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Elder Brother

“There are quite a lot of empty dormitories. There are also extra beds in the room Im staying in.” Bai Luo pulled Yin Tao and said warmly, “Theres no need to go through so much trouble. Ill help you fill in the check-in application. You can stay with me.”

“Thats good too.” Although they had only exchanged a few words, Yin Tao felt that the girl in front of her had a very good personality. There werent many descriptions of Bai Luo in the novel because the original Yin Tao had resigned from her job as a forensic doctor. However, Yin Tao could tell that compared to her pretentious younger sister, the girl in front of her was much easier to get along with

Under Bai Luos enthusiastic guidance, Yin Tao quickly familiarized herself with the police stations environment. She was very adaptable and was clearly more suitable for this job than the original Yin Tao.

“Xiaotao, why do I feel like youve become a different person after a trip home You used to be chatty.” Bai Luo saw that Yin Tao had been silently packing her luggage and did not speak much. She felt that Yin Tao was much more composed than before.

“Uh… Is that so Perhaps its because I have decided to take my work seriously.” Yin Tao hung the clothes in the cupboard and smiled awkwardly.

It seemed that she was quite different from the original Yin Tao. Even her colleagues who had not known her for long could sense it. Fortunately, she did not stay in the Yin home. Otherwise, Yin Ning and Zhao Yue would definitely have noticed her abnormality.

“Really Didnt you say that you just wanted to be done with the internship and then find a chance to work in another department” Bai Luo was a little puzzled. Yin Tao had a clear disdain for the job of a forensic doctor previously.

“No, Ive straightened out my thinking. Forensics is the most suitable job for me!” Yin Taos tone was serious. To her, everything else was unknown, the job of a forensic doctor was the only thing she still had some confidence in.

“Thats good. Im really looking forward to working with you!” Bai Luo was genuinely happy. The forensic doctors she had come into contact with before had huge age gaps with her. It was really rare to see a young and beautiful female forensic doctor like Yin Tao.

When she was almost done packing, the corners of Yin Taos eyes twitched as she looked at the cabinet full of ethereal monotone dresses. When she was previously packing her luggage at the Yin home, she realized that the original Yin Taos taste was really bland. The original Yin Tao had a baby face just like hers, but perhaps she wanted to imitate Yin Nings virginal temperament, so she always wore mature, ladylike long dresses. She looked like a child who had stolen her parents clothes and looked neither fish nor fowl.

“Bai Luo, is there any mall nearby” Yin Tao really did not want to wear these clothes anymore.

“Yes, lets go together. I also want to buy some clothes.” After saying that, Bai Luo pulled Yin Tao out of the dormitory.

Yin Taos heart was filled with warmth as Bai Luo held her hand. It seemed that this unfamiliar world wasnt as bad as she had imagined. Yin Tao felt that as long as she worked hard and stayed far away from the protagonists in the novel, she could still live very well even if she couldnt return to her original world.

However, there was still a huge gap between ideal and reality. As soon as she walked to the high street with Bai Luo, Yin Tao heard someone calling her name from behind.

“Yin Tao!”

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Yin Tao turned around. A man who looked to be in his late twenties got out of a silver-gray sports car and walked towards her and Bai Luo.

Yin Tao recognized the man in front of her. He dressed smartly in a crisp white shirt and black trousers, and was about 1.8 meters tall. His features were somewhat similar to hers, but he was much more mature and colder.

This man was the original Yin Taos elder brother, Yin Hao. He was mature and steady in his actions, but a little apathetic toward people. Yin Hao and Yin Taos appearances were more similar, but compared to the wilful and overbearing Yin Tao, Yin Hao clearly preferred the gentle and sensible younger sister, Yin Ning.

“Big brother.” Yin Tao knew that she would have to face him sooner or later, so she greeted Yin Hao in a relaxed manner.

“Eh, shopping with friends” Although Yin Hao didnt quite like Yin Tao, he still tried his best to treat his two younger sisters impartially.

“Eh, this is Bai Luo, a detective. Shes my partner during my internship.” Yin Tao looked at the infatuated Bai Luo and smiled helplessly. Indeed, her elder brother was definitely considered outstanding in terms of looks.

“Hello, Officer Bai. My younger sister is usually a little naughty, thank you for taking care of her.” Yin Hao greeted Bai Luo in a very gentlemanly manner and took out a card from his wallet. He stuffed it into Yin Taos hand and said, “Buy something you like with your friend and pick a gift for Dad. Sunday is Dads birthday. Dont forget to come home.”

Yin Tao took the card that Yin Hao had given her and was somewhat at a loss. Sunday was a grand scene for the protagonists to appear, and she really didnt want to go and cause any disturbance.



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