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“Wei Fengs driver! How is that possible” Yin Tao widened her eyes in surprise. “Didnt he meet Wei Feng last night The time of death doesnt match either”

“Wei Feng was already killed. No one can prove that the person he saw last night was Li Chao.” Feng Jing looked at the green and swollen body in front of him and was even more sure of his guess. The person Wei Feng saw last night could not be Li Chao.

“So the person who went to pick Wei Feng up yesterday was the murderer” Yin Tao paused for a moment and asked Feng Jing, “Was it captured by a surveillance camera”

Feng Jing shook his head and said, “The murderer has a certain ability to escape detection and has destroyed the hotels surveillance footage. The black box in the car is also gone.”

“Although the victim drowned, there were no obvious injuries during the struggle. Its very likely that he was thrown into the river while conscious,” Yin Tao said as she recorded.

“Can you find out the cause of the coma” Feng Jing asked Yin Tao.

“Of course, but we need to examine the blood and the gastric fluid.” Yin Tao was about to cut open the deceaseds abdomen when she looked at Feng Jing beside her. “Captain Feng, youd better stand further back,” she advised.

Feng Jing didnt want to act tough either, so he stepped back further from the body, and stood behind Yin Tao.

Although Feng Jing was mentally prepared, what followed was a scene that Feng Jing remembered for the rest of his life. The moment the scalpel in Yin Taos hand came into contact with the green skin on the victims abdomen, the taut skin of the corpse rippled like a huge balloon, bursting open in front of Feng Jing.

Although Yin Tao had tried her best to hold her breath, she was still so overwhelmed by the stench that she was unable to open her eyes. It wasnt Yin Taos first time dissecting a body like this, but it was Feng Jings first timeappreciating it at such a close distance. Feng Jing looked sick when he saw the yellowish-green liquid splattered on Yin Taos coat.

“Should I wipe it off” Feng Jing couldnt bear to let Yin Tao face such a terrifying body alone, but he also regretted his decision to follow her to the autopsy lab. He should just stick to his own job in future.

“No need, Ill take a shower later.” Yin Tao didnt mind at all. Seeing Feng Jings nervous expression, she said, “This isnt too bad. If its the hottest time of summer, maggots will be the hardest to deal with. They will crawl everywhere.”

Just thinking about the scene made Feng Jing feel uncomfortable, and he found it harder to comprehend this girl in front of him. Under Feng Jings gaze, Yin Tao performed a series of routine operations. Su Ning got to the autopsy lab just as she was about to finish.

“Master, its almost done.” Yin Tao took off her gloves and began to make autopsy notes.

Feng Jing looked at the man who rushed in. He was in his thirties and wore a pair of rimless glasses. “Hello, Dr. Su. Im Feng Jing. I was just transferred to this branch.”

“Hello, Ive heard from Captain Chen that Captain Feng is young and promising. It will be easier for us to work together in the future.” Su Ning sized up the man in front of him. Feng Jing was much younger than Su Ning had imagined. Feng Jing had solved many tough cases and was held in high regard. Su Ning thought that Feng Jing had to be at least in his forties, and did not expect Feng Jing to be much younger than him.

“You flatter me.” Feng Jing looked at Yin Tao and said to Su Ning, “Your little disciple has already broadened my horizons.”

“Haha, Yin Tao is quite talented, and shes also very conscientious.” Su Ning was very satisfied with Yin Taos performance. He turned around and smiled at Yin Tao. “Work hard. You can now hold your own.”

“Master, are the results of Wei Fengs blood test out yet” Yin Tao was a little embarrassed by the two mens praises and changed the topic.

“I was held up because of this.” As Su Ning walked out the door, he said, “Lets go out first. Its not appropriate to chat here.”

Feng Jing did not want to stay in the autopsy lab any longer either, so he walked out with them.

“Anesthesia has been found in Wei Fengs bodily fluids.” Su Ning took out a test report from his backpack and handed it to Feng Jing.

“After the murderer knocked Wei Feng out, he threw him down from height.” Feng Jing looked at the test report and had an overall understanding. “Im afraid Li Chaos body also contains anesthesia. The murderer threw him into the river after he lost consciousness.”

“Li Chao” Su Ning paused and asked, “Was that Li Chaos body just now”

“Yes, Master. The time of death doesnt match. Li Chao, whom Wei Feng met the night before his death, is probably the murderer,” Yin Tao explained.

“It must have been premeditated for a long time. This is a carefully planned crime.” Although Feng Jing was not familiar with Wei Feng, he knew him a little. Wei Feng was warm and cheerful and did not seem like someone who would make enemies.



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