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“Why You want to be Yin Haos brother-in-law too” Feng Jing raised his eyebrows slightly at Lin Jia.

“Cant I Yin Haos two younger sisters are quite pretty,” Lin Jia deliberately said.

“Ah, you dont have much hope. Of the two little girls, one has her sights on Xi Feng, and the other likely has her sights on food.”

Feng Jing had a twinkle in his eyes. Earlier at the dining table, Yin Nings eyes had never left Xi Feng, and Yin Tao did not seem to be interested in anyone other than food.

“Hahaha, youre right.” Lin Jia recalled that Yin Tao was indeed like a little hamster during the entire banquet, constantly stuffing her face with food.

“I think Yin Tao and you are quite compatible. A huge iceberg with a little foodie sounds very interesting.”

Lin Jia looked at Feng Jing and saw that there was no change in his expression. He continued, “Brother, its not that I want to criticize you, but you have been single for so many years. I think Yin Tao is quite cute. Do you want to try going out with her”

“If you like her, go after her. Dont get me involved.” Feng Jings tone was still very cold.

“Alright, dont come crying to me when you are all alone in the future.” The atmosphere in Lin Jia and Feng Jings car was relatively relaxed, but on Yin Taos end, the air was extremely awkward.

“Sister Xiaotao, are you usually busy Were going to the beach with your elder brother next week. Yin Ning should be there too. Do you want to come as well” Jin Chen was very enthusiastic about Yin Tao and sat in the back with her. Xi Feng sat in the front passenger seat while a male assistant in his thirties drove.

“Uh, I have an appointment with a friend to go shopping. Maybe next time.” Yin Tao carefully leaned against the car window, trying to stay as far away from Jin Chen as possible.

“Sure, add my contact number so that I dont have to go through your elder brother to find you.”

Jin Chen took out his cell phone skillfully. God knows how many girls he had contacted using the same method.

Yin Tao had no choice but to exchange contact details with Jin Chen. It felt like forever before they finally arrived at Nantong Street.

After bidding farewell to Xi Feng and Jin Chen, Yin Tao got out of the car and heaved a long sigh of relief. Could it be that she couldnt escape the plot at all and had to get involved with Jin Chen

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It seemed like she had to be more careful in the future. Jin Chen was the person she should stay the furthest away from. The original Yin Taos tragic fate in the novel was all thanks to Jin Chen after all.

When she returned to the dormitory, Yin Tao saw the exhausted Bai Luo the moment she entered.

“Xiaotao, youre finally back.” Bai Luo leaned on Yin Tao and complained, “Theres no progress on the case at all. Xia Jin and I watched the surveillance footage through the night and found nothing.”

“Has the identity of the first male corpse not been confirmed yet” Yin Tao looked at the haggard Bai Luo and felt sorry for her.

“No, I dont know what method the murderer used. I cant find anything at all.” Bai Luo had a headache just thinking about the case.

“Its not necessarily because the murderer used some method.” Yin Tao recalled Jin Chens words at the banquet earlier and continued to say to Bai Luo, “Perhaps the victim hid his identity.”

Hearing Yin Taos words, Bai Luo was astounded. Her eyes lit up as she said, “Thats right. Perhaps the victim was an unregistered person or someone who broke the law. Weve been focusing our attention on the murderer. Perhaps theres something wrong with the victim too.”

“My master told me that the modus operandi for the second boys corpse was very similar to that of the first. However, the second victim died of suffocation. The first victim died from abdominal injuries and excessive blood loss.” Yin Tao thought for a moment and continued, “The murderer bore a very strong hatred and his goal was very clear. He wanted the other party dead.”

Bai Luo suddenly recalled what she and Xia Jin had discovered during their investigation. She said to Yin Tao, “Yes, the murderer didnt want money. He just wanted them dead. Although the family of the boy who was killed has always emphasized that they dont have any enemies, I heard from their neighbors that the boy was especially mischievous, even wayward. He often damaged public facilities and liked to snatch other childrens toys.”

Yin Tao suddenly had a strong premonition in her heart. Perhaps the murderer wasnt familiar with the victim at all. His motive was very simple, he simply couldnt stand the actions of such people.

“Xiaotao, Ill go look for Captain Chen now. We might have been barking up the wrong tree.” Bai Luo put on her coat and picked up her backpack. “The murderer might not have anything to do with the victim at all. We should start with the victim. Perhaps the person they hurt might be related to the murderer.”

“Alright, be careful.” Yin Tao watched Bai Luo leave. Just as she was about to wash up and rest, she received a call from Su Ning.

“Yin Tao, come to the autopsy lab immediately. A third body has appeared.”



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