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“Its not like theres only one detective team in City A. How could I possibly have seen everyone” Feng Jing still looked uninterested.

“Hey, have the two of you heard of Captain Feng from the detective team” Lin Jia ignored Feng Jings effort to stop him and asked Bai Luo and Xia Jin.

“Of course, Captain Feng is only 28 years old, but he has solved many mysterious cases and made huge contributions. He is a legend in our detective team!” Bai Luo did not think too much about it. She only heard from Captain Chen that Feng Jing would be transferred to their branch for a period of time. She was in fact looking forward to meeting this legendary figure.

“You cant be Captain Feng, can you” Xia Jin looked at the refined man in front of him and asked in disbelief.

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“I am not. He is!” Lin Jia smiled and looked at Feng Jing.

“Captain Feng, were from division two. Youre a senior, Ive admired you for a long time!” Xia Jin was relieved when he saw Feng Jing behind Lin Jia. He was similar to the Captain Feng he had in mind. He was tall, dignified, and upright, however his facial features were a little too exquisite.

“Our master is Captain Chen of division two. He often praises you as a genius of the detective team. You are young and promising, and you have a bright future!” Bai Luo also looked at Feng Jing with admiration.

Feng Jing coughed lightly and glared at Lin Jia before saying to Bai Luo and Xia Jin, “Oh, Ive met Captain Chen before. Hes the true senior in the detective team. You can learn a lot from him.”

Lin Jia could not help smiling when he saw that Feng Jing was struggling to cope with the situation. He asked Yin Tao, “Little Sister Xiaotao, surely you are not a police officer too”


Bai Luos words were interrupted by Yin Tao. “Ah, you can say that!”

Yin Tao awkwardly smiled. Bai Luo and Xia Jin saw that she was intentionally hiding a fact, so they didnt say anything more.

The few of them exchanged a few pleasantries before parting ways.

“What do you think Yin Haos younger sister does Why cant I get anything out of her everytime I ask” Lin Jia asked Feng Jing as he watched the three of them walk away.

“Is the job of the mayors assistant very idle Youre really that bored to bother with a little girls job.” After saying that, Feng Jing walked towards a black jeep parked by the roadside.

“Hey, arent you a genius at solving cases” Lin Jia followed and sat in the passenger seat. He raised his eyebrows at Feng Jing, who was starting the car, and asked, “Take a guess if Yin Haos younger sister is a police officer”

“Unlikely to be a police.” Feng Jing had no choice but to continue, “Her two friends are both detectives. When she faced the perpetrator just now, she couldnt even protect herself. With her physique, she is unlikely to be a police officer.”

Starting the car, Feng Jing thought of Yin Taos young and tender face. “It might be a job in the police records office or call center. Furthermore, her family isnt supportive of her.”

“That makes sense. The Yin couple has very high standards. They probably think that their daughters job isnt glamorous enough, so they dont want to mention Yin Taos job.” Lin Jia looked at Feng Jings deep set eyes and asked, “What about you What do you think of Yin Taos job”

“What do you mean what I think” Feng Jing was puzzled.

“Will you despise her work” Lin Jia probed.

“Is it that important whether I despise it or not” Feng Jing knew that Lin Jia was trying to imply something.

“No, I just think that Yin Tao is a good girl. Although she looks delicate, her personality is quite brave.” Lin Jia sincerely felt that Yin Tao was a good person. Compared to the gentle and elegant Yin Ning, Lin Jia actually admired Yin Taos innocence and kindness more.

“Shes not bad. If you like her, go for it! What she works as isnt that important.” Feng Jing also felt that Yin Tao was much simpler than her elder sister. Indeed, she was more suitable for the taste of a sly old fox like Lin Jia.

“Brother, in this case you have got to help me.” Lin Jia had been waiting for Feng Jing to say this. “Arent you going to be transferred to the branch soon Help me look out for Yin Tao and get me her contact number.”

“Cant you just directly ask Yin Hao for it” Feng Jing did not understand Lin Jias actions.

“I can see that the little girls relationship with her family is so so.” Lin Jia smiled and said to Feng Jing, “Im afraid that it will backfire. Its safer for you to help me.”

Feng Jing neither agreed or refused. “Lets talk about it after I have transferred to the branch.”

“Hey, why do you insist on going to the branch” Lin Jia thought for a moment and asked in surprise, “Brother, are you still secretly investigating your elder brothers case”

Feng Jings silence further confirmed Lin Jias suspicion.

Lin Jia sighed weakly and said, “Sigh, its been so many years. Feng Jing, try to look ahead.”



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