen Yuans face clearly, Zou Yanyus complexion instantly became extremely complicated.

Wen Yuan looked at him blankly, and two seconds later, a not very kind smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, “Shouchangyanyuyuan… is that you”

Hearing his ID, Zou Yanyus face turned extremely bad.

He lifted the frame of his glasses uneasily, trying to deny it.

“Ive never heard of this name.”

“When people lie, their eyes will wander around and their body will become stiff.” Wen Yuan sneered.

Looking at the boy who was half a head shorter than himself, he mocked, “Dont worry, were at school, so I wont do anything to you.

Lets talk in another place, okay”

Wen Yuan already determined this weak chicken who couldnt fight was ready to escape, and even started to prepare plan B in his mind.

Unexpectedly, when Zou Yanyu looked at him, a strange light appeared in his eyes behind the lens, and the corners of his mouth twitched slightly.

“Okay, happy to accompany you.”


Any guesses who or what ZYY is up to His ID was a pain to translate, so I left it phonetic.


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1replies are treated as floors, so the taller thebuilding the more replies/comments2WYs Y, and QJRs J3another nickname for WY4abbreviated ver of the earlier ID


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