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“The brain damage is too serious, theres no need to open the skull anymore.” Su Ning turned around and asked Yin Tao, “In order not to minimize damage to destroy the body, can you collect the vitreous fluid, blood, and urine first Can you do this on your own”

The technique for collecting vitreous fluid required a high degree of precision. It was undoubtedly a challenge for interns, but Yin Tao already had a lot of hands-on experience, so she was not at all worried that she would make any mistakes.

“No problem, Master.” Yin Tao took out a syringe and gently opened the deceaseds eyelids. She tilted the syringe and inserted it into the victims sclera. After confirming the position of the crystalline body and the pupil, Yin Tao slowly pulled the syringe and extracted about 2 milliliters of glue-like liquid.

When Su Ning saw Yin Taos dexterous work, he nodded in approval. He then removed his rubber gloves and began to take autopsy notes on the side.

“Master, do you suspect that the deceased was poisoned when he was alive” After collecting the bodily fluids, Yin Tao asked Su Ning, who was taking notes.

“I heard from Captain Chen that the deceased attended a friends gathering last night. He met more people and ate a wider variety of food. Its necessary to do a poison test,” Su Ning said to Yin Tao as he continued to take notes.

“A friends gathering” Yin Tao was puzzled when she heard Su Nings words.

Would Yin Ning, Xi Feng, and the others attend the gathering After all, they had a good relationship with Wei Feng. Could it be that the person who killed Wei Feng was also his friend

“Send the bodily fluids to the laboratory first.” After Su Ning finished writing the autopsy report, he stood up and walked toward Yin Tao. “I promised the family not to destroy the remains. Ill check the external injuries first. When Captain Chen comes back from his investigation, well analyze them together with the results of the investigation.”

“Yes, Master.”

Yin Tao knew that it was extremely difficult for a forensic doctor to conduct an autopsy without damaging the remains. This was because many of the questions can only be answered by dissecting the internal organs to be dissected, and simply examining at face value would not yield any results.

Just as she walked out of the autopsy lab, Yin Tao received a call from her father, Yin Dong.

“Xiaotao, something happened to Wei Feng from the Wei Corporation. Do you know the situation” Yin Dongs tone was very calm. He wasnt close to Yin Tao and rarely took the initiative to call her.

“Yes, I know.” Yin Tao confirmed her conjecture and feigned ignorance. “How did you know”

“The police came early in the morning,” Yin Dongs tone grew more serious. “Yin Ning was called for questioning. Last night, she attended a gathering with Wei Feng and other friends.”

“Uh, its not serious, right Hows Yin Ning now” There wasnt much concern in Yin Taos tone.

“Shes fine, but this case was handled by your branch. Are you involved” Yin Dong paused and continued, “Our family has some business dealings with the Wei Corporation. Yin Ning and Wei Yuans daughter are very close.”

“My master and I examined Wei Fengs body together. As for the investigation work, I have nothing to do with it.” Yin Tao understood her fathers intentions, but she didnt point it out.

“Is there anything strange about Wei Fengs death Will Yin Ning be implicated” Yin Dongs worried voice came from the phone. Yin Tao realized that although her father was usually a little indifferent, he was actually very concerned about his family.

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“Dont worry, it shouldnt have anything to do with Yin Ning. Its not convenient for me to elaborate on other matters related to the case.” Yin Tao thought that her father would be dissatisfied with her concealment, but she didnt expect Yin Dongs voice to carry a hint of a smile.

“Well done! I didnt believe it when I heard your elder brother say that. Youve really become more mature and are behaving like a forensic doctor now.” Yin Dongs attitude became much gentler. “Come home tonight and take a look. Yin Ning is your younger sister after all. Shes also been quite frightened by what happened. As her elder sister, you should comfort her.”

It was rare for her fathers attitude to soften, so Yin Tao couldnt refuse. After hanging up the phone, Yin Tao was a little worried. She really didnt want to return to that house where she was not welcomed.

Yin Tao sent the bodily fluid sample to the laboratory and saw Bai Luo running out of the archives anxiously.

“Whats wrong What is it now” Yin Tao saw the perspiration on Bai Luos forehead and handed her a piece of tissue.

“Xiaotao, theres been a major discovery in the serial murder case.” Bai Luo was obviously happy. “The police officer who secretly investigated Zheng Jun has returned. He discovered that Zheng Juns residence is in the same district as the second victim, the six-year-old child!”



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