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Yin Tao nodded her head. Not only was her master capable, but he was also an upright person.

Yin Tao only realized how financially formidable the Wei Corporation was when she arrived at the funeral parlor. There were more than 20 luxury cars of assorted sizes in the funeral parlor, and some of them even had unique license plates.

Yin Tao saw Bai Luo standing at the entrance of the funeral parlor the moment she got out of the car.

“Master, Ill go greet Officer Bai.” Yin Tao was very surprised to see Bai Luo.

“Alright, Ill go in first.” Su Ning was led into the funeral parlor by the police officers.

“Bai Luo, why are you here Didnt you go to the Central Hospital with Xia Jin” Yin Tao was a little puzzled. Could it be that this case would also be handed over to division two

“I came with Captain Chen. Didnt we meet Zheng Jun at the entrance of the barbeque shop” Bai Luo walked closer and said to Yin Tao, “Captain Chen realized that person was very suspicious. He was afraid that he would remember me and Xia Jin, so he sent other police officers.”

“Xiaotao, you just might make a huge contribution this time,” Bai Luo said to Yin Tao with a mysterious expression. “Weve further investigated and found that Zheng Jun has consulted a psychiatrist before. He even suffered from anxiety disorder previously.”

“I hope that you can successfully close the case before the next victim appears.” Yin Taos heart still wasnt that relaxed. “What about this case Is your division two taking over as well”

“Sixty-third street is also under our jurisdiction, so it naturally comes under division two. Have you seen the first crime scene” Bai Luo and Yin Tao walked into the funeral parlor together. “Is it suicide or homicide”

“We havent confirmed it yet. The probability of murder is higher. We still need to conduct further autopsy.” Yin Tao had already lost the plot.

Did it mean that she wouldnt need to see Feng Jing anymore if this case were handled by division two

“That would be tricky. The family members of the deceased were still kicking a fuss just now. They probably wont agree to the autopsy.” Bai Luo shook her head helplessly. After all, the feelings of the deceaseds family comes first. If they didnt agree to the autopsy, then the police couldnt do anything.

“Is that so” Yin Tao was also in a difficult position. Not accepting the autopsy was undoubtedly a huge omission in solving the case. If they couldnt even confirm the cause of death, then the chances of finding the murderer would be even lower. Could it be that Feng Jing finally got involved because division two couldnt solve this case

Being mindful of this possibility, Yin Tao secretly made up her mind that she would strive to convince the Wei family and not give Feng Jing a chance to get involved.

“No! I cant accept an autopsy! Our Little Feng cant suffer anymore!” The womans wailing was heartbreaking.

Yin Tao looked at the crowd at the entrance of the morgue and roughly understood the situation. In a bid to solve the case as soon as possible, Yin Tao took a deep breath and walked over.

Seeing the worried expressions on Chief Wang and Su Nings faces, Yin Tao walked closer to the woman and comforted her softly, “Auntie, you have to take care of yourself. We forensic doctors wont damage the deceaseds body too much. We just want to find out the cause of death.”

The woman looked at Yin Tao in front of her and realized that she was only a girl about the same age as her daughter. She was a little surprised. “Are you a forensic doctor too”

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“Yes, Auntie. Were also trying to find out the truth. It is unlikely that your son committed suicide,” Yin Tao said tentatively when she saw that the womans emotions had stabilized.

“My elder brother definitely didnt commit suicide! Hes such a positive person, how could he commit suicide!” Wei Jie was very agitated, and her eyes were red and swollen.

“Thats right. Thats why we want to determine the cause of your elder brothers death so that we can find the murderer.” Yin Tao looked at Wei Jie with a resolute and determined gaze.

“I agree with the autopsy, but we cant do too much damage.” A man in his fifties walked out of the morgue. Looking at his finely tailored suit, Yin Tao guessed that he should be Wei Fengs father, Wei Yuan, chairman of the Wei Corporation.

“Old Wei, dont worry. We will do our best. Dr. Su is the most experienced forensic doctor in City A. His standard is recognized by the industry.” Chief Wang patted Wei Yuans shoulder and introduced Su Ning to him.

“Dr. Su, sorry to trouble you.” Wei Yuan looked worn out, but he maintained the air of a leader.

“Its my job.” Su Ning gestured for Yin Tao to go to the autopsy lab.

After finally persuading the family, Yin Tao and Su Ning began their routine operation.

“Ive already contacted the embalmer. Well try our best not to damage the internal organs. The head of the corpse is severely damaged. The embalmer will fill and stitch it up,” Su Ning instructed Yin Tao as she put on her gloves.

Su Ning gently turned the deceaseds head. “The fatal injuries are skull fractures and brain contusions.”



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