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Having a Meal

“There isnt any particularly suspicious person.” Yin Tao still did not take her eyes off the screen.

Judging from the murder of the three victims, Yin Tao could gauge that the murderer was not weak. The possibility of him being a man was higher.

However, in the shop where Zhang Wei worked, all the employees, including the manager, were women in their twenties or thirties. Their suspicion for the crime was almost zero. The customer who had an argument with Zhang Wei looked honest and simple. She was also very petite and was not capable of the crime.

After thinking for a moment, Yin Tao said to the staff in front of the display screen, “Sir, please pull up the surveillance video at the entrance of the shop for the same time period.”

The staff quickly found the video. Bai Luo and Xia Jin also bent and looked over.

“When the argument broke out, there were quite a few onlookers at the entrance of the shop,” Yin Tao said to Bai Luo and Xia Jin. “The onlookers were also people who knew about the argument between Zhang Wei and the customer.”

“Youre saying that the murderer might also be an onlooker!” Bai Luo was a little surprised by Yin Taos thoughts and asked quizzically, “Could it be that someone went to kill Zhang Wei just because they saw that she had a bad service attitude”

“The possibility isnt high.” Yin Tao looked at the onlookers in the video and noticed that there were many men with good fitness levels. Yin Tao carefully memorized their facial features. “But its not impossible!”

“Ill make a copy of the surveillance footage and slowly run a thorough check when I get back to the police station.” Xia Jin felt a little disappointed that he didnt find any useful clues.

It was already dark when the trio left the mall.

“Lets go, Ill treat the two of you to a meal!” Yin Tao raised her eyebrows at Bai Luo and Xia Jin. “Although we didnt find much, we still have to eat!”

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“Thats great, Sister Xiaotao. I want to eat roast meat!” Xia Jin, who was originally a little depressed, suddenly perked up.

Bai Luo glanced at Xia Jin, turned around, and said to Yin Tao with a laugh, “Xiaotao, lets go eat barbecue, okay”

“Hmm, lets compromise. I know a restaurant nearby that serves highly reviewed charcoal roast meat. They also serve barbeque skewers. What do you think” Yin Tao has made two friends, Bai Luo and Xia Jin, since she transmigrated. When she hangs out with them, she felt this is not too bad a life!

“Alright! Agreed!”

The other two had no objections and thus they headed straight to the barbeque restaurant.

Because it was dinner time, there were many customers in the restaurant. Yin Tao and the others found a seat by the window at the innermost end.

The barbeque restaurant was very famous. The service was good, and the dishes were served very quickly. After working the entire afternoon, the three of them were a little hungry and finished a large plate of beef very quickly.

“Sister Xiaotao, do you think the murderer is someone Zhang Wei came into contact with at the mall” Xia Jin asked as he ate the meat skewers.

“Its very likely. Most of the people Zhang Wei usually interacted with are customers of the mall.” Before Yin Tao could finish speaking, she heard a commotion at the entrance of the barbeque restaurant.

Yin Tao looked out of the window and saw two 17 or 18-year-old girls pulling and tugging a middle-aged man wearing a black baseball cap.

The young girl was very agitated and many pedestrians stopped to look on.

“Come, lets go take a look.” As a result of their professional instinct, Bai Luo and Xia Jin stood up at the same time and walked out.

“Dont you have any shame Take out the phone you used to secretly film me!” The girl with a ponytail was very agitated. She tugged at the mans sleeve desperately, for fear that he would escape.

“You were secretly taking photos of me just now. Lets go to the police station!” Another girl with her hair let down was wearing a pale yellow dress. She was not tall, and also very agitated.

“Stop slandering me! Who saw me secretly taking photos of you!” The man was a little flustered being surrounded by two girls, but the girls were not strong after all, so his attitude was still arrogant. “Two young ladies tugging at an unknown man on the street and refusing to let go. I think youre the shameless ones!”

“Youre still scolding me! Hand over your cell phone!” Seeing the mans fierce gaze, the two girls were angry and afraid at the same time.

“Get lost!” The man saw that there were more people watching and was incensed due to the embarrassment. He pushed the ponytailed girl in front of him away.

“Are you alright” Yin Tao quickly stepped forward and supported the girl who had almost fallen.

Bai Luo walked up to the man and questioned, “Take out your cell phone and check. If you didnt secretly take photos, naturally you may leave.”

“Who do you think you are Mind your own business!” The man saw that Bai Luo was also a girl in her twenties, and his tone was not polite at all.

“Cooperate. If you didnt do it, well apologize to you!” Xia Jin was afraid that the man would hurt the girls, so he walked closer to him.

“Get lost! Stop playing the hero here! No means no! What right do you have to inspect my personal belongings!” Seeing Xia Jin appear, the man was afraid that the matter would escalate and all he wanted was to leave immediately.



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