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“Zhang Wei is alright as a person, but we dont interact much.” Hearing Yin Taos question, the smile on the managers face suddenly became a little uneasy.

“I hope you can cooperate with the police and not hide anything.” Bai Luo also noticed the managers abnormality, and his slightly stiff tone.

“This is a vile case. The police also hope to crack the case as soon as possible. I hope you can try your best to provide us with some clues.” Yin Tao was obviously easier to talk to than Bai Luo and Xia Jin.

The store manager hesitated for a moment before saying to Yin Tao, “Fine, there are many customers here. Come to the lounge with me.”

The three of them followed the manager to the staff lounge and closed the door. The manager politely served them water.

“Zhang Wei has already passed away so I really shouldnt say this, but I also hope that the police can catch the murderer as soon as possible.” The manager sat across Yin Tao and the others. He sighed and slowly said, “Zhang Weis character is very bad. Actually, shes not suitable for the service industry at all.”

Yin Tao and the others were not surprised to hear this. The fact that no one had discovered her for more than a month after her death was enough to prove that the deceased did not have many friends.

“Zhang Wei is very vain and is temperamental at work when serving customers. She had received many complaints when she was alive.” The manager was a little nervous. It was obvious that she did not want to talk too much about a person who had already passed away.

“I heard that she had already been fired from the mall” Yin Tao asked and gestured for the manager to continue.

“Hmm, her family background isnt very good, and her family doesnt contact her much. I previously felt that it wasnt easy for her to be on her own, that is why I didnt fire her although I received some complaints.” The manager said in a very heavy tone, and it was obvious that she was a kind person.

“But a week before she was killed, sigh, she really went overboard and was fired from the mall.”

“What did she do” Bai Luo asked.

“She was rude to a customer because the customer dressed simply. When the customer argued with her, she actually pushed the customer.” The managers brows were furrowed and her face was solemn. Clearly, it was not right for such a thing to happen in the service industry.

“What was the customer like” Xia Jin asked while taking brief notes.

“It was a middle-aged woman who was very humbly dressed. Zhang Wei was a little snobbish and had always had a disdain for serving such customers. However, at that time, the other shop assistants had customers who needed to be served, so that woman asked Zhang Wei some questions about apparels, but she was very rudely rejected.” The manager clearly did not agree with Zhang Weis approach.

“A service staff with such a service attitude should be fired.” Bai Luo asked the store manager, “After Zhang Wei was fired, did she have an argument with you”

“No, we were never close to her, but it wasnt that bad. It was the decision of the mall. It would be useless even if she had kicked up a fuss.” The manager sighed and said, “Although Zhang Weis personality wasnt not very good, she was also a pitiful person. She was a foreigner who came to A City to work. She didnt have many friends.”

“Okay, thank you for your cooperation.” Bai Luo stood up, took a glance at Yin Tao before turning around to the store manager, “Please take us to the surveillance room. We need to check the surveillance cameras on the day Zhang Wei had an argument with the customer.”

Under the managers lead, Yin Tao and the others quickly reviewed the malls surveillance video.

“This is the surveillance video from that day. The surveillance facilities in our mall are very comprehensive. There are almost no blind spots in the surveillance cameras.” The manager provided Yin Tao and the others with the clearest angle of the surveillance video. Everyone in the shop is visible in the video.

“I cant leave the shop for too long. Take a look first. If you have any questions, come and look for me.” The manager politely nodded at Yin Tao and the others before leaving the surveillance room.

Yin Tao looked intently at the surveillance footage. The entire argument only lasted for seven to eight minutes, but Yin Tao wouldnt miss a single second.

Bai Luo and Xia Jin also looked at the video very carefully and analyzed everyone present in the video to see if they were suspects.

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“How is it, Xiaotao” Bai Luo did not notice anything unusual. There was only a simple argument in the video. Moreover, after the manager appeared, the argument was very well mediated and resolved.



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