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There was still no real progress in the case. The family of the dead boy had been found. Police investigations revealed that the family was working class and did not have any enemies.

Bai Luos detective team had to put in extra hours, working nights in a row. Yin Tao originally wanted to use work as an excuse to skip the birthday party on Sunday, but after thinking for a long time, she still didnt have the courage to call Yin Hao.

Standing at the entrance of the hotel with the gift box in her hand, Yin Tao took a deep breath and walked in. It is more painful for her to face these key figures than to do an autopsy.

“Xiaotao, youre here!” Yin Tao spotted Yin Hao at the entrance as soon as she arrived at the function room of the birthday banquet.

“Brother.” Yin Tao walked over to greet him. When she saw that Yin Hao was wearing an exquisite dark gray suit, she lowered her head to look at her casual outfit and smiled awkwardly.

“Why dont you dress up properly” Yin Hao looked at his sister in a white t-shirt and jeans and felt a little helpless. This girl had a baby face to begin with, and now she looked like a student who had not graduated from high school.

“Im just here to celebrate Dads birthday, not as if Im the main lead.” Yin Tao deliberately dressed down as he didnt want to be too conspicuous in such an occasion where the protagonists gathered.

“Alright, youre not young anymore. Lets see if theres any boy you like later and Ill introduce him to you.” Yin Hao looked at Yin Tao in front of him and felt that she seemed to have changed a lot. In the past, she would definitely have dressed up elaborately for such occasions. There is no way she wouldnt want to be in the limelight.

“Oh…” Yin Tao lowered her head and replied feebly.

“Brother!” A gentle and sweet voice came from behind. Without a doubt, Yin Tao knew it had to be Yin Ning and Zhao Yue.

“Dad is inside. Mom, you and Ningning go in first.” Yin Hao was not surprised to see the mother and daughter all dressed up.

“Ah Hao, dont forget to introduce Xi Feng to Ningning later. At the last gathering, Ningning said that Xi Feng seemed not bad…” Zhao Yue and Yin Hao whispered her instructions to Yin Hao, but Yin Ning interrupted them coyly.

“Mom, didnt you say that you wouldnt tell elder brother”

Yin Ning wore exquisite make up and a silver-white long silk dress. Her fair skin looked even more beautiful when set against the silhouette of the long dress.

The corners of Yin Taos eyes twitched as she watched the pretentious mother-daughter pair. It seemed that she was really out of place in such settings.

“Yin Hao! Hello Auntie!” Three tall men walked over from not far away. Yin Tao glanced at them and hurriedly left for the washroom at the corner.

“Xi Feng, Jin Chen, Lin Jia, you guys are here.” Yin Hao went up to them. Just as he was about to introduce Yin Tao to his friends, he realized that Yin Tao had already disappeared.

“This girl…” Yin Hao smiled helplessly and turned to look at Zhao Yue and Yin Ning. “Ningning, you met Xi Feng and Jin Chen at the last gathering. This is Lin Jia, the mayors assistant in City A.”

Yin Ning sized up the man in front of her. He was refined and wore a pair of gold-rimmed glasses. Although he was not as handsome as Xi Feng, he had a gentle smile on his face and the cultured temperament of a scholar. Yin Ning remembered that in her previous life, Xi Feng did the best, but Lin Jia was also a big shot that should not be ignored.

“Hello, Brother Lin Jia.” Yin Ning had a sweet smile on her face, and Lin Jia greeted her politely.

After following Yin Hao into the banquet, Jin Chen looked around and asked Yin Hao, “Ah Hao, dont you have another younger sister”

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“Oh, Xiaotao is also my younger sister. She has a more lively personality. I dont know where shes gone off to” Yin Hao had been looking for Yin Tao, but it was obvious that this girl had deliberately gone into hiding.

“Sigh, amongst us brothers, Ah Hao is the lucky one with two pretty sisters, unlike me who has a younger brother who gives me a headache every day.” Jin Chen truly felt that Yin Ning was beautiful, but he wasnt confident that he could match Xi Feng and Lin Jia.

“Xi Feng, dont you have a sister too” Lin Jia smiled at the man beside him in a dark brown suit.

“Yes, but shes still in primary school,” Xi Feng replied with a smile. He inadvertently looked at Yin Ning and realized that she was staring at him.

“Yo, I think youre going to be Ah Haos brother-in-law!” Jin Chen saw Yin Nings gaze and deliberately teased Xi Feng.

“Whats wrong with being my brother-in-law” Yin Hao patted Jin Chens shoulder and asked with a smile.

“Sure, but you only have two sisters. With Xi Feng and Lin Jia around, I cant be ranked.” Jin Chen had a pair of beautiful peach blossom eyes. Compared to Xi Feng and Lin jia, he seemed more frivolous.

“Leave me out of this. In terms of looks, I cant compare to Xi Feng or Feng Jing.” Lin Jia waved his hand hurriedly. He had no intention of going there to be matchmade.



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