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“Why have you come” Yin Ning was clearly surprised to see Yin Tao enter and hurriedly sat up from the bed.

“Just lie down.” Yin Tao couldnt bear to see Yin Nings eyes swollen from crying. Yin Ning originally had a delicate and pretty face, but at this moment, she looked even more frail and pitiful.

“Why have you come” Yin Ning was also a little tired at this moment, and was unlike her usual hostile self.

“I want to find out a bit more about Wei Feng…” Yin Tao was interrupted by Yin Ning before she could finish.

“Do you really think youre a police officer” Yin Nings brows furrowed slightly. She didnt like Yin Taos questioning tone. “Ive already given a statement at the police station this morning. If youre curious, go back to the police station and read the statement yourself. Dont cause trouble here.”

Yin Ning seemed a little impatient. She hated interacting with Yin Tao to begin with.

“Im not looking for trouble. I just want to ask who was there on the night of your gathering.” Yin Tao knew Yin Nings personality well, so she didnt get angry and continued to ask patiently.

“I went with Wei Jie. I dont know all of Wei Fengs friends. There were three that Ive never met before. Xi Feng and Jin Chen, whom you met the last time, were there too.” Yin Ning didnt have the energy to argue with Yin Tao anymore when she saw that her attitude was good.

“Did anything unpleasant happen between the two of you” Yin Tao observed Yin Nings expression while she asked. It seemed like she wasnt lying.

“What unhappiness could there be Were all friends and the atmosphere was very cordial. Who knew…” Yin Ning thought of Wei Feng and couldnt help but sob softly again. “Wei Jie only has one brother. Theyre usually very close. Why did such an accident happen”

Yin Tao took a few pieces of tissue from the table and handed them to Yin Ning. “I participated in the autopsy of Wei Fengs body. I hope you can carefully think about the details of yesterdays gathering. We all want to catch the murderer as soon as possible, dont we”

When Yin Ning heard Yin Taos words, she was clearly shocked and asked in confusion, “Thats impossible. Wei Jie said that she arranged for the most experienced forensic doctor in the city. How could it be…”

“Thats my master. Im just assisting in the autopsy.” Yin Tao helplessly explained. Her younger sister really looked down on her.

Yin Ning wiped her tears with a tissue and looked up at Yin Tao. “Have you seen Wei Jie”

“We met once at the funeral parlor. But weve rarely met each other to begin with, so she didnt recognize me either.” Yin Tao saw Yin Ning visibly relieved, and her lips curled in a bitter smile. This mother and daughter duo really despised her profession.

“Is she okay” There was a hint of concern in Yin Nings eyes.

“No, she is very haggard. How can she be well after losing a brother” Yin Tao couldnt stand Yin Nings pretentiousness and wasnt afraid of Yin Ning glaring at her. She asked, “So, think carefully so that you can help your friend catch the murderer as soon as possible. Was there anything unusual on the day of the gathering ”

Yin Ning thought about it and sighed. She said in a low voice, “Theres really nothing unusual. Wei Feng has a good personality and seemed to get along with his friends. I cant tell who has anything against him.”

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“Was he very happy that night” Yin Tao took out her phone, wanting to take some simple notes.

“He was quite happy, but he drank a little too much. In the end, he was picked up by the Wei familys chauffeur.” Yin Ning looked at Yin Tao expectantly and asked, “Do you know where the Wei familys chauffeur is now I heard from the police that he seemed to have gone missing.”


Before Yin Tao could ask Captain Chen about the case, she asked Yin Ning in surprise, “Do you think its the chauffeur”

Yin Tao deliberately asked Yin Ning this because she wanted to use Yin Nings reaction to confirm the cause of Wei Fengs death in her previous life.

The original novel did not explain the cause of Wei Fengs death clearly. However, as the protagonist of the original novel and being Wei Jies good friend, Yin Ning should have a deep impression of Wei Fengs death.

“That shouldnt be the case. The Wei familys chauffeur is an old employee of the Wei Corporation. He practically watched Wei Feng grow up. He wont hurt him.” Yin Ning knew that before she was reborn, Wei Feng had been killed in a kidnap. However, Wei Feng had been kidnapped on the way to the airport. As Wei Jies friend, Yin Ning deliberately reminded Wei Feng to avoid going out by himself, and that it was best to bring the chauffeur along.

Who knew that Wei Feng would die so early in this life From the point where Yin Tao didnt quit her job as a forensic doctor, Yin Ning realized that many things were no longer under her control. However, there were still some predestined outcomes that couldnt be changed.



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