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Lin Jia couldnt help but laugh when he saw the look on Yin Taos face. He said to Yin Hao, “Ah Hao, your little sister Taotao is quite amusing.”

Yin Hao ruffled Yin Taos head helplessly and explained, “My grandparents raised Xiaotao. Shes a little wilful and mischievous.”

Yin Tao ignored everyones expressions and stared at the table of dishes. She had been hungry already.

Subsequently, Yin Tao was busy gobbling up the food in front of her, while Yin Ning was ingratiating herself, chatting and laughing with everyone.

In comparison, Yin Tao was indeed not as mature and sensible as Yin Ning. However, as a qualified supporting actress, Yin Tao did not care about being compared at all. After all, it is just as well that everyone liked Yin Ning. Yin Tao can then live carefreely away from the spotlight.

Yin Tao, who had been busy eating, only put down her chopsticks when she heard Jin Chen mention the case of the corpse found in the new city district.

“Xi Feng, did you not just take over a development in the new city district Would those two murders affect your business”

Xi Feng glanced at Jin Chen and said slowly, “Its not a big deal, its not near to where we are, so it shouldnt affect us much.”

“Sigh, the new city district has always been very chaotic. Previously, there were many people dealing in the black market, drugs, human trafficking, and so on.” Jin Chen glanced at Feng Jing and asked, “Brother Feng, arent you a detective Is there any inside scoop on the new city district case If its not serious, I plan to acquire a piece of land while it is chaotic.”

“No, I just transferred to A City so I didnt take on any cases.” Feng Jings tone was cold and he didnt even raise his head. However, everyone seemed to be used to his attitude.

The atmosphere at the banquet was not bad. Yin Dong gave a thank you speech after everyone cut the cake. Everyone was very used to such occasions, except for Yin Tao, who had been eating non stop, and Feng Jing, who had not spoken a word.

The banquet was coming to an end. Everyone presented their gifts and well wishes to Yin Dong. Yin Tao was no exception.

Yin Tao remembered that Yin Dong and Yin Hao treated the original Yin Tao quite well even though Zhao Yue and Yin Ning didnt like her in the novel. Therefore, Yin Taos attitude was quite good when she spoke to Yin Dong.

“Happy birthday, Dad.”

Yin Tao handed the tie she had prepared earlier to Yin Dong and noticed that he looked quite pleased.

“Alright, I heard from Ah Hao that you specially prepared the gift. Very kind of you, thank you.” Yin Dong patted Yin Taos shoulder and continued, “Move back home. Conditions in the dormitory arent good after all.”

“No need, Dad. Im fine staying in the dormitory.” Yin Tao looked at the middle-aged man in front of her and a fuzzy warmth surged in her heart.

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“You…” Yin Dong sighed helplessly and said, “Do you really have to do that job”

“Yes, Dad, I think I can do it well!” Yin Taos tone was firm.

Yin Dong felt that his daughter, who had always been willful, was a little different. He still said worriedly, “Ill give you some time to consider. Dont be angry with your mother. You can come home anytime.”

Yin Tao smiled at Yin Dong. Actually, she really wanted to say that it wasnt her who was angry with Zhao Yue, it was clearly Zhao Yue who couldnt stand her no matter what.


When she finished speaking with Yin Dong, Yin Tao saw a wealthy looking woman all decked out in jewelry walking toward her with a smile.

“I havent seen you for so long. Taotao, why have you lost so much weight” The woman held Yin Taos hand affectionately and asked with concern.

Yin Tao searched her memory. The woman in front of her should be the eldest aunt of the original Yin Tao, who was also Zhao Yues elder sister, Zhao Ling.

She was not as arrogant as Zhao Yue. Zhao Ling was a businesswoman. She was a kind person and took good care of the original Yin Tao.

“Eldest aunt.” Yin Tao smiled sweetly at Zhao Ling. Compared to her cold and disdainful mother, she preferred this aunt who was kind and loving to her.

“I heard from your mother that you insisted on being a forensic doctor. Its so tough for a girl to be a forensic doctor. Look at how thin you are.” Compared to the quiet Yin Ning, Zhao Ling preferred the straight talking Yin Tao. Zhao Ling was also a straightforward person.

“Its not tough, Aunt. I quite like this job.” Yin Tao felt that her aunt wasnt disdainful of her like Zhao Yue. She was genuinely worried that she would suffer.

“If you cant hold on any longer, come to work at Aunts company. Dont listen to your mother. You can choose any position in Aunts company!” Zhao Ling had wanted Yin Tao to come to her familys company previously, but Zhao Yue had always said that Yin Taos ability was lacking and kept making things difficult.

Zhao Ling didnt believe that Yin Tao could be any worse if she could do such hard work as a forensic doctor.

“Sister!” Zhao Yue frowned unhappily when she saw Zhao Ling holding Yin Tao. “You cant keep spoiling her like this!”



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