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Yin Tao was staring intently at the corpse when she heard what Zhang Yuan said, she smiled and said, “Its alright, Dr. Zhang.”

Yin Tao took a glance at Su Ning and realized that he lowered his head but didnt dare to bend his body too much. “Master, your back is hurting again, right Let me dissect the stomach.”

Hearing Yin Taos words, Su Ning looked at her in surprise. Just a few days ago, this little girl had been complaining non-stop because she had been assigned to the forensics department. Now, her work attitude was positive and serious. Looking at Yin Taos big bright eyes on her round face, Su Ning realized that one could not judge a book by its cover.

He handed the tool in his hand to Yin Tao, looking forward to her performance next.

Yin Tao was not the original Yin Tao. She had a lot of work experience. Su Ning and Zhang Yuan were very surprised with Yin Taos agility and speed. The stomach had always been a relatively difficult body part to handle. They did not expect this little girl in front of them to calmly and skillfully perform the procedure impeccably.

“Hey, Su Ning, are you sure this is your disciples first day of internship Is she really a newbie” Zhang Yuan pulled Su Ning aside and asked softly. He had worked for so many years, but he had never seen a newbie with such talent in forensics.

“Its the first day, and she didnt seem to want to be a forensic doctor.” Su Ning looked at the earnest Yin Tao and was a little puzzled.

“With such skills, it would be a pity not to be a forensic doctor…” Zhang Yuan looked at Yin Tao and sighed. “Old Su, its not that I want to advise you, but this is a good seedling. You have to seize it and nurture it well.”

Su Ning also had a new understanding of Yin Tao. This little girl was not as delicate as she looked. As long as she wanted to learn from her, he would definitely want to teach her.

“Master, there was no food residue in the deceaseds stomach. There was a lot of bile in the duodenum and gallbladder, the deceased must have been on an empty stomach for a long time when alive.” After Yin Tao checked the stomach, she carefully observed the skin tissue that was already difficult to identify.

“Other than the ligature marks from the tying of the heavy object, the deceaseds wrists were severely decomposed. The wrists must have been tied up by the murderer when the deceased was alive.” Yin Tao usually looked like a little girl who was still in school, but she seemed much more mature when facing a corpse.

“There are no obvious external injuries. There are no signs of a fight and no injuries from water impact. The body must have been found near where it was abandoned.” Zhang Yuan and Su Ning were very surprised to see Yin Tao so professional and serious.

“Well done! Its not bad for you to achieve this level as an intern.” Zhang Yuan praised Yin Tao generously. He was a little envious that Su Ning could have such a clever disciple. “Xiaotao, if your master doesnt treat you well, come and look for me. My qualifications are not inferior to your master!”

“Zhang Yuan, dont you have any shame If you want to mentor an intern, apply for one yourself!” Although Su Ning did not directly praise Yin Tao, Yin Tao could tell that Su Nings expression was much better than when she first arrived.

“Yin Tao, the police are checking the surveillance footage by the river. Ill go and do a DNA comparison later. Go back and rest first. Wait for my update.”

Yin Tao happily bade farewell to Su Ning and Zhang Yuan. When she returned to the police station, there was still a smile on Yin Taos lips. It seemed that her professionalism had already changed Su Nings impression of her.

“Xiaotao!” Bai Luo looked at the smiling Yin Tao and asked, “Whats up Something good happened”

“Oh, nothing much. I just went to dissect a corpse,” Yin Tao replied calmly.

“Hey, are you alright Whats there to be happy about dissecting a corpse” Bai Luo looked at Yin Tao and sighed. She lowered her voice and said, “Do you know that a highly decomposed corpse was hauled from the new city district this morning I was at the scene. That sight, sigh…” Bai Luo frowned as she recalled the ghastly images.

“Oh, I know.” Yin Taos tone was calm, but Bai Luos eyes slowly widened.

“No way! Thats the corpse you went to dissect”

“I think so. He was hauled up from the new city district. Male, about forty years old.” Yin Tao remained very calm.

However, Bai Luo shook her head as if she had seen a monster. “Indeed, those who can be forensic doctors are definitely not ordinary people. Im impressed!”

“What are you talking about Bai Luo!” Before Bai Luo could finish speaking, a lanky boy with a buzz cut patted her shoulder and asked with a smile.

“Oh, Xia Jin.” Bai Luo looked at the boy in front of him and introduced him to Yin Tao. “Xiaotao, this is Xia Jin. Hes also a newbie led by my master, Captain Chen.”

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“Hello!” Yin Tao shook hands with Xia Jin warmly. She was very warm toward characters that had never appeared in the novel before.

“Hello, are you also from our division two” Xia Jins skin was a little dark, and he seemed cheerful and outgoing.

“Im an intern forensic doctor. Well have a chance to work together in the future.” Yin Taos voice was very soft, and there was a smile in her eyes.



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