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Yin Tao rushed to the autopsy lab. As the number of victims increased, the atmosphere in the entire police station became tense. Everyone was eager to catch the murderer. After all, as long as the murderer was not caught, there was a possibility that there would be more victims.


When Yin Tao saw that Su Ning and Dr. Zhang had already started the autopsy, she changed into her work clothes and walked over.

“The police have confirmed the victims identity. Her name is Zhang Wei, female, 31 years old. She worked in a mall in the new city district.” Su Ning explained to Yin Tao as he examined the corpse. “The location of death was a rented house where she lived alone. The time of death was more than a month ago. The neighbors called the police when they smelled the stench from the corpse.”

Yin Tao looked at the severely decomposed corpse and was a little puzzled. “Didnt she work in a department store Why hadnt anyone contacted her for so long”

“I heard from the police that she was fired from the mall because of her poor service attitude,” Dr. Zhang explained to Yin Tao. “I also heard that the deceased wasnt very popular when she was alive, so she didnt have any friends.”

Yin Tao looked at the corpse and fell into deep thought.

All these cases had one thing in common, none of the victims were good-natured. Maybe that was the killers biggest motive.

“There are many stab wounds of different sizes on the body,” Yin Tao carefully examined the state of the wounds and said to Su Ming, “Master, theres no dried blood on these wounds, there are almost no traces of blood. You can see the yellow subcutaneous fat. It is likely the murderer did the stabbing after the victim had died.”

Su Ming nodded and sighed. “There were a total of 47 stabs. They were all stabbed after the victim died. Looks like the possibility of revenge killing is higher.”

“Maybe there wasnt any deep hatred.” Yin Taos words attracted Su Ming and Dr. Zhangs attention.

“Girl, if theres no hatred, would the murderer be so perverted to stab the victim so many times after he died!” Dr. Zhang asked in puzzlement.

“Normal people like us naturally wouldnt be able to understand the mindset of a murderer. A ruthless modus operandi doesnt necessarily mean that its a vendetta. If the murderer is cruel by nature, then his motive for committing the crime can be unpredictable.” Yin Taos expression was very solemn. She was thinking from the perspective of the murderer. If killing thrills the murderer, then his motive for committing the crime could become simpler and simpler. It could just be because he didnt like a persons face.

“Thats right. The deceased is the same as the two previous corpses. There are similar ligature marks on the wrists. Its very likely that it was done by one person.” Su Ming propped his glasses up with his shoulder and said, “How can a person have so many unconnected enemies with different identities Unless… hes a lunatic.”

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“Ah, the younger generation will surpass us in time. Old Su, this disciple of yours is calm and clear-headed. She will go far in the future.” Doctor Zhang looked at Yin Tao with admiration.

This petite and frail girl in front of him was experienced and level-headed in her work. She was definitely a qualified forensic doctor.

“Yin Tao, hand the forensic report to the police when you are done. You will have the chance to go professional if this case can be quickly resolved.” Su Ming looked at Yin Tao with a trace of admiration in his eyes. This girl had taken him by surprise. Her professional knowledge was very solid, she was calm, and she was very reliable.

“Okay, Master.” Yin Tao had originally planned to return to the police station to look for Bai Luo. She felt that the murderers modus operandi was becoming more and more cruel. It was very likely that new victims would appear.

At the police station, Captain Chen was in a meeting with the police officers. When he saw Yin Tao handing in the autopsy report, he asked her to join the meeting. After all, the discoveries of a forensic doctor would be of direct help in solving the case.

“Xiaotao, I told Captain Chen about your suggestion. And true enough, we found a clue. The identity of the first victim has been confirmed. He has a criminal background and a history of gambling and prostitution.” Bai Luo looked at Yin Tao with admiration and said, “I didnt expect you to have the talent to solve cases as a forensic doctor!”

Yin Tao also noticed that everyone was paying too much attention to her, so she said with some embarrassment, “Ive heard from a friend that there are many illegal transactions in the new city district. Its not that peaceful to begin with.”

“Dr. Yin, if you forensic doctors can help solve cases, we will have a much easier time,” a male detective with small eyes said to Yin Tao with a smile.

“I cant be of much help. Im just trying my best to find clues from the victims body,” Yin Tao said modestly. She didnt want to attract too much attention.

“Theres no need to be humble, Dr. Yin. Its a good thing to be able to provide clues. Everyone, lets take a look at the forensic report. Lets look for similarities between the three cases together.” Captain Chen ordered the police officers as he projected the report Yin Tao had brought on the screen.



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