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“I saw it. He did take a photo secretly!” A man in black-rimmed glasses walked out from the crowd of onlookers. He was about 30 years old and wore a beige jacket and black jeans. He was tall and looked zealous.

“Alright, now that we have a witness, take out your phone. Otherwise, go straight to the police station!” Bai Luo also grabbed the man. She had always hated scumbags who did not respect women.

“You people!” The man glared at the man in the beige jacket. “Youd better mind your own business! Otherwise, youll get into trouble!”

“Who are you threatening!” Xia Jin also pressed on the mans shoulder. “If you dont cooperate, well make a trip to the police station!”

The man in the beige jacket was not nervous at all when he saw him threatening him. Instead, he walked closer. The gaze behind his glasses was very sharp. He bent over and whispered to the man, “A scumbag like you dont deserve to live. Bullying a few young girls, what are you!”

Yin Tao made a call to the police. Although Bai Luo and Xia Jin were also police officers, this type of civil dispute was not under the purview of detectives.

Looking at the man in the beige jacket in front of her, Yin Tao felt that he looked a little familiar. He was very gentle and gentlemanly, but he made Yin Tao feel uneasy. She couldnt recall where she had seen him before.

“Ive called the police. When the police arrive later, just bring them to the police station.” Yin Tao turned around and instructed the two girls who had been secretly photographed, “Next time you encounter such a thing, its best to call the police directly to avoid encountering danger.”

Hearing that someone had called the police, the man who was being held down by Xia Jin suddenly broke free and rushed towards Yin Tao and the two girls angrily. “Wretched girls! I think youre tired of living!”

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“Xiaotao! Be careful!”

“Sister Xiaotao!”

Bai Luo and Xia Jin were caught off guard and were still some distance away from Yin Tao.

Yin Tao noticed that the man who pounced towards her had a small knife in his hand. She hastily pushed the two girls away and took a few steps back, she felt she had bumped into someones chest. Looking at the small knife coming towards her, Yin Tao stretched out her arms to protect her head.

Yin Tao didnt feel the pain she was expecting. When she heard the man in front of her scream, she opened her eyes and saw that the man had been kicked. He fell to the ground and was immediately restrained by Xia Jin and Bai Luo.

Turning around, Yin Tao saw the person she had just bumped into behind her.

Feng Jing! Why was he here He seemed to have saved her.

“You insist on escalating your crime Youve got the nerve!” Lin Jia glanced at the man on the ground. He stood beside Feng Jing and gave Yin Tao a friendly smile. “Little Sister Xiaotao, what a coincidence. To think that Feng Jing and I witnessed your courageous act when we came out for a meal.”

With an embarrassed smile, Yin Tao explained to Lin Jia and Feng Jing, “How can this be considered as a courageous act Thank you, Brother Feng Jing. Otherwise, Im afraid that I would have to go to the hospital now.”

“Its nothing.” Feng Jings tone was cold. His face was expressionless, and his emotions could not be read.

Lin Jia shook his head helplessly. This brother of his was really a block of wood.

“Thank you so much!” The two girls were a little nervous because of the sudden turn of events, but they were still glad to have met so many people who helped.

“The police will be here soon. Big Brother, is it convenient for you to be a witness” Bai Luo pressed the man on the ground as he asked the man in the beige jacket.

“I wont be going. There must be photos in his cell phone.” The man in the beige jacket had a smile on his face, but Yin Tao noticed that his fists were slightly clenched, seeming like he was a little nervous.

“We still have to thank you!” The two girls who were secretly photographed thanked the man in the beige jacket. “If it werent for a righteous person like you, we wouldnt have dared to resist directly.”

“Ah, its nothing.” The man smiled politely at the two girls and left the scene before the police arrived.

Yin Tao looked at the mans back view as he departed and suddenly thought of something. Her eyes widened and her heartbeat quickened as she muttered softly, “It cant be such a coincidence, right…”

The police arrived at the scene and Bai Luo and Xia Jin identified themselves and updated them on the situation. The police brought the two girls and the man who had secretly taken photos back to the police station.

“Your friends are police officers” Lin Jia was a little surprised to see that Bai Luo and Xia Jin were also police officers despite their young age.

“Yes, theyre detectives.” Yin Tao was a little nervous. She knew that her family didnt want outsiders to know about her profession, so she was afraid that Lin Jia would ask about her work.

“Is that so, Feng Jing Youre both from City A. Havent you seen each other before” Lin Jia looked at the silent man beside him.



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