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“My elder brother is still waiting for me over there. I wont trouble you, Captain Feng.” Yin Tao wanted to walk toward Yin Haos car, but Feng Jing stopped her.

“Its best if you take my car. Yin Hao looked a little unwell just now…” Feng Jing had good intentions. Yin Taos body was more or less tainted with the rotten smell of body. Judging from Yin Haos appearance just now, letting Yin Tao take his car back would undoubtedly be a big test for Yin Hao.

“Alright, Ill go tell my elder brother.” Yin Tao understood Feng Jings intentions and did not decline further.

When Yin Hao saw his sister running toward him, he opened the car door and got out.

“Xiaotao, are you done Do you want me to send you home or back to the police station” Yin Hao took a sip of the mineral water in his hand. He looked much better than before.

“Big brother, were you sick just now” Yin Tao could see that Yin Hao was a little uncomfortable and asked with some concern.

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“Its alright.” Yin Hao looked at his sister in front of him and felt his heart ache. “Xiaotao, if you dont like it, dont work anymore. I can give you living expenses every month. Dont work too hard.”

“Dont worry, brother. I quite like this job. Go home first. Im going to the autopsy lab with Feng Jing later.” Yin Tao felt that her relationship with Yin Hao had become much closer, and a wave of warmth surged in her heart.

“Feng Jing, hes quite reliable.” Yin Hao looked at Feng Jing who was not far away. Among his friends, Feng Jing was less talkative and was usually more mysterious. However, compared to glib talking playboys like Jin Chen, Yin Hao was more at ease with Feng Jing, who is mature and steady.

“However, youre a girl. You have to consciously keep an appropriate distance when you interact with him.” Yin Hao looked at the police officers who were almost all in their twenties or thirties. When he saw Yin Taos particularly attractive face, he couldnt help but worry. “Dont trust others casually. If there is someone you get along particularly well with, introduce me to him, Ill help you suss him out.”

When Yin Tao saw the motherly look on Yin Haos face, she couldnt help but curl up the corners of her lips. “Alright, dont worry, big brother. I usually deal with the dead. I dont believe in the living.”

Although Yin Taos words sounded a little awkward, Yin Hao was a little relieved. Most men probably wouldnt dare to approach a girl who could face a decomposed body without batting an eyelid.

After Yin Haos car left, Yin Tao saw Feng Jing walking toward her.

“You have a good relationship with your elder brother.” Feng Jing couldnt help but ask when he saw Yin Tao still smiling.

“Yes, my elder brother treats me very well.” Yin Tao was very happy to hear this. She turned to look at Feng Jing. “Lets go, Captain Feng. Lets hurry back to the autopsy lab to dissect the body.”

The corner of Feng Jings eyes twitched slightly. The smiling girl in front of him had actually invited him to conduct an autopsy together. Of all the invitations he had received in the past twenty years, this one is the hardest to turn down.

“Alright, lets go.” Feng Jing wanted to see if Lin Jia would be more surprised than him after knowing that Yin Tao was a forensic doctor.

The two of them entered the autopsy lab one after another. The body had already been transported from the scene.

Yin Tao swiftly changed her clothes, put on a mask and a pair of rubber gloves. She instructed Feng Jing kindly, “Captain Feng, put on a mask and stand further away. The smell here wont be too good later.”

Feng Jing put on his mask. When he saw Yin Taos calm expression, he did not show any weakness either. “Its alright. Let me assist you on the side.”

“Thank you. Then youd better put on a coat.” Yin Tao looked at Feng Jing and handed him a green surgical gown. She was eager to watch his performance later.

Feng Jing put on his coat obediently. It was not that he had never touched a corpse before. He knew very well what he would face next.

However, when he watched closely Yin Tao cutting open the scalp of the victim with a scalpel, the scene in front of him still gave him a huge impact.

She was a blooming young lady, her movements light and nimble, her eyes crystal clear and she was totally absorbed in the work in front of her. If she werent tugging at the scalp of the body at this moment, she would have made a beautiful picture.

“Its fine if its a craniotomy, but itll be challenging to check the abdomen of such a bloated corpse later.” Yin Tao looked at Feng Jings obvious frown and was a little worried if he could still eat dinner later.

Under Feng Jings gaze, Yin Tao skillfully handled the white connective tissue on the skull with a scalpel.

“There is clear sediment in the victims nasal cavity, bleeding from the temporal bone cone, and severe congestion in the papillary chamber. The cause of death should be drowning.” Yin Tao saw the doubt in Feng Jings eyes and asked, “Has the victims identity been confirmed”

“Wei Fengs driver, Li Chao. He doesnt have any immediate family in City A. The police have already contacted his relatives in other provinces,” Feng Jing replied.



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