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Wei Family

“The victim didnt have any foot fractures, and the cervical spine didnt break either.” Yin Tao put on rubber gloves and carefully touched the corpses head. “Why would there be abrasions on the forehead”

Yin Tao looked up and realized that the building the victim had fallen from didnt have any blockages, so there shouldnt have been any collisions in midair.

“Master, the fatal wound should be on the head. If he had consciously jumped down with his back facing the building, he should have landed on his feet first, then his buttocks…” Yin Tao looked at the male corpse in front of her and gradually had an answer in her heart.

“He shouldnt have struggled in midair. It is either he was determined to die or he was dead before he fell off the building.” After Yin Tao finished speaking, she looked at Su Ning, who was standing at the side.

“Hmm, your analysis is correct.” As soon as Su Ning finished speaking, she saw a black luxury car speeding over.


A well-dressed woman staggered out of the car.

“Sigh, looks like the deceaseds family…” Yin Tao retreated behind Su Ning. This was the last scene she wanted to see before she transmigrated. She could not remain indifferent after witnessing such a heartwrenching scene.

“Why is Chief Wang here too” Su Ning saw another police car following closely behind the black car. Chief Wang An from the branch also got out of the car with a solemn expression.

The woman who got out of the car could not come into contact with the crime scene. She could only cry and collapse on the police line.

“Chief,” Su Ning and Chief Wang greeted each other.

“Dr. Su, did you find anything” Chief Wang glanced at the woman who had collapsed on the side. He didnt look too good either. He said to the police officer beside him, “Go and comfort the family.”

“An autopsy is required. It doesnt look like a suicide.” After Su Ning finished speaking, Chief Wangs expression turned even worse. He glanced in the direction of the woman and lowered his voice. “The deceased is the eldest son of the Wei Corporation, Wei Feng. I also have some friendship with his father. Please investigate seriously.”

Su Nings eyes flashed with surprise. She nodded and carefully checked the condition of the body one more time.

Wei Feng!

Yin Tao was slightly surprised. She turned her head to look at the body on the ground. So he was Wei Feng.

The original novel mentioned Wei Fengs death, but shouldnt it be a kidnap Yin Tao remembered that in the original novel, Wei Feng was a friend of the male protagonist, and Wei Fengs younger sister, Wei Jie, was Yin Nings good friend. In order to develop the plot for the male and female protagonists, Wei Fengs accident was used to firmly link Yin Ning and Xi Feng together.

Moreover, this case seemed to have been handled by the second male protagonist, Feng Jing. It was also because of this that he met Wei Jie and Yin Ning and then acted out the most melodramatic scene in the novel, Wei Jie liked Feng Jing, Feng Jing liked Yin Ning, and Yin Ning liked Xi Feng.

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Yin Tao didnt feel moved when she was reading the novel, but when she looked at Wei Fengs body, she felt a little upset in her heart. A fine young man had died in order to advance the plot.

In this novel, other than the male and female protagonists, the other supporting characters were basically cannon fodder. Yin Tao felt heartache for what Wei Feng had to go through and she also couldnt help but worry for her future.

Although Yin Ning had already altered many portions of the plot, her halo as the female protagonist still exists.

Yin Tao didnt dare to think too much about it as the crowd had already dispersed. She looked up and saw several cars parked outside the police cordon.

“Mom!” A sobbing female voice sounded, attracting the attention of many people.

A girl in her early twenties ran towards the woman. Although she was wearing an exquisite suit, she looked a little hazard as a result of her panic and running.

That person must be Wei Jie, right Yin Tao felt bad looking at how the girls pretty and delicate face now looked pitiful being covered in tears.

Wei Jies looks were not inferior to Yin Nings. What kind of taste did this second male protagonist have He didnt like anyone who liked him and insisted on fighting with the male protagonist over her. Yin Tao thought of Feng Jings cold and indifferent face and was a little eager to see him as a loser when his love was unrequited.

“Lets go to the funeral parlor first. Wei Fengs family will rush over later.” After Su Ning finished taking notes, she walked over and patted Yin Tao on her shoulder.

Yin Tao and Su Ning got into the same police car. Looking at Su Nings solemn expression, Yin Tao couldnt help but ask, “Master, is Wei Fengs father a friend of Chief Wang”

Su Ning glanced at the police officer driving and said to Yin Tao, “Im not sure either. Were forensic doctors. Our responsibility is to analyze the cause of the deceaseds death clearly. His identity isnt that important, understand”



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