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Going Home

“That means that Zheng Jun had contact with the second and third victim!” Yin Tao was very surprised too. This could prove that Zheng Jun was even more suspicious.

“Thats right. Coupled with his rather extreme personality, its very likely that hes the murderer!” Bai Luos tone was very excited as she said to Yin Tao, “If hes really the murderer, then Xiaotao, youre the greatest contributor. You can find the murderer just by looking at the surveillance video. Youre simply Sherlock Holmes!”

“How can I be considered a hero Anyone in your division two has worked much harder than me.” Yin Tao didnt dare to claim credit.

“Please! In any case, youll definitely be able to become a full-time doctor this time. Even my master said that youre the lucky star of division two. Everyone is very happy with you around.” Bai Luo was sincerely happy for Yin Tao. Previously, she thought that Yin Tao wouldnt last as a forensic doctor. She didnt expect that not only would she become a forensic doctor, but also such a competent one.

“The next step is to secretly observe Zheng Jun. As long as he makes any new moves, well arrest him directly.” Bai Luo glanced at Yin Tao, who was still wearing a white coat, and said, “After were done, lets go out and eat something good to celebrate.”

“Not today. I want to go home tonight.” Yin Tao looked at the excited Bai Luo and said, “Lets wait until we completely catch the murderer.”

“Alright, then go home and rest well. I heard from Master that Wei Fengs case doesnt seem to be that simple. Its still too early to celebrate.” Bai Luo paused and said helplessly, “I dont know whats wrong with our City A. You have to be careful at night. It hasnt been very peaceful recently.”

Yin Tao couldnt tell Bai Luo that she was living in a novel. The author decides whether there would be peace.

However, Yin Tao remembered that other than Wei Fengs accident, there was no other murder case in the original book and this was only because the original Yin Tao had given up her job as a forensic doctor. However, as she was still a forensic doctor now and she would probably experience many different cases in the future.

Yin Taos heart was extremely heavy. She was happier going into the autopsy lab to dissect bodies than to go home.

The moment she entered the Yin home, Yin Tao heard the voice she dreaded the most.

“Hmm, do you still know that you have a home” Zhao Yue sat on the sofa in the hall, and her eyes were tainted with a trace of disgust when she saw Yin Tao enter.

“Mom, its rare for Xiaotao to come back. Dont say that!” Yin Hao walked toward Yin Tao with a hint of concern in his voice. “Xiaotao, I heard from Dad that you have handled Wei Fengs case.”

“Yes. Brother, did you also attend the gathering of Wei Fengs friends” Yin Tao asked.

“No, something came up at the company that day. Xi Feng and Jin Chen went. I dont interact much with Wei Feng, so I didnt go.” Yin Hao sighed. To think that a person you just met recently can suddenly pass away just like that. “Ningning and Wei Feng were close. They went to a gathering and just came back from the police station. Shes upstairs now.”

“Oh, how is Yin Ning” Before Yin Tao could finish speaking, she saw Zhao Yue glaring at her, “Thats your younger sister!”

“Oh, how is my younger sister” Yin Tao couldnt be bothered to waste her breath on her.

Zhao Yue was slightly stunned and was a little surprised by Yin Taos change in attitude. However, she quickly regained her composure and said to Yin Tao in an unfriendly tone, “Ive already asked you not to be a forensic doctor to avoid bad luck!”

“Mom, youre going too far. What does this have to do with Yin Tao” Yin Hao was a little surprised by his mothers unreasonableness and was starting to understand why Yin Tao didnt like to come home.

“Whatever! If she doesnt resign, then dont come home and show her face in front of me!” Zhao Yue didnt want to get into a confrontation with her son, so she glared at Yin Tao before turning around and returning to her bedroom.

“Xiaotao, you…” Yin Hao sighed helplessly and gently ruffled Yin Taos head. “Dont be like Mom. Her thinking is a little old-fashioned. If you really like this profession, Ill help you persuade Dad and Mom.”

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Yin Tao looked at the man in front of her, the pair of eyes that bore so much resemblance to hers, looked so soft and gentle at this moment. This was the first time Yin Tao felt her familys concern since she transmigrated.

“Thank you, Brother.” Yin Tao smiled and said to Yin Hao, “Ill go and see Yin Ning.”

“Alright, Ill be downstairs. Call me if you need anything.” Yin Hao felt that his sister had become a lot more sensible.

Yin Tao took a deep breath and knocked on Yin Nings bedroom door.

“Come in.”

Yin Nings weak voice came from the room. It seemed that Wei Fengs death had affected her to a certain extent.



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