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Fall from Height

“You mean, the man in glasses fits the murderers self righteous and emotional personality.” Captain Chens expression became more solemn.

“Its not just that.” Yin Tao thought for a moment and continued, “He fits the physical characteristics of the murderer. He was tall and looked very smart. Moreover, his daily life revolves near the new city district. He had contact with the third victim, Zhang Wei, when she was alive.”

Yin Tao thought for a moment and picked up the reports of the three cases. “The murderer is very smart and meticulous. That is the impression the man gave me, and I found that he has some aversion to the police. Even if hes not the murderer, some of his traits will definitely match the murderers. We can screen more similar suspects.”

Captain Chens interest was completely piqued by Yin Tao. “Alright, Ill investigate carefully. There are very few clues in the case now. Id rather err on the side of caution than let slip any suspect.”

“Ive already asked Bai Luo to check that mans occupation and more personal information. If his other aspects also match our guesses about the murderer, then we should indeed pay more attention to his actions.” Before Yin Tao could finish speaking, she saw Bai Luo rushing in.

“Found it!” Bai Luo placed a stack of printed papers in front of Captain Chen and Yin Tao. Then, she caught her breath and said, “That persons name is Zheng Jun. Hes 35 years old and is a surgeon in the Central Hospital.”

Hearing Bai Luos words, Yin Tao and Captain Chen were a little taken aback.

“Thats a match,” Captain Chen carefully flipped through the mans personal information. “He has an understanding of human anatomy, is highly educated and is totally capable of committing clever crimes.”

Yin Tao was also a little surprised. To think that the man was actually a surgeon. Thinking of the knife wound on Zhang Weis body, this further confirmed her previous guess.

“Alright, Bai Luo, tell the investigation team to investigate Zheng Juns motive.” Captain Chen turned around and instructed Bai Luo, “Dont alert the enemy yet. You and Xia Jin, go to the Central Hospital in plain clothes and secretly observe Zheng Juns life and movements.”

“Yes, Master.” Bai Luo received the order and walked out of the conference room.

“Dr. Yin, if Zheng Jun is really the murderer, youd have done a great service.” Captain Chen looked at Yin Tao with markedly deeper appreciation.

“I was just making a wild guess.” Yin Tao scratched her head in embarrassment. “It would be great if I really did help you guys with a stroke of luck.”

“No wonder Dr. Su and Dr. Zhang always praise you for being competent and reliable. Youre so young, but so humble and hesitant to claim credit. How rare!”

Yin Tao was a little embarrassed by Captain Chens praise. When she walked out of the conference room, Yin Tao was about to look for Bai Luo and go to the Central Hospital with her when she received a call from Su Ning.

“Yin Tao, a male body has been found on Sixty-third Street. Im at the scene now.” Su Nings voice was very solemn. Yin Tao hurriedly took a taxi to Sixth Street.

As an intern forensic doctor, Su Ning did not hand over any trivial matters to Yin Tao. Instead, he called upon her every time there was a murder case. Yin Tao felt that her master was trusting her more and more.

As Sixty-third Street was in downtown, Yin Tao saw many onlookers before she reached the scene.

“This is bad. I think he jumped off a building…”

“It almost hit me, terrifying.”

“I think hes only in his twenties. What a pity…”

Yin Tao heard the discussions of people and roughly understood that this was an accident. However, she couldnt be sure if it was an accident or a murder until she saw the body.

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Seeing that the police had set up the cordon, Yin Tao stepped forward and identified herself.

“Im Dr. Su Nings student. My master asked me to come to the scene to make records.” After explaining the situation to the police, Yin Tao successfully entered the crime scene.


Su Ning was taking photos when he saw Yin Tao, so he handed over the camera to her.

“Come and take a look.” Su Ning gestured for Yin Tao to check on the body.

Yin Tao knew that Su Ning was testing her and began to seriously examine the body.

Death by jumping off a building would usually result in serious damage to the body. The deceased was a male in his twenties. He landed on his back and the back of his head was completely shattered. Blood mixed with brain matter spilled onto the dark gray concrete floor. It was a tragic sight.

Most people put their feet together before jumping off a building, generally staying upright when their bodies make contact with the ground, and their muscles remain very tense.

However, this body here was clearly in a very relaxed state. Unless the deceased was determined to die and had a very strong will, he would not be able to maintain such a relaxed state.



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