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“How am I spoiling her Arent you spoiling Yin Ning too” Zhao Ling had never liked Zhao Yues differential treatment of the two children, but this was someone elses business after all, so she couldnt say much.

“Ningning is exhausted from dance practice, unlike her, who knows what shes busy with all day long!” Zhao Yue felt jinxed at the thought of Yin Tao being with corpses every day.

“Alright, I cant be bothered to lecture you. You just worry about Ningning and Ill take care of Taotao. As her aunt, can I possibly hurt her” Zhao Ling couldnt persuade Zhao Yue, so she could only take extra care of Yin Tao.

“If you really want whats best for her, get her to quit that job as soon as possible!” Zhao Yue looked at Yin Tao with dissatisfaction in her eyes.

“Alright, stop arguing. The guests havent left yet!” Yin Dong noticed Zhao Yue and walked over to admonish her softly.

Yin Ning, Yin Hao, and the rest also walked over. Yin Ning looked at Yin Tao and deliberately persuaded, “Sis, its Dads birthday. Dont quarrel with your family and ruin the atmosphere.”

Yin Tao looked at Yin Ning and noticed Xi Feng and the others beside Yin Hao. She immediately understood Yin Nings intentions. She was trying to highlight her sensibility by emphasizing how insensible Yin Tao was.

Yin Tao tilted her head helplessly and said, “Dad, Mom, Ill go back to the dormitory first. I wont disturb you anymore.”

Yin Tao wanted to leave immediately after she spoke so as not to be in Yin Nings way. Unexpectedly, she was stopped by Lin Jia.

“Sister Xiaotao, where is your dormitory Feng Jing and I drove here. Let us give you a ride.”

Hearing Lin Jias words, Yin Tao was stunned. In the original book, Lin Jia seemed to be the third male lead and had always had a good impression of Yin Ning. Logically speaking, he shouldnt have much interaction with her.

“Theres no need to trouble yourself. My dormitory is on Nantong Street. Its not far. I can take a taxi very quickly.” Although Yin Tao couldnt figure out the situation, she knew very well that the main character in the novel was to stay away from trouble.

“Nantong Street happens to be on our way. Xi Feng and I will give you a ride.” Jin Chen looked at Yin Tao sincerely.

Yin Tao didnt know what to say anymore. She had just distanced herself from the second and third male protagonist and had to deal with the male lead protagonist now. When she accidentally noticed that Yin Ning looked visibly upset, Yin Tao was a little tickled. It seemed like there was just no escape today.

“Then Ill have to trouble you.” Yin Tao bade farewell to her father and elder brother and left with Xi Feng and Jin Chen.

Yin Tao was actually quite pleased to see Yin Ning upset. In any case, Yin Ning would dislike her no matter what she did, she might as well let nature take its course.

Watching Yin Tao as she left, Lin Jia felt a little sorry and asked Yin Hao, “What does Sister Xiaotao do I keep feeling that theres an unusual air about her.”

Before he could finish his sentence, Lin Jia realized that the Yin family members looked visibly displeased. Zhao Yue hurriedly covered up by saying, “Shes just an insensible little girl. Whats so unusual”

“Lets go, Lin Jia.” Feng Jing patted Lin Jias shoulder and gestured for him to leave. Lin Jia was also very tactful and bade farewell to the Yin couple one by one.

Watching Lin Jia and Feng Jing leave, Yin Ning couldnt help but ask Yin Hao, “Brother, isnt Lin Jia the mayors assistant Why do I feel that hes a little afraid of Feng Jing”

“Yes, a little. Feng Jing has always been taciturn. The two of them are from the capital and their families are wealthy. The Feng family is not simple either.” Yin Hao did not know much about Feng Jing, but Lin Jias parents were both in politics. The Feng family must be of a certain standing to be able to be family friends with Lin Jia.

After leaving the hotel, Lin Jia called for a valet and sat in the back seat with Feng Jing.

“What a pity. I wanted to send Yin Tao back and find out what she actually does.” Lin Jia adjusted his glasses and turned to look at Feng Jing. He realized that his eyes were closed and he had no intention of responding to him.

“Hey, arent you curious about what that young lady does I heard Yin Hao mention that the Yin family doesnt support Yin Taos work.” Lin Jia recalled the Yin familys reaction just now and became even more curious.

“Whats there to be curious about a reckless little girl” Feng Jing pressed his slightly swollen temples. He was still not used to such crowded social settings.

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“Reckless I think shes quite interesting.” Lin Jia couldnt help smiling when he thought of Yin Taos round face and her angry expression.



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