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“Although its been a long time, Ive always felt like it only happened yesterday.” Feng Jings face was gloomy and his slender and deep eyes were dyed with a layer of gray.

“Your elder brother saved you back then. He definitely didnt want to see you brooding over his death.” Lin Jia patted Feng Jings shoulder gently.

“Im fine,” Feng Jing pretended to be relaxed and said, “Isnt it good now If I transfer to City A, my mother wont see me and get upset.”

Lin Jia looked at Feng Jing and felt a tinge of heartache. “Is Auntie… still blaming you”

“Its not quite blame, maybe she is just avoiding the reality that my elder brother has passed away.” Feng Jing sighed softly. “If she doesnt see me, she wont be reminded of my elder brothers death. Maybe its better for us not to meet.”

“Contact me if you need any help. I know the situation in City A quite well. Perhaps I can help.” Lin Jia knew that he could not stop Feng Jings determination to solve the case, so he could only do his best to help.

“Thank you, brother. I will keep an eye on Yin Tao for you.” Feng Jing smiled. He had not seen Lin Jia so concerned about a girl all these years, so he had to help him for sure.

“Alright, I help you keep an eye on the case, you help me get my girlfriend, us brothers will win together.” Lin Jia smiled and said, “Lets go. Ill treat you to a meal to celebrate our success in advance.”

Lin Jia and Feng Jings black jeep disappeared into the night. Yin Tao and the rest also returned to the police station.

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“Xia Jin, send me a copy of the surveillance video you copied from the mall later,” Yin Tao said to Xia Jin before returning to the dormitory.

“Alright, elder sister Xiaotao, you should rest early too.” Xia Jin also returned to the dormitory after bidding farewell to Bai Luo and Yin Tao.

“Xiaotao, is there a problem with the surveillance video just now” Bai Luo asked in puzzlement when she saw Yin Tao hurriedly turn on her computer once she got back to the dormitory.

“I want to check on an onlooker at the time.” Yin Tao said as she watched the video Xia Jin sent her.

“Found it!” Yin Taos voice was a little agitated. Bai Luo also looked over.

“This person” Bai Luo looked at the image enlarged by Yin Tao. It was a middle-aged man with black-rimmed glasses.

“Hes the person who testified at the entrance of the barbeque shop today!” Bai Luo recalled the man in the beige coat and was a little surprised too.

“Thats right. When I saw him today, I felt that he looked a little familiar.” Yin Tao took a screenshot of the video and marked out the man.

“But can this prove anything It can only mean that hes quite zealous and always gets involved in things” Bai Luo had a good impression of that man and did not think that there was anything wrong with him.

“Indeed, it cant prove anything.” Yin Tao thought for a moment and turned to look at Bai Luo. “However, when we caught the person who secretly took the photo today, the person who testified was a little strange.”

“I cant help but feel that hes a little too agitated…” Yin Tao thought of the mans expression and continued, “He didnt know those two young ladies at all, but I feel that he especially hated the person who secretly took the photo and said that he doesnt deserve to live at all. I feel that his reaction was a little too extreme.”

“Perhaps he abhors evil. Some people have a stronger sense of justice.” Bai Luo did not think that there was anything wrong with the man. At that time, she was also disgusted by the person who secretly took photos.

“Maybe, but he seemed a little nervous when he heard that the police were coming.” Yin Tao still felt that something was not right.

“Really Is he worried that he would have to waste too much time at the police station” Bai Luo had seen many witnesses who were unwilling to testify. Many people would not sacrifice their personal time for strangers.

“I just dont have a good impression of that man.” Yin Tao felt a little tired and rubbed her sore eyes. “Maybe Im overthinking it. However, you should still help me check this mans personal information tomorrow. After all, we still dont have any leads on this case. Try not to let go of any clues.”

“Alright, Ill tell my master about your discovery tomorrow. Right now, our entire division two is troubled by this case. We really cant let go of any clues.” Bai Luo also agreed with Yin Taos opinion. Sometimes, a case could not be solved without intuition.

The next morning, Bai Luo and Yin Tao went to the police station together. Bai Luo went to the archive room to check the information, and Yin Tao went alone to the conference room to look for Captain Chen.

“Dr. Yin, did you make any new discoveries Why are you at the police station so early” Captain Chen was sitting alone in the conference room. Information on the serial murder case was spread all over the table. He did not look too good, and there was a green stubble on his chin. It seemed like he had another sleepless night.



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