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Inside the dazzling palace, a three-meter-tall dragon man was kneeling on the ground.

His eyes were closed and his head was lowered.

He was facing the place where the ancestral statue had been.

However, the place had now been cleared.

One could clearly sense an overbearing aura from his body.

This was Dragons might, which would instantly make ones hair stand on end.

His dark golden eyes were filled with a noble aura that enticed others to bow down to him.

This person was Long Fengyun.

Long Fengyun had already been cultivating in this place for three months.

He had been thinking about the death of his ancestor this entire time.

What kind of person could defeat his ancestor

He could not understand.

The dragon race was well-known among the myriad races.

It was unthinkable that something like this had happened.

As he was deep in thought, his tightly-shut eyes slowly opened, revealing a pair of brilliant golden eyes.

Then, he slowly turned his head and saw a human youth appear at the door.

“Who are you” Long Fengyun coldly asked.

This place was an important location of the Black Heaven sect.

Under normal circumstances, no one would be able to enter this place.

Only the person who ranked first on the Heaven rankings was worthy of living in such a lavish palace.

What was going on with this human youth

The other party was wearing ordinary gray cotton clothes.

He was not even wearing shoes as he stepped on the smooth palace floor.

He was not considered tall or strong, and his eyes were simple and guileless.

“A nameless soldier,” Yuchi laughed.

He sensed the dragon mans strength, sighed, and turned to leave.

To be honest, Long Fengyun was not very strong;he had only reached the fifth-grade of the Dao realm.

In the Black Heaven sect, he might be the most powerful person.

However, Yuchi had now reached the third-grade of the Dao realm, so this kind of strength was not worth mentioning to him.

Since that was the case, there was no need for him to continue staying in the Black Heaven sect.

In the end, the so-called competition was just a group of children duking it out in their little arean.

There was not much meaning to it.

It was better to return to the small island and fish.

“Wait!” Long Fengyun said.


Yuchi stopped and looked behind him.

Long Fengyun gradually stood up from the ground.

his body grew taller and straighter, until he had reached his full three-meter height.

The dragon scales on his tail were shining, and his body was covered in dragon scale armor.

He exuded an imposing aura.

“I cant sense your aura.

Are you stronger than me” Long Fengyun asked.

“Yes,” Yuchi replied.

“How strong are you”

“Stronger than your ancestor.”

Long Fengyun was speechless.

He knew that the man in front of him had no intention of teasing or insulting him.

Rather, he was just stating facts, but when these words came out of the mans mouth, he could actually feel that these words were said lightly.

It was as if the other party was speaking of a very simple matter.

“Have you eaten”

“Ive eaten.”

“What did you eat”


It was as if that entire conversation had been like this, matter-a-fact and without embellishment!

Long Fengyun quickly regained his calm.

His ability to adapt to the situation was quite impressive.

“Does that mean you defeated my ancestor”

“He was just a dead soul.

He was a person worthy of respect, but in the end, he was still defeated, partially due to his prideful nature.

To be honest, if he had given me a chance to resurrect him, I might not have been able to defeat him in a head-on battle.”

Long Fengyun did not dare to speak.

The scales on his body emitted golden light.

This meant that he was trying his best to suppress his restless emotional state.

He was clearly unable to maintain his calm!

‘Damn it!

First, a strange man appeared in the palace.

Second, this strange mans strength was unfathomable.

Then, this strange man said that he had defeated the ancestor of their dragon race.

This man had just calmly uttered those words, as if they were not worth mentioning.

He did not have any hesitation or worry.

He was just telling the truth.

“Youre not lying.

I can now sense the immense Dao aura in your body,” Long Fengyun replied.

“Really Then youre quite amazing.”

Long Fengyun was speechless.


Long Fengyun walked toward Yuchi step by step.

His tone of voice was calm as he asked, “Can I know Seniors name After all, the strongest human in the Black Heaven sect is only a member of the Earth rankings.

I never imagined that such a powerful warrior would appear among the human race.

Please tell me your name so that I can remember you.”

Yuchi did not answer, but asked him instead, “Do you want to avenge your ancestor”

“Yes,” Long Fengyun replied.

“Oh, youre not qualified,” Yuchi said.

Long Fengyun was speechless.

He really wanted to smash the head of this human in front of him.

Although the human did not have any intention of looking down on him when he spoke, and was just discussing the matter as it was, why did it sound so…


This made the dragon unhappy!

Long Fengyun replied, “I can still try!” The potential of my dragon race is very strong!”

“Not strong enough,” Yuchi replied.

“How would you know” Long Fengyun replied.

“I defeated your ancestor.

Do you want to repeat the same mistake”

“Im not afraid of losing,” Long Fengyun replied.

“Then are you afraid of death”

Long Fengyun was speechless.

He just wanted to have a good spar with the other party to understand the level of strength the other party had.

Why was the other party suddenly talking about death Could it be that there was no such thing as sparring in his mind

“Senior, this junior only wants to seek guidance from you, and doesnt have the determination to fight to the death with you,” Long Fengyun replied.

“Then youre not as strong as your ancestor.

Perhaps its because youre a coward, or maybe the dragon blood in your body isnt as pure as your ancestors.”

Yet again, Long Fengyun was rendered speechless.

He gritted his teeth, and had a complicated look in his eyes.

He could no longer maintain his calm state of mind.

He could only suppress the anger in his body and look at the human youth in front of him.

The human youth had not said his name since the beginning.

He had only appeared suddenly, looked at him, and then turned around to leave!

“Please spar with me.” Long Fengyun bowed deeply.

“Can we fight to the death”

Long Fengyun raised his head and gritted his teeth, “…sure!”

“Alright,” Yuchi agreed.

“Make the necessary arrangements for your funeral.”

He nodded and walked out.


Long Fengyun finally could not hold it in any longer.

He was beyond irritated.

Just as he was about to speak, Yuchi appeared in front of him silently.

He calmly extended a hand and placed it on Long Fengyuns head, “I was just joking.

I dont have a grudge with you, but youre indeed no match for me right now.

Besides, I dont know how to control my strength.

Theres no need for you to fight with a lunatic like me at this time.”

Long Fengyun looked at Yuchi, who was standing in front of him.

He wanted to move, but his body was actually firmly pressed in place!

The blood in his body, and even his heart, were completely frozen.

Only his mind seemed to be working.


He looked at his surroundings.

There seemed to be many chains around him that bound him to the spot.

Then, he looked at the man in front of him.

Although the human was not as tall as he was, his aloof aura made him feel extremely terrified.

It was too terrifying!

Yuchi just stood there quietly, a kind expression on his face.

It was then that Long Fengyun became certain…

The other party was right.

He was really not his match…

No matter how much of his dragon blood he activated, he was no match for this opponent.

It was akin to the difference between Heaven and Earth!


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